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1732 1932 GEORGE WASHINGTON BICENTENNIAL Medallion Birthplace Wakefield WH NOAG


1939 Wilmington Bicentennial Celebration Reklamemarke Poster Stamp




1984 Haldimand Bicentennial 1784 1984 cover with Haldimand Stamp Club cachet


1953 Mexico 5 Pesos Silver Coin Hidalgo Bicentennial 72 Silver Lot of 3


Bicentennial Holland 90 Silver Spoon Set Liberty Bell 1776 1976 GREAT Condition




Democrats and the American Idea A Bicentennial Ap


Los Angeles Bicentennial 1781 1981 Enamel Pin Badge California


2010 S Lincoln Bicentennial Formative Years PCGS PR69 Deep Cameo


Vintage Coxsackie New York Commemorative Plate 1776 1976 Bicentennial 137 10


Venezuela 1979 1983 30 SS Lot Wholesale Simon Bolivar Birth Bicentennial




Washington Bicentennial 1732 1932 Wakefield at Popes Creek 21D2


Liberia C214 VF used Bicentennial Souvenir Sheet


Australia R 310b 1988 Bi Centennial 10 Dollars 2nd Printing 1st Prefix UNC


R 310b 1988 Bi Centennial 10 2nd Printing Prefix AB21 aU UNC CONSEC Pair


Australia R 310bF 1988 Bi Centennial 10 Dollars 2nd Issue 1st Prefix AB10 EF


Advances in American medicine Essays at the Bicentennial


Canister w LABEL Lid BICENTENNIAL Maxwell House COFFEE Storage Jar LIBERTY BEL


1976 BiCentennial Silver Proof Set


Upper Providence Bicentennial by Leslie Lighton Humphreys English Paperback Bo


The Face of Australia Land People Past Present Bicentennial Authority


1932 Press Photo President H Hoover George Washington Bicentennial Essay Winners


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1. Collectible coins have historically protected wealth, for instance, as strong inflation fighters, especially in countries whose fiat currency is weakening. When the value of fiat currency is threatened, rare US coins can protect net wealth similar to how an investment in gold bullion functions.

2. Further to the 'stored value' Benefit mentioned above, there is the scope for capital growth over time. Like most other hard assets, for example: sterling silver antiques; sporting memorabilia; vintage guitars and amplifiers; classic and vintage cars; military and railroad historic artifacts; travel souvenirs; action figures; model trains, and other collectibles, the convertable worth of rare coins rises over time.

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5. Other benefits include the satisfaction a investor can experience with owning rare or collectible, like other types of art work. Collectible coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investments.

6. Rare coins are stored easily and are virtually indestructible. They are also insurable. Collectible coins are also a type of portable wealth that can be carried with you in an efficient manner.

