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Guatemala 1963 1 Centavo Nickel Brass Coin Fray Bartolome de las Casas


1963 Jefferson Nickel NGC MS 65


SWITZERLAND SUISSE 5 rappen 1963 etat


49130 Great Britain Elizabeth II 1 2 Crown 1963 Copper nickel KM907






1963 5C Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 65


Portugal Portuguese Republic 1963 5 Escudos Copper Nickel Coin


Thunderbird Bass Bridge and Tailpiece Set 1963 1969 Nickel


Blue Toned Grades Proof Cameo 1963 Jefferson Nickel Five Cent Piece JPX495


Grades Proof Rainbow Toned 1963 Jefferson Nickel Five Cent Piece JPX436


UNC FRANCISCO FRANCO 50 Centimos 1963 Stars 19 63 Copper Nickel




USA D Stamp 5 Five Cent Coins VGC Good Condition




1963 1965 Proof Like Canada Nickel 5C Lot of 134 Coins Cellophane Sealed


1963 NGC Proof 69 Cameo Jefferson Nickel Gem PF69 Cam Coin Top Pop Looks U Cam




1963 P Jefferson Nickel NGC MS65 Fresh Slab Superb Gem Make Offer PQ+ X13


1963 Proof Jefferson Nickel 5C NGC PR69 UCAM PF69 Ultra Cameo 700 Value




1963 5C Proof Jefferson Nickel PR68CAM


1963 P Jefferson Nickel Gem BU 808


1963 P Jefferson Nickel ANACS MS 65 Old holder Very close to full steps


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Advantages of Rare Coins as an Investment

1. Investment quality US coins can act to preserve wealth, for example, as strong inflation fighters, particularly in countries whose fiat currency has been severely weakened. Any time paper currency is in a downward cycle, collectible coins can preserve net wealth similar to how an allocation of cash in silver bullion acts.

2. Further to the 'stored value' Result mentioned here, there is potential for capital growth over time. Like most other hard assets, for instance: Zippo Lighters; native art works; autographs; comic books; sports cards; postage stamps; glass and pottery, and other collectibles, the convertable worth of rare coins increases with time.

3. Rare coins are an easy to covert asset. There is a vibrant market for trading coins. This amounts to two benefits. Investment grade coins are easy to buy and equally easy to liquidate. This can be done through traditional coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using the internet, for example eBay.

4. Rare coins are perfect for smaller investors or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor can acquire coin pieces in smaller quantities when funds are available.

5. Other benefits include the enjoyment a collector experiences with ownership of rare or collectible, like other types of art work. Collectible coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment classes.

6. Rare coins are stored easily and with appropriate storage, do not erode. These kind of assets are insurable. Collectible coins represent truly portable wealth that can be carried with you in an efficient manner.

1963 nickel - rare coins purchased during the past week.

