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1983 1993 Ford Mustang Convertible Right Rear Quarter Window 09 075


1983 1993 Ford Mustang Convertible Left Rear Quarter Window 09 074


GLASS Quarter Right 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 BMW 528e E28 51341809722


1983 S Washington Quarter Finish Book With This Nice Shiny Proof Coin 0118


Toned 1983 P NGC MS 66 Spitting Eagle Variety Washington Quarter


1980 1981 1982 1983 Toyota Corolla 2 Door Sedan Right Rear Quarter Glass


1983 D Washington Quarter Mint Error Triple Clip Unusual Scarce ICG MS66


1983 Quarter 25 Cent OFF CENTER ERROR Rare Nice Coin HIGH GRADE RARE E208




PHILIPPINES 25 CENTS 1978 1983 1984


NOS Partial Passenger Side Quarter Panel 1980 1983 Mirada Cordoba


1983 KEY DOUBLE CLIPPED ERROR Washington Quarter Clip Coin 1 of100 Auctions NR


1983s PROOF SET Gem CAMEO Kennedy Half Dollar Quarter Dime Nickel Cent 5 Coin NR


1989 P Washington Quarter OFF CENTER STRIKE HI GRADE B U ty US Error Coin


1967 Washington Quarter LARGE CURVED CLIP HIGH GRADE B U ty US Error Coin


Washington Quarter 85 OFF CENTER STRIKE HI GRADE B U ty US Error Coin






1983 S Washington Quarter 25C PCGS PR69DCAM 32502141


1981 88 Olds Cutlass Right Taillight Quarter Panel Extension Filler RH


1983 S Proof Washington Quarter Graded Deep Cameo PF 69 by PCGS Lot 275


1983 S Washington Quarter NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo


1983 1984 1985 Buick Skylark Custom Quarter Panel Emblem


CRL 1983+ Honda Prelude Self Adhesive Quarter Window Clip CP866039


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1983 quarter - rare coin pieces found recently.

1983D BU Washington Quarters 5J321TPO,  1983 S Deep Cameo Proof Washington Quarter B04,  1983 S Deep Cameo Proof Washington Quarter B03,  1983 S 25C Washington Quarter Proof PCGS PR69DCAM,  1983 programme Manchester United v Nottingham Forest Milk Cup quarter final,  1981 1982 1983 MOULDING QUARTER BELT LEFT SIDE TOYOTA COROLLA HARDTOP,  1983 S PROOF WASHINGTON QUARTER EXCELLENT QUALITY US COIN FROM A US PROOF SET,  1983 Press Photo Todd Lindic Kenneth Orr clean raccoon quarters at Metroparks,  Quarter Washington Clad Proof 1983 S,  1983 S 25C DC Proof Washington Quarter,  1983 S Washington Quarter Deep Cameo Gem Proof No Reserve,  1983 Canadian Proof Quarter 025,  1964 Washington Silver Quarter in Genuine United States Mint Folder,  Quarter 1983 S Gem Proof Premium Quality Sparkling Eye Candy 217 64,  1983 D 25C US Washington Quarter Collectible Coin Quarter Dollar Semi Key Date,  1984 P Washington Quarter OFF CENTER STRUCK THROUGH DEBRIS US ERROR COIN,  1983 S WASHINGTON QUARTER PCGS PR69DCAM US COIN,  1983 Proof Washington Quarter GEM Deep Cameo DCAM,  1983 S Proof Washington Quarter 40pc Roll,  1983 S Clad CAMEO Proof Washington Quarter Best Value From CherrypickerCoins,  20 Canadian Quarter 1982 1983 1984 Lot 27E,  1983 P Spitting Eagle Quarter NGC MS65,  Slabbed 1983 S Proof Set High Grade Four Coin Penny Nickel Dime Quarter a,  2 1983 D Circulated Washington Quarters KEY DATE Hard to Find INV 633,  1983 P 25C Washington Quarter Fine Circulated,  1982 P D 1983 P D Washington Quarters Tough Date Nice Circulated Set,  1983 D Washington Quarter 133,  TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 25 CENTS 1983,  4 SEMI KEY WASHINGTON QUARTERS 1982 P D 1983 P D CIR 23,  PCGS 1983 S Washington Quarter PR70 DCAM,  Pocket List of Railroad Officials 353 1983 1st quarter,  1983 S 25C Washington Quarter Proof PCGS PR69DCAM,  Peabody Coal Co Eastern Division Safety Award 3rd Quarter 1983 Belt Buckle,  1983 P WASHINGTON QUARTERS 1 FULL ROLL 40 COINS HARD TO FIND,  1983 P KEY DATE Washington Quarter RARE Circulated Coin TOUGH FIND ,  1983 S Washington Quarter Gem Deep Cameo Proof CN Clad Coin,  Canadian Gem 1983 Nickel Quarter Dollar Mint State Coin,  4 old world foreign coin lot NETHERLANDS 5 10 25 cents gulden 1983 1984,  1983 P 25C Washington Quarter US Coin,  QUARTER EARRINGS PENDANT CHARM SET DISHED COIN JEWELRY BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY GIFT,  1982 1983 1986 P QUARTERS ALL CIRCULATED 3 COINS LOWER MINTAGE FREE SHIP,  BRILLIANT GEM CANADA 1983 25 CENT ICCS MS 67 DOUBLE 983 NUMISMATIC BU,  1983 Washington Quarter US Error Coin Off Center Broadstruck 2,  Slabbed 1983 S Proof Set High Grade Four Coin Penny Nickel Dime Quarter c,  Lot of 4 Jamaican Coins 1975 25 Cents 1988 20 Cents 1987 1983 10 Cents,  1983 S 25C Proof Washington Quarter,  BULLDOG KNIFE FIRST GENERATION 1983 QUARTER HORSEMAN 4 IN CLOSED STOCKMAN,  40 1982 P 1983 P 1983 D Washington Quarters semi key mixed lot roll,  1980 PD THRU 1989 PD UNC WASHINGTON QUARTERS 16 COINS No 1982 or 1983 axx,  1980 P THRU 1989 P UNC WASHINGTON QUARTERS 8 NICE COINS NO 1982 or 1983 a,  1983 S 25C Washington Quarter Proof PCGS PR69DCAM,  1983p Washington Quarter,  Washington Skull CCC US Quarter Hobo Nickel by Ron Jr Scrimshaw,  Very Nice 1983 P Washington Quarter Low Start,  Very Nice 1983 P Washington Quarter Low Start,  1983 P Washington Quarter Spitting Eagle NGC MS66,  QUARTER EARRINGS 3D DOMED COIN JEWELRY BIRTHDAY SILVER GOLD ANNIVERSARY GIFTS,  QUARTER EARRINGS DISHED COIN JEWELRY BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY GIFT SILVER MONEY ART,  1965 QUARTER EARRING SET DISHED COIN ART JEWELRY 50th BIRTHDAY OR U PICK YEAR,  1965 QUARTER EARRING SET 3D DOMED COIN ART JEWELRY 50th BIRTHDAY OR U PICK YEAR,  1983 D 25C Washington Quarter,  1983 S WASHINGTON QUARTER PR69DCAM PCGS US COIN,  1983 S PROOF BU QUARTERS from US Mint Sets083,  1983 S 25C Washington Quarter Proof PCGS PR69DCAM,  1983 P Quarter and 1983 D Quarter,  

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