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1914 D Barber Dime VERY NICE


1908 D 10C Barber Dime 2142


ESTATE FIND 1902 S Barber Dime F1863


ESTATE FIND 1911 S Barber Dime F1862


ESTATE FIND 1894 Barber Dime F1841


ESTATE FIND 1908 Barber Dime F1861


ESTATE FIND 1892 O Barber Dime F1901


ESTATE FIND 1904 Barber Dime F1859


ESTATE FIND 1899 Barber Dime F1848


1907 XF Silver Barber Dime






1916 10C Barber Dime Higher Grade Coin


Lot of 4 Mercury Dimes 1 BARBER 3 MERCURY CIRCULATED


1905 S Barber Dime 10c Bright Solid Details VERY NICE COIN 62YM


1906 Barber Dime Nice Originality


1914 D 10C Barber Dime 90 Silver 2387


1906 Barber Dime 10c Bright Solid Details VERY NICE COIN 62YM




1900 Barber Silver Dime J46


1911 S Barber Dime 10c Bright Solid Details VERY NICE COIN 62YM


1913 Barber Dime 10c Bright Solid Details VERY NICE COIN 62YM




429 6UN 1901 O 1903 O BARBER DIMES


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Advantages of Rare Coins as an Investment

1. Rare coins have historically protected wealth, for example, as a hedge against the impact of inflation, particularly in countries where the value of paper currency is in a downward trade cycle. When the value of paper currency is in a downward cycle, collectible coins can preserve net wealth much like how an investment in gold bullion acts.

2. Further to the 'stored value' Result noted above, there is scope for wealth growth with time. In a similar manner to other hard assets, for example: bullion; property; antique print advertisements; rare brandname products, for instance, Coco-Cola, Disneyana, and other collectibles, the value of rare coins appreciates over time.

3. Investment grade coins are an easy to covert asset. There is an active market for trading coins. This means two things. Collectible US coins are simple to acquire and equally easy to sell. This is achieved via convential coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using the internet, for example eBay.

4. Collectible coins are perfect for the small investor or collectors. Why? A collector or investor can buy coin pieces in small quantities when funds are available.

5. Other benefits include the satisfaction a investor can experience with ownership of rare or collectible, like other types of art work. Collectible coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment assets.

6. Collectible coins are easy to store and are virtually indestructible. They are also insurable. Rare coins are also a type of portable wealth that can be carried with you in an efficient manner.

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1905 S BARBER DIME UNC DETAILS 13278,  1913 bu barber dime,  1904 S Barber DimeBetter Date,  50 Barber Dimes 90 Silver Mixed Dates Grades Lot 47T,  50 Barber Dimes 90 Silver Lot 54Q,  50 Better Grade Barber Dimes 90 Silver Lot 22Q,  1900 1901 1901 O BARBER DIME SET FREE SHIPPING,  1911 1912 1912 S BARBER DIME SET FREE SHIPPING,  BARBER QUARTER DIME 1914 DATE SET FREE SHIPPING,  1908 D BARBER SILVER DIME FULL LIBERTY CIRCULATED FREE SHIPPING,  1898 Barber Dime AU,  1894 O Barber Silver Dime Fine details rough surfaces,  1906 Barber Dime STUNNING O395,  1905 O BARBER DIME UNC DETAILS 10C US COIN LOT 3866J,  1912 D Barber Dime STUNNING O399,  Silver Barber Dime Pop Out Head US COin Ring Size 325,  1901 O Barber Dime STUNNING Details O393,  1912 D Barber Dime STUNNING O398,  1911 Barber Dime GEM BU+ TONING R331,  1906 Barber Dime Gem BU,  1913 Barber Dime STUNNING O400,  1900 S US 10c BARBER LIBERTY HEAD DIME COIN UNC UNCIRCULATED ANACS MS 60 DETAILS,  1910 BARBER DIME XF TONING ++++,  LOT OF SIX BARBER DIMES,  1901 O 10c NGC MS64 Barber Dime Lustrous O Mint,  1912 10C Barber Dime PCGS MS 63 162129,  1907 Barber Dime STUNNING O541,  1910 D Barber Dime VF F 90 Silver D330,  1902 Barber Head Dime,  1907 PROOF Barber Dime 10C Coin NGC Proof Details PF PR Rare Proof,  1913 S 10c PCGS XF40 Scarce S Mint Barber Dime Scarce S Mint,  1895 S 10c NGC VF25 Scarce S Mint Barber Dime Scarce S Mint,  1911 d barber dime,  1908 US BARBER DIME ANACS MS61,  1894 10C Barber Dime Fine Condition 140604,  1911 10C Barber Dime Certified ANACS AU55,  1906 S Barber Dime US Coin NICE,  1915 S BARBER SILVER DIME FULL VISIBLE L I B E R T Y FREE SHIPPING,  1897 S 10c NGC CAC VF35 Scarce S Mint Barber Dime Scarce S Mint,  1902 O Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1911 D Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1909 P Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1901 P Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1916 P Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1911 P Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1905 P Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1907 O Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1906 D Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1907 D Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1903 P Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1904 P Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1910 P Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1912 D Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1916 S Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1908 P Barber Dime GTM Estate,  1913 Barber circulated silver dime VF details See store for discounts YE06,  1907 Barber circulated silver dime F details See store for discounts BL01,  1915 BARBER DIME GREAT COIN 1,  1905 S BARBER DIME NICE COIN 26,  1897 BARBER DIME GREAT COIN 20,  1915 BARBER DIME GREAT COIN 3,  1916 S BARBER DIME GREAT COIN 5,  1916 S BARBER DIME GREAT COIN 7,  1905 S BARBER DIME GREAT COIN 30,  1905 S BARBER DIME GREAT COIN 12,  

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