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Vintage Coin Bicentennial 1776 1976 From State of Georgia,  Fallstaff Salutes BiCentennial 1976 Fallstaff Brewing Unopened Empty Beer Can,  Isle of Man 1976 Commemorative Stamps Bicentennial Very Fine Used Set UK Seller,  Australia 1986 4th Issue Bicentennial AP Cover 4v First Day Cover,  Shooters Bible 1976 Bicentennial Edition NO 67,  1932 Washington Bicentennial Medal MAKE US AN OFFER O4226,  1976 S BICENTENNIAL IKE DOLLAR NGC PF 67 CAMEO Lot 463,  10 1976 Uncirculated Bicentennial 3 piece Sets Lot 427,  Yesterdays Cincinnati Special Bicentennial Edition,  Limited Edition Signed Glen Jones 1776 1976 Bicentennial Frosted Paperweigt 3198,  5 1976 3 Piece Bicentennial Proof Sets Lot 215,  Unused Official American Revolution Bicentennial Planner 1976 w Medallion,  US 33d Army Band 7th Army Soldiers Chorus German LP Bicentennial Salute,  Vintage 1976 Log Cabin Syrup Bicentennial Amber Brown Glass Bottle Flask 24 oz,  Guam Guard Mail Local Post 1976 American Revolution Bicentennial Map of Guam MNH,  LUCKY BEER CAN GEORGE WASHINGTON BICENTENNIAL PULL TAB INTACT EMPTY,  1975 WYOMING AUTO LICENSE PLATE 1 U132 WY SPIRIT OF 76 BICENTENNIAL BRONCO,  200 Years A Bicentennial Illustrated History of the Untied States,  GENTLE GIANT LIVE AT THE BICENTENNIAL 1976 JAPAN 2 CD I98,  200 Years A Bicentennial Illustrated History of the United States 2 volumes,  Venezuela Bicentennial Commemorative Stamp Cover First Day 1976,  Bicentennial Kankakee County Courthouse Celebration 1776 1976 Brass Coin bezel,  OHIO BICENTENNIAL 1803 2003 AUTO LICENSE PLATE CX79KT BIRTHPLACE OF AVIATION,  1976 Set 20 Stamps AMERICAN BICENTENNIAL 4 SOUVENIR SHEETS Scott 1686 1689 2,  1976 Bicentennial Day Medal Commenemortive folder collectable,  2009 P Lincoln Bicentennial Commem Silver Dollar 2 coin set NGC MS70,  American US Bicentennial Independence FDC INDIA,  American Revolution Bicentennial coin John Adams on sealed plastic 77670,  Pennsylvania 1976 Bicentennial State 76 3D6 878 License Plate,  Bicentennial Drinking Mugs heavy duty,  1973 Bicentennial First Day Cover Boston July 4 11973 with medallion 77657,  Los Angeles Bicentennial 200 years of Progress classical music dance,  MONTANA passenger 1991 license plate 7 133366 NATURALBICENTENNIALFLATHEAD,  Scott 2370 Australia Bicentennial Zip Block 8 22c stamps MNH OG VF,  Santa Fe Bicentennial SD 45 Train Clock,  1968 Official CALIFORNIA BICENTENNIAL COOKBOOK,  13 Postage Envelope SC U574 Bicentennial Doctor sz 10 Mint Free Shipping,  13 Postage Envelope SC U582 Bicentennial Shield sz 6 3 4 Mint Free Shipping,  13 Postage Envelope SC U573 Bicentennial Farmer sz 6 3 4 Mint Free Shipping,  13 Postage Envelope SC U573 Bicentennial Farmer sz 10 Mint Free Shipping,  75 Consular Service Post Env Bicentennial 4 3 8 x 8 7 8 Mint Free Shipping,  13 Postage Envelope SC U572 Bicentennial Homemaker sz 10 Mint Free Ship,  13 Postage Envelope SC U575 Bicentennial Craftsman sz 6 3 4 Mint Free Ship,  13 Postage Envelope SC U573 Bicentennial Farmer sz 10 Mint Free Shipping,  12 Postal Card SC UX67 Bicentennial Era Mint Free Shipping,  13 Postage Envelope SC U572 Bicentennial Homemaker sz 10 Mint Free Ship,  13 Postage Envelope SC U582 Bicentennial Shield sz 10 Mint Free Shipping,  52 Consular Service Post Env Bicentennial 4 3 8 x 8 7 8 Mint Free Shipping,  13 Post Envel SC U582 Bicentennial Shield 11 total sz 10 Free Shipping Excel,  13 Postage Envelope SC U575 Bicentennial Craftsman sz 10 Mint Free Ship,  13 Postage Envelope SC U574 Bicentennial Doctor sz 6 3 4 Mint Free Shipp,  Vtg Collectible Coin Token Philadelphia Bicentennial Frank Rizzo Liberty Bell,  Lot of 2 40 Silver Kennedy Half Proofs 1968 1976 Bicentennial combined ship,  HISTORIC PRESERVATION Magazine January 1976 Bicentennial Outlook Focus On Past,   1776 1976 USA BICENTENNIAL vinyl picture disc record,  2 Mason Bicentennial 1776 1976 Liberty Bell Mason Pint Jar No Lids NEW,  Hyde County Bicentennial Project Hyde County North Carolina 1976 Genealogy Books,  EUC VINTAGE GOEBEL 1776 1976 BICENTENNIAL EAGLE PLATE 52 509 W GERMANY,  Wedgewood Bicentennial Ashtray,  3235 BRAZIL 2012 BICENTENNIAL OF CHINESE IMMIGRATION DRAGON MYTHOLOGY MNH,  A5249cgt Australia SA Botanic Gardens Adelaide Bicentennial Conservator postcard,  B1633cgt Maxi Australia Bicentennial Lord Sydney 305 postcard,  C7994cgt Australia Happy Bicentennial maxicard postcard,  D3698cgt Australia Maxi 1984 Bicentennial AMC221 FDI postcard,  D6249aps Australian Bicentennial Exhibition Artist prepaid postcard,  

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