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United States Mint 1988 Olympiad OLYMPIC Proof Silver Dollar w Box+COA


1988 Olympic Silver Dollar Proof Coin w COA


1988 Olympic Proof Silver Dollar w Box COA


1988 S United States Olympic Mint Coin Silver Dollar 90 Free Shipping


1988 S US Olympic Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar NGC PF69 UCAM


1988 D Olympic Commemorative Dollar PCGS MS 68


1988 S Olympics Proof Commemorative TORCH LIGHTING 90 US Silver Dollar 32


1988 S Olympics Proof Commemorative TORCH LIGHTING 90 US Silver Dollar 31


1988 UNC OLYMPICS Commemorative Silver Dollar


1988 D Olympic Silver Commemorative Dollar MS69 PCGS Mint State 69


1988 US Olympic Silver Dollar Proof Coin w COA


Canada 1 Dollar 1988 250 Years Ironworks Silver BU




Australia 10 Dollars 1988 200 Years First Fleet Silver Proof


Canada 5 Dollars 1988 Maple Leaf 1 Oz Silver


USA 1 Dollar 1988 Olympics Seoul Torch Silver Proof


1988 Calgary Olympics 2000 Dollar Silver Proof Coin Curling


1988 Toned American Silver Eagle Dollar 1 ASE PCGS MS66 Rainbow Toning Coin


1986 Canada RCM 20 Dollar Silver 1988 Calgary Olympic Games Silver Proof Coin


1988 S Seoul Olympiad Proof Dollar bk


CANADA 1 Dollar 1988 PROOF SILVER 299 maximum shipping in USA




Bermuda 1 Dollar 1988 Railroad Train Silver BU


1988 2003 04 GEM BU SILVER EAGLES Lot 255


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2. Further to the 'stored value' point noted here, there is scope for wealth growth with time. Like most other hard assets, for example: bullion; property; antique print advertisements; rare brandname products, for instance, Coco-Cola, Disneyana, and other collectibles, the stored value of rare coins appreciates with time.

3. Rare coins are a liquid asset. There is a vibrant market for trading coins. This amounts to two benefits. Investment class coins are easy to acquire and equally easy to sell. This is done via convential coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using the internet, for example eBay.

4. Rare coins are ideal for the small investor or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor can buy coin pieces in small quantities when cash resources are available.

5. Other advantages include the satisfaction the collector experiences with ownership of rare or collectible, like other works of art. Rare coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investments.

6. Rare US coins are easy to store and with appropriate storage, do not erode. They are also insurable. Rare coins represent truly portable wealth that can be carried with you very quickly and easily.

1988 silver dollar - rare coin pieces searched during the past seven days.

