waffled cancelled Nickel Dime Quarter Gold1 Set 4 Error Lot planchet


Beautiful High Grade 1961D CONECA RPM 001 D D West Silver Washington Quarter


DDO 1937 NGC G6 Washington Quarter FS 101 BOLD Doubled Die Error SHIPS FREE 008


2 x Washington Quarter Mint Error 1980 and 1982


1999 P Georgia Quarter missing Clad Layer NGC 62


3 Error Hawaii Quarters Raised vertical lines on different areas of quarters


1999 P Connecticut Statehood Quarter Partial Collar NGC MS 65


1950 P Washington Quarter ANACS MS64 FS 801 Die 1 Doubled Die Reverse DDR Error


2005 P Minnesota State Quarter DDR 047 PCGS SP68 Satin Finish Double Die Variety


1996 Washington Quarter Coin US MINT ERROR Clipped Planchet


1963 D Washington Silver Quarter Doubled Die Obverse Unc 50c DDO Error






Nice BU Error 1996 P Double P Mint Mark Clad Old Type Washington Quarter


1959 Doubled Die NGC PF68 Washington Quarter DDO Error 25c Proof SHIPS FREE 029


1978 Quarter Mint Mark Filled Error GREASE DIE ERROR SPRING SALE


ERROR Clad Old Type Washington Quarter 1988 P XF Double P Mint Mark


WOWDouble ERROR1994 D BU Washington QuarterDoubleMOTTO Mint Mark


US silver quarter coin 1924 XF cracked die date error


1902 O Very Fine Barber Quarter


1980 PD US Mint Uncirculated with 2 Error Quarters Filled Mint Marks


1836 25C Capped Bust Quarter PCGS graded Genuine MS 62 Details Awesome Die Crack


1937 p Washington Quarter Error 7 1 in date appear to have doubling BU


1953 D D S Washington Quarter Error Listed in Cherry Pickers Guide see below


1963 Washington Quarter Error Type B Reverse as listed in see below BU


1959 Washington Quarter Error Type B Reverse as listed in see below BU


2009 District of Columbia DC Quarter Doubled Die DDR 7 Error WDDR 008 Ellington


ERRORS 2004 D Wisconsin Roll US Mint R42 Black Orange D Mint State Qtr Roll


ERRORS 2004 P Wisconsin Roll US Mint R42 Black Orange P Mint State Qtr Roll


2000 Mint Error PCGS MS63 Washington Quarter New Hampshire Uncentered Broadstrik


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