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1978 S 5C Jefferson Nickel Proof PCGS PR69DCAM


France 1 One Franc Coin 1978


Kingston Brass KB197TAL Tudor Widespread Lavatory Faucet w Pop Up


1978 US Mint Proof Set




1978 S 5C DCAM Proof Jefferson Nickel ANACS Graded PF 68 4589173 Nice Coin


Kenya 1978 1 Shilling Copper Nickel Coin President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta 2


1978 D Jefferson Nickel Average Circulated




1978 P Jefferson Nickel Average Circulated


1 Roll Jefferson Nickels 1940 1978 No Duplicates Quality Dates




1978 1979 1980 1981 Canadian Beaver Nickels PRESTIGE SPECIMEN PROOF SP PR COINS


1970 1979 S Roosevelt Dime Gem Proof Run 10 Coin Decade Set US Mint Lot


1978 D Eisenhower Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated clad copper nickel


1978 Russia 20 Kopeks Copper Nickel Zinc World Coin Soviet USSR Hammer Sickle


1978 D Denver Mint Jefferson Nickel BU


99467 France Semeuse Franc 1978 Paris Nickel KM9251 Gadoury474


503849 United States Kennedy Half Dollar 1978 US Mint Philadelphia


99419 France Semeuse 5 Francs 1978 Paris Nickel KM926a1


1978 D Copper Nickel Eisenhower Ike Dollar Grading Choice BU tube




1971 1978 32 PC Eisenhower collection w coa AND OAK WOOD DISPLAY CASE


1978 Jefferson Nickel 5c US Mint Coin Choice BU


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Advantages of investing in rare coins

1. Investment quality US coins can act to preserve wealth, for example, as strong inflation fighters, particularly in countries where fiat currency is in a downward trade cycle. Any time paper currency is in a downward cycle, rare US coins can protect net wealth similar to how an investment in gold bullion acts.

2. Further to the 'stored value' Advantage noted here, there is the scope for capital growth with time. Like most other hard assets, for example: Zippo Lighters; native art works; autographs; comic books; sports cards; postage stamps; glass and pottery, and other collectibles, the stored value of collectible coins appreciates over time.

3. Investment grade coins are an easy to liquidate asset. There is a vibrant market for coin trading. This means two things. Investment quality coins are simple to acquire and equally easy to sell. This can be achieved via convential coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using online platforms, for example eBay.

4. Collectible coins are ideal for the small investor or collectors. Why? A collector or investor can acquire coins in smaller increments when cash are available.

5. Other benefits include the satisfaction the investor can experience with owning rare or collectible, like other works of art. Rare coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment assets.

6. Collectible coins are stored easily and with appropriate storage, do not erode. They are also insurable. Rare coins are also a type of portable wealth which can be moved from place to place very quickly and easily.

1978 nickel - rare coins purchased during the past seven days.

