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1979 coin dollar - Current available coin listings.

1971 through 1979 Clad Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Set Gem Proof 8 Coins


1979 Hong Kong 1 Dollar Coin c 033


1979 Singapore 10 Dollars KM171 Silver MS UNC Coin Red Presentation Pack


1979 Susan B Anthony First Day of Issue Dollar coin Philadelphia PA Mint July 2


1979 P Susan B Anthony 1 Dollar Set of 3 Coins








Whitman Classic Coin Album 9149 Susan B Anthony Dollars 1979 1981 P




1979 D Susan B Anthony One Dollar Coin Circulated


1979 S Susan B Anthony Dollar Type 1 2 Clear S Gem DCam Proof 2 Coin Set


1979 P Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin Circulated Very Good Condition


1971 1979 P D BU Kennedy Half Dollars 16 BU Coins May30


1979 Jamaica 9 Coins Proof Set Butterflies W Silver 10 5 Dollar Half Box COA


14 Pieces 1979 P Susan B Anthony Dollars Coins Original Value 14


2 COLORIZED 1979 SUSAN B ANTHONY Genuine US Dollar Coin


8 1979 81 PDS RUN 8 coin run SUSAN B ANTHONY DOLLAR


1979 S Susan BAnthony One Dollar Nickel Clad Proof Type 1 US Coin D2277


Complete 1979 1981 Susan B Anthony Dollar BU Coin Collection Blue Plastic Case


1979 P 1 SBA Near Date Wide Rim RARE UNC 13 KEY DATE COIN RED BOOK 60


US One Dollar 1979 Susan B Anthony Coin


1971 1979 S Kennedy Half Dollar Gem Proof Run 8 Coin Set CN Clad US Coins Lot




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Benefits of Rare Coins as an Investment

1. Investment standard coin pieces can act to preserve wealth, for example, as a hedge against the impact of inflation, especially in countries where the value of fiat currency is weak. When the value of paper currency is threatened, rare coins can preserve wealth much like how an allocation of cash in gold bullion acts.

2. Further to the 'stored value' Result noted above, there is the scope for capital growth over time. Like most other hard assets, for instance: Zippo Lighters; native art works; autographs; comic books; sports cards; postage stamps; glass and pottery, and other collectibles, the convertable worth of collectible coins appreciates with time.

3. Collectible US coins are a liquid asset. There is a vibrant market for trading coins. This amounts to two benefits. Collectible coins are simple to acquire and conversely easy to liquidate. This is achieved through convential coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using the internet, for example eBay.

4. Coins are ideal for the small investor or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor can acquire coins in smaller quantities when cash resources are available.

5. Other benefits include the satisfaction the collector experiences with ownership of rare or collectible, like other types of art work. Rare coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment assets.

6. Collectible coins are easy to store and are virtually indestructible. They are also insurable. Rare coins are also a type of portable wealth which can be moved from place to place in an efficient manner.

1979 coin dollar - collectible coin pieces purchased over the past several days.

