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Find below a selection of quality 1963 nickel US coins.

ROLL of 38 1963 P Jefferson Nickels Uncirculated


1963 Jefferson Nickel PR66 Beautiful Multi Color Toned Gem


Set of Jefferson Nickels 1938 Early Dates Collection






cleaned 1963 silver franklin half 1902 liberty nickel 1875 seated dime 1894 cent


Jefferson Nickel Lot 1963 1963D 1964 1964D


Jefferson Nickel Lot 1960 D 1961D 1963 1963D 1965 1969S


elf Japan 50 Yen Yr 38 1963


1963 Proof Jefferson Nickel 5C NGC PR69 UCAM PF69 Ultra Cameo 700 Value


1963 5C Proof Jefferson Nickel WDDR 005 Doubled Die Reverse


1963 P P D Jefferson nickel in BU AND PROOF condition stk6 3 COINS


1963 Jefferson Nickel Brilliant US GEM Proof Coin


1963 P Jefferson Nickel Clad Proof AN02


1963 P Jefferson Nickel Clad Proof AN01


Vintage 1963 Nickel Gibson P 90 Pickup Cover ES 330 ES 225 1960s 1964 0914PC1






1963 USA Liberty 5 Cent D Mintmark average circulated condition collectible


1963 UK Sixpence coin average circulated condition highly collectible


Fiji Republic British Administration 1963 Penny 1d Elizabeth II Very Fine


New Zealand 1963 Sixpence 6d Elizabeth II Extra Fine


44075 GREAT BRITAIN 1 2 Crown 1963 KM 907 EF40 45 Copper Nickel


44115 ROMANIA Leu 1963 KM 90 EF40 45 Nickel Clad Steel 24 489


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Advantages of Rare Coins as an Investment

1. Investment quality US coins can act to preserve wealth, for example, as strong inflation fighters, particularly in countries whose fiat currency has been severely weakened. Any time paper currency is in a downward cycle, collectible coins can preserve net wealth similar to how an allocation of cash in silver bullion acts.

2. Further to the 'stored value' Result mentioned here, there is potential for capital growth over time. Like most other hard assets, for instance: Zippo Lighters; native art works; autographs; comic books; sports cards; postage stamps; glass and pottery, and other collectibles, the convertable worth of rare coins increases with time.

3. Rare coins are an easy to covert asset. There is a vibrant market for trading coins. This amounts to two benefits. Investment grade coins are easy to buy and equally easy to liquidate. This can be done through traditional coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using the internet, for example eBay.

4. Rare coins are perfect for smaller investors or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor can acquire coin pieces in smaller quantities when funds are available.

5. Other benefits include the enjoyment a collector experiences with ownership of rare or collectible, like other types of art work. Collectible coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment classes.

6. Rare coins are stored easily and with appropriate storage, do not erode. These kind of assets are insurable. Collectible coins represent truly portable wealth that can be carried with you in an efficient manner.

1963 nickel - rare coins purchased during the past week.