1988 Canada Silver Proof Dollar w Original Box,  1988 D 1988 S OLYMPIC SILVER DOLLAR PCGS MS69 PR69 PF69 2 COINS SET,  Australia Silver Holey Dollar Dump Sets 1988 1989 1990 375oz ASW,  Australia 1988 1989 1990 The Holey Dollar Dump Collection,  Australia 1988 Holey Dollar Dump 125oz 999 Silver,  1988 POPE PROOF SILVER DOLLAR,  Canada 1988 dollar silver proof coin,  1988 SILVER EAGLE EMGC PERFECT GEM BU Lot 165,  1988 AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE Lot 437,  1988 S Olympics NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo Silver Dollar Coin,  1988 American Eagle 1 oz Proof Silver Dollar Bullion Coin MIB with COA,  1988 S 1 oz Proof Silver American Eagle Silver Dollar 1 NO Box,  1988 United States Mint Proof Silver Dollar Olympic S Coin,  1988 S Seoul Olympiad UNCIRCULATED Dollar BK,  1988 S Silver Proof Olympics Commemorative Dollar Exact Coin Shown OCE171,  1988 PROOF Olympic US Mint Commemorative 90 Silver Dollar Coin with COA and Box,  Proof 1988 S Seoul Olympiad Commemorative Silver Dollar 90 Silver 363,  1988 American Eagle Silver Dollar BU Condition Toning 243SA,  1988 US MINT PRESTIGE PROOF SET W BOX AND COA OLYMPIC SILVER DOLLAR,  1988 American Silver Eagle Dollar Toned slx3234,  1988 NGC MS69 Silver American Eagle Dollar 20th Anniversary Collection Label,  1988 PROOF Olympic US Mint Commemorative 90 Silver Dollar Coin with COA and Box,  1988 D 1988 S OLYMPIC SILVER DOLLAR S1 NGC MS69 PR69 PF69 2 COINS SET,  1988 US OLYMPIC COIN COMMEMORATIVE SILVER DOLLAR PROOF COIN,  9999 Fine Silver Canadian Maple Coin 1988 5 Dollar,  1988 GREAT BRITAIN FIVE 5 OUNCE 999 SILVER ROUND 1895 TRADE DOLLAR RESTRIKE,  1988 Canada One Dollar Proof Silver Coin Saint Maurice Iron Works,  BERMUDA 1988 STERLING SILVER PROOF ONE DOLLAR 1 COIN BOAT IN FULL SAIL,  1988 S Olympic Silver Dollar Proof with box slider COA 131099 X,  1988 CANADIAN SILVER DOLLAR MAURICE IRONWORKS 50 SILVER KM161,  1988 CANADA PROOF SILVER DOLLAR 250TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SAINT MAURICE IRONWORKS,  1988 S US MINT OLYMPIC COMMEMORATIVE PROOF SILVER DOLLAR COIN WITH BOX,  1988 S Silver American Eagle Dollar Proof COA United States Mint 1 Oz,  Estate Find 1988 S Oympiad Liberty Commem 90 Silver Dollar Coin H3346,  1988 D Olympic Silver Dollar NGC MS69 Modern Silver Commemorative 897 042,  1988 S Prf Korea Olympics US Commemorative Silver Dollar Coin 1 US Dollar,  US MINT 1988 PRESTIGE SET SILVER INCLUDES 1988 OLYMPIC SILVER DOLLAR NO RESERVE,  Canada Elizabeth II silver dollar 1988 Maurice Ironworks silver 2343gr,  LOVELY STERLING SILVER DISH WITH A TWO DOLLAR 1988 HONG KONG COIN CENTRED 44Gr,  LOVELY STERLING SILVER DISH WITH A ONE DOLLAR 1988 HONG KONG COIN CENTRED 31Gr,  US 1988 Dollar American Silver Eagle Bullion Coin 1oz BU Full Lustre,  1988 S Seoul Olympiad Proof Dollar bk,  1988 S Olympic Silver Dollar Deep Cameo Gem Proof No Reserve,  1988 Olympic Proof Silver Dollar Proof Free S H After 1st Item,  Proof 1988 S Seoul Olympiad Commemorative Silver Dollar 90 Silver 440,  UNITED STATES MINT OLYMPIC COINS 1988 PROOF SILVER DOLLAR AND GOLD FIVE DOLLAR,  1988 Maurice Ironworks 500 Silver Dollar Proof Dollar,  Unc 1988 D Seoul Olympiad Commemorative Silver Dollar 488,  1988 1 and 25c Silver The Holey Dollar and Dump Set,   1988 S Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar Olympiad COIN ONLY,  1988 S GEM PROOF KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR,  1988 Canada Silver Dollar Coin COA 500 1 Royal Mint Saint Maurice Ironworks,  US Mint 1988 S Olympic Proof Silver Dollar,  1988 S GEM PROOF KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR MORE THAN 10 AVAILABLE,  1988 Olympics Commemorative Silver Dollar One Coin Uncircluated,  1988 OLYMPIC PROOF SILVER DOLLAR,  1988 D MS69 US 1 Olympic Silver Dollar,  1985 Canada 20 Dollar 925 Silver 1988 Calgary Olympics Downhill Skier,  1988 D OLYMPICS OLYMPIAD COMMEMORATIVE SILVER DOLLAR S1 NGC MS69 MS 69,  elf Canada 1 Dollar 1988 Ironworks Proof Silver Elizabeth II,  Australia 1988 Holey Dollar Dump 125oz 999 Silver Proof Scarce,  US Mint 1988 Proof Olympic Silver Dollar Coin w COA Box,  1988 S OLYMPIC GAMES COMMEMORATIVE PROOF SILVER DOLLAR,  1988 Toned American Silver Eagle Dollar 1 ASE PCGS MS66 Rainbow Toning Coin,  1988 American Silver Eagle Dollar 1 999 Fine Silver,  

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