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elf Vatican City 100 Lire 1966 Pope Paul VI Sheep


Lot of 2 1971 Israel 10 Lire Independence Day Coin KM 58 ASW 07523


Italy Allied Military Currency 1000 Lire 1943A


Italy 1825 Eagle L Sardinia 20 Lire Gold NGC AU55


1872 Italy Vittorio Emanuele 5 Lire Silver Coin


1974 Italy 500 Lire Silver Proof Coin Rare Guglielmo Marconi COA


1976 Vatican 1 Lire Uncirculated 1


Italy 1828 Eagle L Sardinia 20 Lire Gold NGC AU55


Italy 1828 Eagle L Sardinia 20 Lire Gold NGC AU58


Italy 1808M Kingdom of Napoleon 20 Lire Gold NGC AU50


Italy 1808M Kingdom of Napoleon 20 Lire Gold NGC AU53


Italy 2 Lire 1863 N Vittorio Emanuele II Silver Coin


1955 R Italy 50 Lire Nice Collectible Grade Album Coin 132305


1953 R Italy 5 Lire Nice Collectible Grade Album Coin 132302


1948 R Italy 5 Lire Nice Collectible Grade Album Coin 132307


1952 R Italy 10 Lire Nice Collectible Grade Album Coin 132306


Italy 1809M Kingdom of Napoleon 20 Lire Gold NGC AU53


Italy 1809M Kingdom of Napoleon 20 Lire Gold NGC AU55


Italy 1810M Kingdom of Napoleon 20 Lire Gold NGC AU53


WORLD COINS ITALY 1954 10 Lire 2G218 Tough Date


Italy 1810M Kingdom of Napoleon 20 Lire Gold NGC AU55


Italy 1810M Kingdom of Napoleon 20 Lire Gold NGC AU58


1887 R NGC MS 61 ITALY Silver 2 Lire Coin POP 2 4 17022304C


1958 ITALY KM 961 100 LIRE HIGH GRADE 1527


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Benefits of investing in rare coins

1. Investment quality US coins have historically protected wealth, for instance, as a hedge against the impact of inflation, particularly in countries whose paper currency has been severely weakened. Any time paper money is losing value, collectible coins can protect wealth much like how an allocation of cash in silver bullion functions.

2. In addition to the 'stored value' Benefit noted above, there is the potential for capital growth over time. Like most other hard assets, for instance: Zippo Lighters; native art works; autographs; comic books; sports cards; postage stamps; glass and pottery, and other collectibles, the value of rare US coins rises with time.

3. Rare coins are a liquid asset. There is an active market for coin trading. This means two things. Investment quality coins are easy to buy and conversely easy to liquidate. This is achieved through traditional coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using the internet, for example eBay.

4. Coins are perfect for smaller investors or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor may acquire coins in smaller increments when cash resources are available.

5. Other advantages include the enjoyment a investor can experience with ownership of rare or collectible, like other works of art. Rare coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment classes.

6. Rare US coins are stored easily and are virtually indestructible. These kind of assets are insurable. Collectible coins represent truly portable wealth which can be moved from place to place in an efficient manner.

lire - collectible coins found recently.

