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1959 P Roosevelt Dime Full Bands Great Color Toned Superb Unc Bu 8741


1955 D Roosevelt Dime Superb FT FB Full Band Gem Unc Rainbow Toned 8720


1960 P Roosevelt Dime Full Torch Bands FB Gem Unc w Great Rainbow Color 8747




Roosevelt Dime 2005 D NGC MS 67 PL SATIN FINISH near full bands prooflike 10C


1955 D Roosevelt Dime Bold FB Full Band Gem Lightly Color Toned 8719


1958 D Roosevelt Dime Mint Set Toned Gem Rainbow Color FB FT Full Bands 8737


1962 D Roosevelt Dime Superb Gem w Full Torch Bands Incredible Luster 8756


1964 D Roosevelt Dime Bold Rainbow Color Toned Gem Full Torch Bands 8765


1962 D Roosevelt Dime Lightly Color Toned Gem Full Bands FREE SHIPPING 8755


1959 P Roosevelt Dime Hammered FB FT Full Band Torch Strike Rainbow Tone 8739


1964 D Roosevelt Dime Full Torch Bands Super Gem w Rainbow Color Tone 8764


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Full band roosevelt dimes listings found over the last week.

1950 S Roosevelt Dime PCGS MS67 Full Bands Scarce,  1946 D 90 SILVER ROOSEVELT DIME IN NEARLY UNCIRCULATED CONDITION FULL BAND,  1950 S Roosevelt Dime 10C PCGS MS67 FB QA PQ Full Bands Rare 325 Value,  ORIGINAL SUPERB GEM 1949 S ROOSEVELT DIME MS67 FULL BANDS 6915,  BLAZING WHITE SUPERB GEM 1948 S ROOSEVELT DIME MS67+ PLUS FB FULL BANDS 4168,  ORIGINAL SUPERB GEM 1953 D ROOSEVELT DIME MS66 FB FULL BANDS 4167,  1951 P Roosevelt Dime Stunning Coin FB Full Bands Beauty GC334,  1952 D Roosevelt Dime Stunning Coin FB Full Bands Beauty GC345,  1949 D ROOSEVELT DIME WHITE GEM BU BLAZER DIME WITH FULL BANDS 4,  1958 D MS67 FT NGC Roosevelt Dime Full Split Bands 90 SIlver Coin PRICE CUT,  1950 S PCGS MS67 FB Roosevelt Dime GEM+ Full Band 90 Silver Coin PRICE CUT,  1957 D PCGS MS67 FB Roosevelt Dime Full Bands Colorful 90 Silver Coin Ship FREE,  1951 P Roosevelt Dime Super Gem w Full Bands Great Strike Color Toned 8706,  2017 D Roosevelt Dime MS66FB PCGS Mint State 66 Full Bands,  1953 S Roosevelt Dime Beautifully Rainbow Toned Full Bands FB Gem Unc 8714,  2017 P Roosevelt Dime MS66FB PCGS Mint State 66 Full Bands,  1948 P Roosevelt Dime High Grade w FB FT Full Bands Bright Beautiful 8694,  1959 Roosevelt Dime 10C PCGS MS67 FB Full Bands Rare Grade 340 Value,  US VINTAGE TYPE COIN1960 D ROOSEVELT DIME SILVER GEM BU FULL BANDS BH57,  2014 P 10C FB Roosevelt Dime PCGS MS66FB Full Bands,  1946 D Roosevelt DimeMS 66Full BandsGem Sale 25Off Bk 95 Reduced 6 20,  2015 D Roosevelt Dime 10c PCGS MS67FB Full Bands,  1946 ROOSEVELT DIME PCGS MS 66 FB FULL BANDS FIRST YEAR COIN,  1952 D Silver Roosevelt Dime Gem BU FB Full Split Bands 862,  

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