1978 S Jefferson monticello Proof PCGS PR69DCAM,  1970 1979 S Jefferson Nickel Proof Run Lot of 10 Coin Set,  1978 D Kennedy Half SAME DAY SHIP Straight from US MINT In Cello,  1978 P Kennedy Unc in Cello never touched and never opened,  EISENHOWER 100 COIN 1978 S PROOF 5,  EISENHOWER 100 COIN 1978 S PROOF 4,  US 1978 Jefferson Nickel 5 Cent BU Unc Coin Two Toned Hinged Money Clip NEW,  US 1978 Jefferson Nickel 5 Cent BU Uncirculated Coin Silver Plated Cufflinks NEW,  US 1978 Jefferson Nickel 5 Cent BU Unc Coin Silver Plated Tie Clip Clasp Bar NEW,  1978 S Proof Jefferson Nickel Graded Coin PCGS PR69RD DCAM B351,  US 1978 Jefferson Nickel Five Cent BU Unc Coin Silver Plated Tie Tac Tack NEW,  1970 1979 S Roosevelt Dime Gem Proof Run 10 Coin Decade Set US Mint Lot,  1973 1978 S Eisenhower Dollar DCam Proof Run CN Clad Ike Lot US Mint 6 Coin Set,  1978 S Proof Jefferson Nickel PCGS Graded Coin PR69RD DCAM C350,  1978 Jefferson circulated nickel See store for discounts,  1978 D Jefferson circulated nickel See store for discounts,  1978 S Jefferson proof nickel See store for discounts BL21,  1978 JEFFERSON NICKEL 5 CENTS,  1978 PCGS MS63 RB Nickel Struck on Penny Planchet 05 Struck on 01 Cent Planchet,  Federal Republic of Germany 1978 D 1 Mark Copper Nickel Coin Munich mint,  Wooden nickel advertising Big G stores 1934 1978,  LIONEL 6 9404 NICKEL PLATE ROAD SINGLE DOOR BOX CAR OB 1978,  1978 S Jefferson Nickel Gem Deep Cameo Proof Coin,  1971 1979 S Kennedy Half Dollars Proof 8 Coins,  SOUTH AFRICA 1978 RAND KM88a BU Ch BU W LIGHT BAGGING NICKEL METAL 1 AVAIL,  Canada Nickel Collection 5 Cents 68 Coins 1922 1978 Vintage Whitman Folder,  5 Piece Lot Uncirculated Jefferson Nickels 1978 79 77 S 78 S 78 D B860,  1978 Three Cent Nickel,  1971 pd +1977 pd +1978 pd Brilliant Unc Jefferson Nickels In Mint Cellophane,  1978 D XF Kennedy Half Dollar Error Coin DDR No Reserve,  20 drachmes copper nickel coin Greece 1978 type of 1976 1980 KM120 Pericles,  1978 D Full Step FS Gem BU Jefferson Nickel SP,  1978 P Full Step FS Gem BU Jefferson Nickel SP,  1978 Beaver Fair souvenir wooden nickel 50th anniversary of fair 1928 1978,  South Africa 20 cents proof 1978 14000 minted EX 2,  South Africa 20 cents proof 1978 14000 minted EX 1,  South Africa 50 cents proof 1978 7000 minted,  1978 S Slabbed Proof Set High Grade Four Coin Penny Nickel Dime Quarter Special,  1978 S Jefferson Nickel Deep Cameo Gem Proof No Reserve,  1970s 1971 s72s73s74s75s1976s 77s1978s1979 s proof Jefferson Nickels 2,  1978 D USEisenhower 1 Dollar Coin Last Year of Issue,  1978 D Jefferson Nickel Choice Gem BU Coin 1 pc,  1978 P Jefferson Nickel Choice Gem BU Coin 1 pc,  1970 1979 S Jefferson Nickel Gem Proof Coin Run 10 Coin lot,  1978 NICKEL STRUCK ON PENNY PLANCHET NGC MS63 RB ,  Proof Nickel 1978 Canada 5 Cent Nickel Coin UNC,  1978 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC 100 FRANCS PCGS SP68 KM E5 RARE,  The Mana Journal Second Issue 1978 The Wooden Nickel Hobby + more Scarce,  Jefferson Nickel Collection 1938 1964 AND 1965 1978 in Whitman Albums PLUS MORE,  Lionel 9404 NPR Nickel Plate Road Speedy Service Box Car NEW,  1978 United States Proof Set,  Russia 1 Rouble 1978 CH BU PL copper nickel zinc Y1531 Olympic Games,  SIX 6 1978 S Five Cents PCGS Graded PR69DC 1158,  EISENHOWER DOLLAR 1978 RARE MS 65 AMAZING TONE FROM ORIGINAL MINT BAG,  EISENHOWER DOLLAR 1978 RARE MS 66 AMAZING TONE FROM ORIGINAL MINT BAG,  Touche Turtle S536 Ike Hobo Nickel Engraved Colored by Luis A Ortiz,  1978 D Kennedy Half Dollar Coin,  1978 P Kennedy Half Dollar Coin UNC AU,  1978 D Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel Uncirculated five cent FREE SHIPPING,  1978 P Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel Uncirculated five cent FREE SHIPPING,  1978 D Jefferson Nickel BU UNC Uncirculated from Mint Set in Air Tite Holder,  1978 D Eisenhower Dollar NGC MS65,  1978 D Eisenhower Dollar Nice Original Coin Fast Free Shipping,  PCGS 1978 S PR70 DCAM Jefferson Nickel,  PCGS 1978 S PR70 DCAM Jefferson Nickel,  

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