ITALY 1000 LIRE BK90 A29,  SAN MARINO 500 Lire 1996R Hegel High Grade Bimetallic Coin,  1951 Italy 10 lire uncirculated KM 93,  ITALY 1995 500 LIRE COIN,  ITALY 1978 100 LIRE COIN,  HI GRADE BU LARGE SILVER 1970 1000 LIRE ITALYSUPERB DETAILED COIN,  OLD ITALIAN SILVER 1863 2 LIRE KINGDOM OF ITALYNAPLES MINTNICE DETAILS,  ITALY 1976 50 LIRE COIN,  1896 ERITREA Silver 2 Lire Italy Colony Coin 19092614R,  Italy Silver Coins 1961 1966 Beautiful Mix Of Lire Coins,  Italy Italia 500 Lire lot Silver Coins 1961 VF,  ITALY 1988 500 LIRE COIN,  Banknote SAN MARINO 200 Lire 1976 P S102 in UNC,  Banknote SAN MARINO 150 Lire 1976 P S101 in UNC,  1967 San Marino Vatican 50 Lire PCGS MS67 Nice Coin FREE US Shipping,  LIBYA ITALY MILITARY AUTHORITY TRIPOLITANA 5 LIRE 1943 LOOK SCAN,  VATICAN CITY 100 LIRE 1955 PIUS XII,  1882 R Italy Gold 20 Lire G20L NGC MS 64+,  Italy 1954 R Five Lire coin No Reserve KM 92,  Italy 1969 R One Hundred Lire coin large type No Reserve KM 961,  Italy 1956 R One Hundred Lire coin large type No Reserve KM 961,  ITALY 2 LIRE 1944,  1957 and 1964 ITALIAN 100 LIRE COINS,  ERITREA 1903 1 lire Postage Due MINT HINGED,  Old Italy Coin Lot 50 LIRE Hammer and Anvil 14 Excellent Coins Lot M25,  ERITREA 1936 50c Lire AIR FINE USED,  Italy Vittorio Emanuele III 10 Lire 1927,  Italy Umberto I 2 Lire 1887 Roma,  Italy Vittorio Emanuele II 5 Lire 1874 MNB,  ITALY 1000 LIRE 1998 R GEM UNC GEM MINT SET ISSUE,  Italy Italia 5 Lire Silver Coin 1927 VF+,  ITALY ITALIAN KM105 1983 VF VERY NICE LARGE OLD 200 LIRE COIN,  Italy Italia 500 Lire Silver Coin 1959 VF,  ERITREA 1936 2 Lire AIR FINE USED,  ERITREA 1934 1 lire Postage Due FINE USED,  ERITREA 1936 1 Lire AIR FINE USED,  ERITREA 1936 150 Lire AIR FINE USED,  San Marino Silver 5000 Lire 2001 PROOF ,  1956 R Italy 50 Lire,  Banknote ITALY 5000 Lire 1973 P 102b,  ITALY 1951 SARDINIA STAMP CENTENARY 60 LIRE SG800 GOOD USED HIGH CAT VALUE 21,  ERITREA 1936 60c Lire AIR FINE USED,  ITALY 1870 74 POSTAGE DUE STAMPS TO 10 LIRE GOOD USED HIGH VALUES CAT 165,  ITALY 1870 94 POSTAGE DUE STAMPS TO 1 LIRE GOOD USED SG D22 33 HIGH CAT 105,  ITALY 1901 26 LAUREATED DEFINITIVES INC 10 LIRE GOOD USED HIGH CAT VALUE 87,  Rare Gem Unc Vatican 1968 FAO 10 Lire The Feeding Of The 5000 Free Shipping,  1966 IV Vatican City 100 Lire KM90 Pope Paul VI Shepard Sheep 1 Yr Nice MSB11,  1979 Italy 100 Lire R KM113 Uncirculated LK 99 cents NR,  ERITREA 1936 75c Lire AIR FINE USED,  ITALY1879 TWO LIRE VERMILLION LMM LMH SA No43 SCARCE,  Italy Italia 500 Lire Silver Coin 1961 VF,  ITALY1891 FIVE LIRE ROSE CARMINE BLUE FINE USED SA No64a SCARCE,  2 Lire Italy 1936 Year XIV NGC MS 63 KM 78 Rare KSCWC 600,  italian coin2 x 5 lire1927 R 1929 RSILVERVITTORIO EMANVELE III RE DITALIA,  ITALY 1956 100 LIRE COIN NICE CONDITION,  ITALY LIRE 50000 BERNINI UNCIRCULATED top quality ITALIA banconota FDS,  2 Italian 50 Lire SCARCE Dates 1954 1957 Value 5500 Low Buy just 1200,  ERITREA 1933 1Lire Ruins FINE USED,  ITALY LIRE 500 CARAVELLE lot of 10 SILVER COINS almost UNCIRCULATED ITALIA,  ITALY 1000 LIRE 1982 FULL BUNDLE 100 pcs Marco Polo,  ITALY ITALIA 1000 LIRE 1935 U,  20 lire silver 1928 king VICTOR EMMANUEL III RARE ,  Italy Coins 50 and 100 Lire Lot of 6 Coins,  Four 1961 R Italy 500 Lire 835 Silver Coin 4 Rare Over 1 oz silver,  10 000 LIRE FINE BANKNOTE FROM ITALY 1970FINEPICK 97,  

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