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US COIN 1968 S Roosevelt Dime in MS condition and Toning beautifully UNC


1968 S Roosevelt Dime Pf


1968 D Roosevelt Dime MS


1968 Dime DDO PCGS MS 65


Lot of 24 Roosevelt Dimes 1968 through 1979 P D in mint wrap






1968 D Roosevelt Dime Circulated


Roosevelt Dime Coin Folder w Plastic Slips 1946 to 1968 9414 Whitman


Lot of 4 Roosevelt Dimes 1965P 1966P 1968P 1972P




1970 D Roosevelt Dime PROOF REVERSE of 1968 RARE Rev 68 FS 901 VG XF


1968 Canadian Dime 10 Cents BU a


1968 Canadian Dime 10 Cents BU b


1968 Canadian Dime 10 Cents BU d


1968 Canadian Dime 10 Cents BU c


196819471953 1963 Canadian Dimes LOT OF 4


1967 1968 US Roosevelt Dimes Uncirculated




1968 S 2017 S Roosevelt Dimes All 50 Coins


1968 S Proof Roosevelt Dime NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo


1968 D ICG AU53 Struck Thru Grease Roosevelt Dime B5996




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1968 dime - collectible coin pieces bought recently.

1968 S ROOSEVELT DIME GREAT ULTRA CAMEO PROOF COIN 100,  1968 S Proof Roosevelt Dime,  1968 P 1977 S US Proof Dime Slabbed ULTRA LOW STARTING BIDH32,  1968 D ROOSEVELT DIME NGC MAC MS67 PQ 2ND FINEST GRADE SPOTLESS ,  1968 Canadian Dime,  1968S PROOF ROOSEVELT DIME RAINBOW TONED,  1968 thru 2016 BU Roosevelt Ten Cent Lot P and D Coins Dime 92 Cellos Mint UNC,  OFFERS 1937 to 1968 Complete date set of TEN CENT DIMES 40 Face,  THIRTY 30 DIFFERENT CLAD PROOF ROOSEVELT DIMES 1968 S TO 1997 S,  1965 SMS 1967 SMS 1968 S 1976 S 12 COINS PROOF ROOSEVELT DIMES 3G109,  4+ Decades of Proof Roosevelt Dimes 1968 2009 42 Nice Proofs 7 29,  1968 D Uncirculated Roosevelt Dime BU B05,  1968 Uncirculated Roosevelt Dime BU B01,  1968 D Uncirculated Roosevelt Dime BU B02,  1968 Uncirculated Roosevelt Dime BU B04,  1968 D Uncirculated Roosevelt Dime BU B03,  1968 S 1984 S ROOSEVELT CLAD DIMES GEM PRF,  1968 S Proof Roosevelt Dime From USMINT Proof SET,  UNCIRCULATED DIMES 2 ROLLS 1 1968 1 1969D,  1968 S Proof Roosevelt Dime Exact Coin Shown Flat Rate Shipping 01,  1968 D Roosevelt Dime in original mint cello,  1968 Canadian Silver Dime Circulated Nice,  1968 D Roosevelt Dime MS Full Torch,  1968 1979 S Roosevelt Dime Gem Cam Proof Run 12 Coin Set US Mint Lot,  NGC MS 67 1968 D Roosevelt Dime,  FAUSTO LEALI Angeli Negri 7 VINYL Italian Rifi 1968 B W Potrai Fidarti Di Me,  1968 D Roosevelt 10c Dime Error Clamshell Split Planchet AU,  2017 Topps Heritage Max Scherzer 1968 Mint US Dime 03 10 NM MT Nationals,  1968 S Roosevelt Clad Proof Dime Gem Cameo,  HEALTH TOKEN MEDAL NATIONAL FOUNDATION MARCH OF DIMES 1968 NAMED 25,  1968 S Proof Roosevelt Dime From US Government Proof Set Lot 77,  1968 P D BU Roosevelt Dimes,  1968 S Proof Roosevelt Dime Exact Coin Shown Flat Rate Shipping 06,  1968 S 9 1969 S 10 1970 S 81981 S 4 1986 S 19 ROOSEVELT DIMES T987,  1968 S Proof Roosevelt Dime Exact Coin Shown Flat Rate Shipping 02,  Canada 1968 X4 Ten Cent Canadian DIMES Dime 10c EXACT COIN SET SHOWN,  1968 no s Roosevelt Dime circulated but seemingly proof extremely rare find,  1968 D Roosevelt Dime NGC MS67FT FB Superb Undergraded Rainbow Color Toned Z137,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC MS 66 Reverse of 1968,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC MS 65 Reverse of 1968,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC MS 64 Reverse of 1968 Error,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC MS 63 Reverse of 1968,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC Reverse of 1968,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC MS 60 Reverse of 1968 Wheel Damage,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC Reverse of 1968 UNC DETAILS,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC Reverse of 1968 UNC DETAILS 71BV,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC Reverse of 1968 UNC DETAILS 71BU,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC UNC DETAILS Reverse of 1968 Obverse Wheel Mark,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime NGC UNC DETAILS Reverse of 1968 Wheel Mark,  Assorted Canada Silver Canada Dimes 14 1940 1968,  Canada Coins 2 1964 Silver Quarters 1968 50 Silver Quarter 1950,  1968 Dime DDO PCGS MS 65,  1968 D Roosevelt Dime MS Full Torch,  1968S Dime and 1972S cent with set of 3 4 stone spearheads arrowheads CNS 281,  50 Canada Dimes 10 Cents 1968 Present mixed lot roll,  1968 10c DDO FS 101 DOUBLE DIE OBVERSE DIE No1 MS 65,  1968 to 2015 P+D Roosevelt Dime Set Does Not Include 1996 W 1982 PD,  1968 to1981 and 1984 to 2015 P+D Roosevelt Dime Set with 1996 West Point Dime,  1968 to 2015 P+D Roosevelt Dime Set 1996 W 1982 PD 1983PD All in Mint Cello,  1968 Canadian Prooflike Dime 010,  1968 P Roosevelt Dime A Nice Shiny BU Coin Finish Coin Book 4228,  1968 Canadian Ottawa Dime Minimum PL66,  1968 S Roosevelt Dime Clad Proof,  1968 P Roosevelt Dime From Mint Set,  1968 D Roosevelt Dime From Mint Set,  

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