1963 P Jefferson Nickel AN01,   1963 P Jefferson Nickel AN03,   1963 D Jefferson Nickel AN01,   1963 P Jefferson Nickel AN02,   1963 P Jefferson Nickel Clad Proof,  1963 Sesquicentenntial of Union CoPA wooden nickel 1813 1963,  1963 Hanover PA Area Bicentennial wooden nickel coin,  1964 wooden nickel Belle Vernon PA Sesquicentennial 1963 1964,  ESTATE FIND 1963 P Washington Quarter F7772,  Vintage wooden nickel 1963 Bicentennial of Schaefferstown PA,  Salisburys 125th anniversary 1838 1963 Souvenir Wooden Nickel,  1963 D 69 D and 70 D Lot of Three Rolls of 5C Jefferson Nickels BU 60 coins,  1963 St Francis KS 75th Anniversary Wooden Nickel Token Kansas Kans 2,  1963 St Francis KS 75th Anniversary Wooden Nickel Token Kansas Kans 1,  1963 P GEM BRILLIANT 5 CENT NICKEL ROLL OF 40 COINS,  1963 NGC MS66 Jefferson Nickel A9410,  1963 Jefferson Nickel 40 Coin Roll,  1963 5C NGC Proof PF 67 Old Holder Jefferson Nickel,  1963 Jefferson Nickel Roll 40 Coins PROOF,  1963 5C Jefferson Nickel,  Estate Find 1963 P Jefferson Nickel H1882,  1963 JEFFERSON NICKEL NGC PF 67 PRICE 2100 1399 STUNNING,  1963 UNCIRCULATED Jefferson Nickel 5 cent coin,  1963 PROOF Jefferson Nickel 5 cent coin,  Vintage 1963 Wooden Nickel DeForest Wisconsin Centennial 10 Cents Trade,  1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 GEM PROOF Jefferson Nickels 100 FLASHY LOT of 5 Coins,  Vintage Wooden Nickel De Forest Wisconsin Centennial 1963 Good For 10 Cents,  1963 Frankfort New York Wooden Nickel token Frankfort NY Centennial Coin BLK,  1963 Boonville New York Wooden Nickel token NY State Woodsmens Field Days Coin,  1963 Gates New York Wooden Nickel token Gates NY 150th Wooden Nickel Coin,  1963 Frankfort New York Wooden Nickel token Frankfort NY Centennial Coin BLU,  1963 Proof Jefferson Nickel 5C NGC PR69 UCAM PF69 Ultra Cameo 700 Value,  1963 JEFFERSON PROOF NICKEL FREE SHIPPING,  1963 Jefferson Nickel NTC PR65 Aqua Blue Color Toned,  Proof Jefferson Nickels Date Run 1958 1963,  1963 Jefferson Nickel NGC PF 67 Certified Graded Proof 5c Philadelphia Mint,  Argentina 10 Pesos 1963 Nickel Clad Steel,  7 ROLLS OF 1963 BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED CANADIAN CENT NICKEL ROLLS,  1963 D NGC MS66 JEFFERSON NICKEL 5c MS 66,  1963 D 5C Jefferson Nickel SEGS Mint State 63 FULL STEPS 5 steps 5555,  Charlotte Michigan Centennial 1963 50cent Souvenir Coin 3 Wooden Nickels,  Escanaba Michigan Centennial 1863 1963 Medal And Wooden Nickel,  1963 Proof Nickel Roll 40 Coins ItemA3050,  Vintage 1963 Wooden Nickel Bill Certificate Marietta Ohio 175th Anniversary,  1963 P ROLLJEFFERSON NICKELS UNC,  put another nickel in Music music music Dorothy Provine 1963,   1963 D Jefferson Nickel AN02,   1963 D Jefferson Nickel AN01,   1963 D Jefferson Nickel AN03,   1963 P Jefferson Nickel AN04,   1963 P Jefferson Nickel AN01,   1963 P Jefferson Nickel AN03,   1963 P Jefferson Nickel AN02,  1963 D Jefferson Nickel UNC Condition JN14,  1963 P Jefferson Nickel MS Condition JN13,  1963 Roosevelt Dime FREE SHIPPING,  1963 JEFFERSON NGC PF 68 CAMEO Superb ULTRA CAMEO contrast,  Vintage Ludwig 1963 Maple eight lug jazz fest snare drum Nice Nickel hardware,  1963 PROOF Jefferson Nickel MAKE US AN OFFER G4990,  1963 D 5C Jefferson Nickel Graded,  US Medal 100 Scenic Modern Romantic 1963,  1963 Jefferson Nickel 5813,  Uncirculated Jefferson Nickels 1963 1970 1973 1977 1978 1981,  1963 Jefferson Nickel Proof Coin 5C,  ROMANIA 1 LEU 1963 COPPER NICKEL G8,  

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