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1980 D Lincoln Memorial Cent 1C Penny Coin PCGS MS67 RD 250 Value




1980 Ten Cent Coin Uncirculated Taken from RAM Mint Roll


1980 PD Lincoln Cent Set Brilliant Uncirculated






1980s Dexter Brand Penny Loafers US Men size 11 1 2 M Made in USA Used


Disc Brake Caliper Repair Kit fits 1980 2005 Pontiac Sunfire 6000 Grand Am CENT


1980 Canada Small Cent Penny Clipped Planchet Error Coin Nice Toning UNC


2 x 1980 USPS Pre paid Postal Cards First Transpacific Flight 28 Cent Stamps


1980 1985 USA Rachel Carson Great Americans Block of 4 x 17 Cent Stamps


1980 1985 USA Harry S Truman Great Americans Block of 2 x 20 Cent Stamps


1980 1985 USA Carl Schurz Great Americans Block of 2 x 4 Cent Stamps


1980 1985 USA Carl Schurz Great Americans Block of 3 x 4 Cent Stamps


1980 1985 USA Rachel Carson Great Americans Block of 2 x 17 Cent Stamps




1980 Canada Uncirculated Double Penny Set with COA Free Combined S H


1980 Canada Small Cent Penny Clipped Planchet Error Coin Nice Grade


1980 Canada Uncirculated Double Penny Set with COA Free Combined S H


C TEK Standard Rotor Preferred fits 1976 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser C TEK BY CENT


C TEK Metallic Brake Pads Preferred fits 1975 1980 Mercury Bobcat C TEK BY CENT


1980 S Lincoln Memorial Proof Penny


Premium Semi Met Pads w Shims fits 1980 1991 Pontiac 6000 Grand Am Sunbird CENT


Canada 8602 1980 17 cent Emma Albani Soprano MNH


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Results of collecting rare US coins

1. Collectible coins have historically protected wealth, for instance, as a hedge against the impact of inflation, particularly in countries where fiat currency is weakening. When the value of fiat money is in a downward cycle, rare US coins can protect wealth similar to how an allocation of cash in gold bullion acts.

2. In addition to the 'stored value' Benefit noted above, there is scope for wealth growth with time. Like most other hard assets, for example: Zippo Lighters; native art works; autographs; comic books; sports cards; postage stamps; glass and pottery, and other collectibles, the value of rare US coins appreciates with time.

3. Collectible coins are an easy to covert asset. There is a vibrant market for coin trading. This means two things. Collectible coins are simple to acquire and conversely simple to sell. This can be done via convential coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using the internet, for example eBay.

4. Coins are ideal for the small investor or collectors. Why? A collector or investor can buy coins in smaller increments when cash resources are available.

5. Other benefits include the satisfaction the investor experiences with ownership of rare or collectible, like other types of art work. Collectible coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment assets.

6. Collectible coins are easy to store and are virtually indestructible. They are also insurable. Rare coins represent truly portable wealth transportable in an efficient manner.