1963 5C Jefferson Proof Nickel in Original Mint Cello,  25 Vintage Union County PA Wooden Nickels Bicentennial Sesquicentennial 1963,  UNCIRCULATED 1963P JEFFERSON NICKEL 010916,  US COIN LOT MINT+PROOF SETS +90 1958 SILVER+1943 Cent+1957 Note+ NO RESERVE 6,  US COIN LOT MINT+PROOF SETS +90 1945 SILVER QUARTER NO JUNK NO RESERVE B37,  2005 P D 25c WEST VIRGINIA Quarters Stamps POSTAL COMMEMORATIVE Panel+Sleeve,  2011 P D MONTANA Glacier National Park QUARTERS + Stamps POSTAL COMMEMORATIVE,  Jefferson Nickel 1963 NGC Proof 67 Cameo,  1963 D 5C Jefferson Nickel Graded,  1963 JEFFERSON NICKEL GEM PROOF NO RESERVE T4765,  1963 PROOF JEFFERSON NICKEL PCGS PR67 FROSTY WITH BLUE TONING,  1963 Jefferson Nickel Proof NGC PF68 STAR WoW Monster Rainbow Color Toned T19,  1963 P Proof Thomas Jefferson Nickel Exact Coin Shown Flat Rate Shipping 11,   Pair of Maumee OH Wooden 5 cent Nickels circa 1963 ,  Vintage Nickel Plate Road Train Schedule 1963 Brochure,  Vintage 1838 1963 City of Maumee 125th Anniversary Wooden 5 Cent Nickel Token,  US 1963 Jefferson Nickel Uncirculated American Five Cent Coin Philadelphia,  Coin lot MINT+1941 90 SILVER Quarter+ AU WW2 1943 WHEAT CENT+ALL IN Picture 61,  1963 D Jefferson Nickel DDR Nice Grade,  1963 Jefferson Nickel Proof APR017,  Lot of Cents 1906 1906 1907 1950 S 2010 plus a 1963 Nickel FREE Shipping,  1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 P JEFFERSON NICKEL ROLLS BU,  1960 D 1961 D 1962 D 1963 D 1964 D 1968 D JEFFERSON NICKEL ROLLS BU,  1958 D 1959 D 1960 d 1961 d 1962 d 1963 d 1964 d JEFFERSON NICKEL ROLLS,  1960 D 1961 D 1962 D 1963 D 1964 D 1968 D JEFFERSON NICKEL ROLLS BU,  1963 P P D Jefferson nickel in UNCIRCULATED AND PROOF condition stk6,  1963 JEFFERSON NGC PF 68 CAMEO,  Complete Canada Nickel Collection 1922 to 1963 No problems nice VF AU,  COINS LOT MINT PROOF SETS +90 SILVER QUARTER NO JUNK DRAWER NO RESERVE B9,  1963 JEFFERSON NICKEL GEM PROOF NO RESERVE R9732,  US Mint 1963 P 5 Coin Proof Set High Grade BU No Envelope ASW 06148,  1963 Proof Jefferson Nickel 5C NGC PR69 UCAM PF69 Ultra Cameo 700 Value,  30 BRIGHT UNCIRCULATED JEFFERSON NICKLES 1963 P MINT,  UNCIRCULATED 1963P JEFFERSON NICKEL WITH SOME TONING,  1963 P Jefferson Nickel NGC Cherry Picker Cam Eye Frosty Mint Cameo Proof 69,  UNCIRCULATED 1963P JEFFERSON NICKEL ,  UNCIRCULATED 1963P JEFFERSON NICKEL ,  1963 Proof Jefferson Nickel PF66 ANACS US Mint Coin,  COINS LOT MINT SETS+ SILVER 1969 HALF+MORE NO JUNK DRAWER NO RESERVE B75,  Deluxe Class Decorative Ship Porthole Mirror Brushed Nickel 12 Hx12 Wx15 D,  Republic India 1963 70 85 Lotus 10 20 50 Paise 3 Coins Ac241,  1968 JOHN F KENNEDY BrooklineMA 1917 1963 DallasTX Medal Coin birthplace,  1963 Proof Jefferson Nickel B05,  1963 NGC MS66 Jefferson Nickel A9410,  Ecuador 50 Centavos 1963 UNC Nickel UNC,  3 Proof Jefferson Nickels APR079 3 coins All 1963,  1963 D Jefferson Nickel MS,  Fiji Republic British Administration 1963 Threepence Elizabeth II UNC,  1963 D Jefferson Nickel MS,  1963 5C NGC PF67 PROOF JEFFERSON NICKEL GORGEOUS LILAC BLUE,  1963 Jefferson Nickel PROOF,  Ceylon 1963 Re1 coin unique and scarce,  PF 66 1963 JEFFERSON NICKEL WITH DOUBLED DIE REVERSE ERROR DDR 2 12 01,  1963 Jefferson Nickel Uncirculated five cent piece coin FREE SHIPPING,  25 Mixed Pieces 1881 Rogers Oneida Skyward 1963 Nickel Silver Metal Craft,  1963 Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66 Superb Album Rainbow Color Toned M10,  JOHN F KENNEDY ASSASSINATED NOV 1963 RETIRED Elongated Pressed Nickel B 940,  1963 P Proof Thomas Jefferson Nickel Exact Coin Shown Flat Rate Shipping 10,  5c Nickel 1961 1962 1963 1964 Superb Gem Proof JEFFERSON 4 COIN LOT LIGHT TONE,  NICE UNC 1963 JEFFERSON NICKEL,  1963 5C FS Jefferson Nickel From Private Collection Nice Details UNC,  1963 Jefferson Proof Coin as Pictured 111 32,  3 1963 PCGS PR67 1973 S PCGS PR69DCAM 1975 S PCGS PR69DCAM JEFFERSON NICKELS,  1963 Jefferson Nickel certified MS 65 by NGC,  1963 Jefferson Nickel certified MS 65 by PCGS,  

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