1979 One Dollar Coin,  1979 US Dollar Coin D Susan B Anthony,  Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin 1979,  1979 D Susan B Anthont Circulated Coin Dollar,  Susan B Anthony Dollar Coins SBA1 1979 P D Four 1 Coins circulated,  1979 CANADA ONE DOLLAR COIN VOYAGEUR,  2 Coin US Dollar Set 1979 P SBA 1971 S IKE BU MS Silver Rainbow Color Toned,  1979 Sparks Reno Nevada Slot Machine Token Coin 1 DOLLAR Sparks Mint Casino,  1979 Las Vegas Slot Machine Token Coin 1 DOLLAR Circus Circus Casino Tent,  1979 PHILADELPHIA MINT SUSAN B ANTHONY BAG OF 100 Uncirculated 1 Coins,  Golden Nugget Las Vegas Nevada 1979 Casino DOLLAR Slot Machine 100 Token Coin,  Lot of 4 Proof US Coins 1979 SBA Dollar 1968 S Proof Silver Kennedy Half Doll,  20 BU Proof Susan B Anthony Dollars 1979 8199 20 coin lot in a Dansco Album,  1979D US Mint 6 Coin Brilliant Uncirculated Set W SBA Dollar in nice Holder,  1979 81 P D S S SBA Mint Proof Roll 11 Coins R36,  1979 81 P D S S SBA Mint Proof Roll 11 Coins R231,  1979 D Susan B Anthony SBA BU Uncirculated Dollar Coin,  1979 Banff Lake Louise Dollar Token Coin Moraine Canada,  1979 P Susan B Anthony One Dollar United States LIBERTY 1 COIN RARE,  1979 P and D Susan B Anthony One Dollar BU Coins US Mint Cellos 67 1 Coins,  1979 Canada One Dollar Specimen Proof 1 Coin Voyageur Canoe Nickel,  1979 Canada One Dollar Specimen Proof 1 Coin Voyageur Canoe Nickel,  3 US Coins 1979 D 1980 S 1999 P Susan B Anthony Clad Dollars UNC Littleton Coin,  Lot of 8 Different Susan B Anthony Dollar P D S SBA Coin Collections 1979 1999,  LITTLETON GREEN COIN ALBUM SBA DOLLARS 1979 1981,  Complete 2 year Nncirculated set of Susan B Anthony US Dollar Coins 1979 80,  Susab B Anthony 1979 Dollar Coin,  1970 1979 BU Kennedy Half Dollar Lot 17 Coins from US Mint Set Free US Ship,  1970 1979 BU Kennedy Half Dollars 18 P + D Coins US Mint Set Coins + 1976 40,  1979 SUSAN B ANTHONY DOLLAR Circulated Coin,  24k GOLD PLATED 1979 UNCIRCULATED SUSAN B ANTHONY DOLLAR COIN,  1971 THRU 1979 P D Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Set 16 Coins,  1979 1980 1981 ANNUAL US Mint Sets with P D S SBA Dollar 3 Coin Sets Complete,  1979 D SUSAN B ANTHONY US ONE DOLLAR COIN OBW S1056,  1979 D SUSAN B ANTHONY US ONE DOLLAR COIN OBW S1055,  1979 D SUSAN B ANTHONY US ONE DOLLAR COIN OBW S1054,  1979 D SUSAN B ANTHONY US ONE DOLLAR COIN OBW S1053,  1979 D SUSAN B ANTHONY US ONE DOLLAR COIN OBW S1052,  1979 Kennedy Half Dollars size 12 coin ring Handmade mixed metals,  Susan B Anthony Dollar 12 Coin Set in Whitman Album 1979 1981 w Proofs,  4 1979 SUSAN B ANTHONY 1 ONE DOLLAR US COINS,  1979 US MINT PROOF 6 COIN SET SELF STANDING SBA DOLLAR MIRROR SHINE,  1979 P 1 SUSAN BANTONY OFF ERROR CENTER RAW COIN B U,  15 1979 S TYPE 1 PROOF ANTHONY DOLLARS 15 COIN COLLECTION,  1979 P XF Kennedy Half Dollar Error Coin DDR No Reserve,  1979 P 1 Susan B Anthony Dollar Roll 20 Coins,  1971 1979 P D Mint Cello John F Kennedy Half Dollars Coin Set 18 Coins,  1979 1980 Susan B Anthony Dollars Souvenir 6 Coin Set P D S Mints lot1,  Hong Kong Dollars 1979 Elizabeth II coin KM 43 Copper Nickel 193mb,  KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR DANSCO ALBUM 1964 to 1979 NO COINS ALL SLEEVES,  1979 liberty one dollar coin,  Rare 1 Dollar Coin 1979 Edition each Separate ,  1971 1979 S Set of Kennedy Proof Half Dollars 8 coins total Ships for free,  1971 P THRU 1979 P CUNI CLAD KENNEDY HALF DOLLARS V206 8 CH BU COINS AIRTITE,  1979 P D S UNITED STATES SUSAN B ANTHONY DOLLAR COINS IN CELLO PACKAGE,  2 Coin US Dollar Set 1979 S SBA 1978 S IKE BU Proof Rainbow Color Toned Gems,  1979 P and D Susan B Anthony SBA Dollars mint cello 2 BU Coins,  1979 1980 1981 S Susan B Anthony Gem Proof Dollar Run CN Clad Type 1 US Coin Set,  1979 S Type 1 ICG KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR PR70 DCAM 330 BEAUTIFUL FROSTY COIN,  Five 1979 Susan B Anthony Liberty Silver Dollars E Pluribus Unum Coins,  1979 P D Kennedy Half Dollar Gem Bu 2 Coin Set No Reserve,  4 Coin Set of Susan B Anthony 1 Dollars PCGS Certified PR69DCAM 1979 1999,  HONG KONG 20 Cents 50 Cents and 1 Dollar 1960 to 1998 6 Coin Lot 787,  1979 Set of U S coins Penney Nickel Dine Quarter 1 2 Dollar Anthony Dollar,  USA Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin First Day Issue Collection,  

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