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43,57 EUR

1989 USA American Eagle1 Dollar Liberty1 Oz 0999 Fine Silver UNC 35735

35,95 EUR

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Results of collecting rare US coins

1. Investment standard coin pieces historically protect wealth, for example, as a hedge against the impact of inflation, especially in countries whose fiat currency is deminished. When the value of paper money is threatened, rare US coins can preserve net wealth much like how an allocation of cash in gold bullion acts.

2. Further to the 'stored value' Advantage noted here, there is the scope for capital growth with time. In a similar manner to other hard assets, for example: sterling silver antiques; sporting memorabilia; vintage guitars and amplifiers; classic and vintage cars; military and railroad historic artifacts; travel souvenirs; action figures; model trains, and other collectibles, the stored value of rare coins appreciates over time.

3. Investment class coins are an easy to liquidate asset. There is an active market for coin trading. This means two things. Investment grade coins are easy to acquire and equally easy to trade. This is achieved through convential coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using online platforms, for instance eBay.

4. Coins are perfect for smaller investors or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor may buy coin pieces in smaller increments when cash resources are available.

5. Other benefits include the satisfaction the collector can experience with owning rare or collectible, like other types of art work. Rare coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment assets.

6. Collectible coins are easy to store and with appropriate storage, do not erode. They are also insurable. Rare coins are also a type of portable wealth that can be carried with you in an efficient manner.

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1989 USA American Eagle1 Dollar Liberty1 Oz 0999 Fine Silver UNC 35735,  1989 AMERICAN FINE SILVER 1oz LIBERTY EAGLE 1 ONE DOLLAR COIN,  

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