The Small Cent has existed since 1856. The Flying Eagle was the first Small Cent, released in 1856. The Flying Eagle had a short production period, because it was reported as a difficult design to strike. to strike. The Flying Eagle coin was discontinued in 1858.

The Indian Head Small Cent was the next issue. Its design featured a closed laurel wreath on the reverse in 1859 and included the shield on the reverse above the open oak wreath between the years 1860 and 1909.

The Small Cent started to resemble the contemporary pennies during 1864 when the composition was changed to 95 percent copper, five percent tin and zinc and a weight reduction.

The Indian Head Small Cent design was a popular coin of the day, but in 1909 the design was replaced with a bust of Abraham Lincoln designed by Victor D. Brenner in honor of the centennial anniversary of Lincoln's birth.

1941 S 1C PCGS MS66RD




1862 1863 CN Copper Nickel Indian Head Cents nice Original STRONG DETAIL


1922 extremely weak or no d lincoln cent rare old vintage with weak reverse


1964 PCGS PR64BN Deeply Rainbow Toned Proof Lincoln Cent with a TrueView tk135


NGC MS 64 BN 1879 Indian Head Cent Gorgeous toning and borderline RB


1857 Philadelphia Mint Copper Nickel Flying Eagle Cent


Uncirculated Red 1933 D Denver Mint Copper Lincoln Wheat Cent Free Shipping


Lot Of 4 CN Indian Head Cents 1860 1862 1863 1864


Very Nice Old Penny Roll for bid as pictured ROLL 12


2018 P Lincoln Shield Cent Full Box of 50 Loomis Rolls 2500 Coins NICE


Very Nice Old Penny Roll for bid as pictured ROLL 9


NGC PR 62 BN 1884 Indian Head Cent Stunning piece with gorgeous color


Unsearched wheat cent roll Toned UNC 4 diamond IHC and seated half dime ends


1936 NGC MS64BN Colorful Toned Lincoln Cent tg1092


1923 S Lincoln Wheat Cent MS 62 BN NGC




1921 S Lincoln Wheat Cent AU Details


1908 S San Francisco Mint Indian Head Cent


Very Nice Old Penny Roll for bid as pictured ROLL 18


Bag Lot of over 600 Wheat cents 1910 1958 PD and S mint Average circ


Lot of 18 Indian Head Pennies 1863 1909 Circulated Fair to Choice Very Fine


Tied for the Highest Graded 1951 PCGS PR66RB Gem Colorful Toned Lincoln Cent tk


1970 S Small Date PCGS PR69 RED CAMEO Proof LINCOLN Cent 1c NONE Higher


NGC MS 64 BN 1888 Indian Head Cent Sought after date with stunning toning


Very Nice Old Penny Roll for bid as pictured ROLL 15


1924 D Lincoln Cent Higher Grade Scarce Semi Key Date Penny Sharp Looking 1C


Uncirculated Red 1885 Philadelphia Mint Indian Head Cent


NGC MS 65 BN 1915 P Lincoln Wheat Cent Gorgeous gem with gorgeous toning


2009 Lincoln Bicentennial US MINT 2 Roll SEALED Box Sets LP1 LP2 LP3 LP4 LP5


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Collectible small cents sold during the past seven days:

1863 1C Indian Cent,  1915 S SEMI KEY Lincoln Wheat penny Business copper Ungraded uncertified,  1909 S VDB Lincoln wheat penny MS 62 RB NGC,  RARE KEY Date 1886 Liberty V Nickel PCGS AU53 SL4,  1913 Type 1 Mound Ground Buffalo Indian Nickel PCGS MS64 SL5,  1857 Flying Eagle Cent Fine Condition C5428,  1857 Flying Eagle Cent XF Condition C5427,  US 1969 S Lincoln Memorial Penny American One Cent Coin San Francisco Mint,  US 1955 Lincoln Wheat Penny Uncirculated One Cent Coin Philadelphia Mint,  US 1963 D Lincoln Memorial Penny American One Cent Coin Denver Mint,  1898 INDIAN HEAD ONE CENT Nice Coin T96,  1861 1C Indian Cent,  1914 S SEMI KEY Lincoln Wheat penny Business copper Ungraded uncertified,  1940 D Lincoln Cent Gem BU++ Red Selling My Entire 40 Year Collection,  1905 INDIAN HEAD CENT 1 COIN I,  1873 Indian Cent 1C NGC XF Details EF Rare Date Certified Penny,  1928 D Lincoln Cent Gem Uncirculated Iridescent Green Brass Make An Offer,  1934 D Lincoln Cent Near Gem Uncirculated Orange Leather Color Make Offer,  1931 D Lincoln Cent Super Sharp Gem Circulated Chocolate Color Make An Offer,  1921 S Lincoln Sharp Gem Circulated Perfect Hersheys Chocolate Make A Offer,  1957 Proof Lincoln Wheat Cent 1C PCGS PR66 Red DCAM Deep Cameo Very Rare,  1914 D KEY Lincoln Wheat penny Business copper Ungraded uncertified,  Three 3 1953 D 1958 1958 D Lincoln Wheat Auction Starting Bid 099,  US Coin 1928 S S 1MM 003 Lincoln Wheat Cent VF Condition,  1918 S Lincoln Cent XF,  1898 1899 Indian Head Cent VF +++,  1974 d cent with shield reverse,  1957 D PCGS MS67 RD Lincoln Cent Rare Old Wheat Penny Superb GEM Ships FREE,  1956 D D MS65 RD Lincoln Cent Rare Old Error Wheat Penny RPM 811 Ships FREE,  1956 D D S MS65 RD Lincoln Cent Denver San Francisco Rare Mint Error SHIPS FREE,  1972 PCGS MS63 BN Lincoln Cent DDO Error Doubled Die Rare Penny SHIPS FREE 497,  1959 D D MS64 RD Lincoln Cent Rare Error Copper Penny D Inside 2nd 9 of Date,  1956 D D S MS65 RD Lincoln Cent 291 Denver San Francisco Mint Error SHIPS FREE,  1962 PR69 DCAM RD Lincoln Cent Superb GEM+ Ultra Cameo PROOF Memorial Penny UCAM,  

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