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1980 Canadian Penny Rainbow Toned Beautiful Coin,  1980 to 1989 PD COMPLETE LINCOLN CENT 20 pc,   Buy It Now ERROR ITEME 147 1980 LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT,  1967 Lincoln Cent Mistamped Error + 1980D Washington Quarter Cud Error,  elf Sierra Leone 1 2 Cent 1980 Proof,   Buy It Now MIS STRIKE ITEM E 144 1980LINCOLN MORIAL CENT,  10 different Netherlands 5 Cent Coins 1950 to 1980,  1980 MASONIC PENNY MT SINAI GREENLEAF CHAPTER PORTLAND MAINE RED,  1856 14 cent 1980 Sinclair Lewis Block of 4 MNH OG,  ERROR COIN 1980 D CLIP LINCOLN CENT AU BR A414,  1980 D over D Lincoln Cent Error Variety RPM Also has some Doubling KM201,  1980 S 1C DC Proof Lincoln Cent PCGS PR69RD DCAM,   Buy It Now ITEM E 67 1980 LINCOLN MEMORIAL COPPER CENT,  Vintage 22 Cent Heart Love USA Stamp Commemorative Winco 1980s Hat Lapel Pin,  1980 1989 P+D Lincoln Cent BU Decade Set Includes 82 and 83,  Coin lot MINT+1941 90 SILVER Quarter+ AU WW2 1943 WHEAT CENT+ALL IN Picture 61,  Nederland Juliana 25 Cent 1980 coin,  1980 S Lincoln Cent PR69RD DCAM PCGS Proof 69 Red Deep Cameo,  1980 D Lincoln Memorial Cent PCGS MS66RD,  1980 Great Eastern Numismatic Assoc Convention elongated penny DOW 455,  1824 1980 15 cent Helen Keller First Day Cover Golden Replica,  1821 1980 15 cent Frances Perkins First Day Cover Golden Replica,  1825 1980 15 cent Veterans Administration First Day Cover Golden Replica,  1823 1980 15 cent Emily Bissell First Day Cover Golden Replica,  PENNY ARCADE ELECTRONIC Calling You 7 VINYL UK Brilliant 1980 B W Midnight,  South Africa 1980 Birth Cent of C L Leipoldt SG479MNH,  1980 5 CENT X 5 OUT OF MINT ROLL CHOICE UNC OR BETTER,  1834 37 1980 15 cent American Folk Art se tenant set of 4 FDC Golden Replica,  1980 P+ D LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT ROLLS 50 BRILLIANT PENNY COINS EACH k44,  1980 S Lincoln Memorial Cent Proof Red Penny,  1979 D 1980 D 1981 D 1982 D LINCOLN CENT ROLLS 200 BRILLIANT COPPER COINS k4,  1980 Great Britain One Cent Penny Lot 2345,  1980 D Lincoln Memorial Cent From Mint Set,  1980 P Lincoln Memorial Cent From Mint Set,  Tonka Turbo Tricksters Porsche 911 Vintage Penny Racer Car 1980s No 42,  1980 P Lincoln Memorial Cent Uncirculated BU Red Penny,  1980 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Uncirculated BU Red Penny,  STAMPS 1980 Dolley Madison 15 cent 1822 Lot of 3 4 Stamp Blocks,  BLANCHE STUART SCOTT First Day of Issue Cover 28 cent US 1980 C99 Unaddressed,  EMILY BISSELL First Day Issue Cover 15 cent US 1980 1823 Unaddressed Artmaster,  PENNY PEYSER 1980s TV series cutie b w 8x10 portrait,  Penny Pendant Silver Plated Necklace 1p piece UK Coin Any Date,  CIRCULATED 1980 5 CENT AUSTRALIAN COIN 51815,  1980 D LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT BU PENNY ORIGINAL BANK WRAP OBW COIN ROLL,  1980 P LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT BU UNCIRCULATED ORIGINAL BANK WRAP OBW COIN ROLL,  CIRCULATED 1980 2 PENNY IRISH COIN 60716,  Canada Cent Coins Lot 1941 1963 1964 1974 1980,  1838 41 1980 15 cent Architecture se tenant set of 4 FDC Golden Replica,  1980 D Lincoln Cent D Mint Mark Error,  1843 1980 15 cent Contemporary Christmas First Day Cover Golden Replica,  1842 1980 15 cent Traditional Christmas First Day Cover Golden Replica,  1980 S Lincoln Proof Cent Red Cameo Beauty,  1833 1980 15 cent Education First Day Cover Golden Replica,  1832 1980 15 cent Edith Wharton First Day Cover Golden Replica,  1980 S Proof Lincoln Cent Coin,  Sc 1841a 15 Cent American Architecture 1980 MNH PB 4 P 39422 LR SCV 160,  1980 double die penny fs 101,  Lincoln Cent 1980 D NGC MS 65,  1980 GREAT BRITAIN NEW PENNY 1 QUEEN ELIZABETH VERY GOOD CONDITION,  1980 D Lincoln Cent US Mint sewn bag 5000 coins 5000 bag Dated Feb 7,  1980 S Lincoln Cent Proof 01,  1980 D Lincoln Memorial Cent 1C Coin PCGS MS67 RD Rare in MS67 250 Value,  USA 7 X ONE CENT COINS 1980 1986 ALL DIFFERENT 7AW2,  Netherlands 1 Cent 1980 km180 UNC European coin Some coins have oxidized rust,  1980 D Lincoln Cent Ships Free Buy 5 for 2 off,  

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