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1946 nickel - Current available coin listings.

1946 S Jefferson Nickel BU 2 95


1946 D NGC MS66 5 FULL STEPS Jefferson Nickel B4848


1946 S 5c PCGS MS65 Jefferson Nickel


1946 D 5c PCGS MS65 Jefferson Nickel


French Indochina bronze de nickel coin 50 cent 1946 KM 31 high grade nice


31946 S Jefferson NickelsXF BU


1946 D Jefferson Nickel Nice Coin Early Date


Ireland 3 Pence 1946 MS64 NGC copper nickel KM12a Hare Tough 800k GEM KEYDATE


Denmark Christian X Copper Nickel 1946 N GJ 25 ORE NGC MS64 KM 8232


NORWAY Haakon VII Copper Nickel 1946 50 Ore NGC MS63 KM 386


lot of 2 vintage pennies 1946 1950 and a 1953 nickel


1946 P Roosevelt See photos




1946 D Roosevelt See photos


1946 S Jefferson Nickel Uncirculated Roll Nice Toning FREE SHIPPING


1946 D NGC MS66 5 FULL STEPS Jefferson Nickel A4435


1946 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 Fresh Slab Superb Gem Flashy Luster PQ+ C18




SWEDEN Nickel Bronze Gustaf V 1946 TS 50 Ore NGC MS65 KM 796 TOP GRADED


Mexico 1946 10 Centavos Copper Nickel Coin National arms eagle left 2




1946 D Denver Mint Jefferson Nickel


1946 P 5C Jefferson Nickel




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1946 nickel - collectible coin pieces found recently.

1946 Mexico 10 Centavos Copper Nickel Coin,  1946 Jefferson Nickel with Lamenation Error,  1946 Year Set Nice Half Dollar Quarter Dime Nickel and Cent Silver,  Vtg 1946 50 Zippo Lighter 2032695 Magnetic Nickel Case Green Bros Lumber Adv HTF,  1946 D Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel BU B05,  1946 Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel BU B06,  5 SEMI KEY ALMOST UNCIRCULATED JEFFNICKELS19381938 d1939 s1946 s,  1938 PD 1939 S 1942 D 1946 S 47 S 1948 S 1949 S 1950 P 1951 PDS 1955 P NICKELS,  5c Nickel 1946 1946D 1947 1947D CH BU JEFFERSON MONTICELLO BRIGHT LIGHT TONING,  1946 Canada 6 Over 6 5 Cents Nickel 6 6,  1946 Canada Arrowhead 5 Cents Nickel,  1946S Jefferson Nickel Gem BU+ BEAUTY LOOOOOK,  1946 Canada Arrowhead 5 Cents Nickel,  1946 D JEFFERSON NICKEL 5 CENT ADDITIONAL COINS SHIP FREE 1,  1946 S NGC MS66 JEFFERSON NICKEL E0009,  1946 JEFFERSON NICKEL 5 CENT ADDITIONAL COINS SHIP FREE,  1946 D JEFFERSON NICKEL 5 CENT ADDITIONAL COINS SHIP FREE,  BRITISH INDIA GEORGE VI 1946 1947 1 4 RUPEE QUARTER RUPEE 25 COINS,  MS 64 1946 D 5 STEPS JEFFERSON NICKEL WRPM 002 REPUNCHED MINTMARK ERROR 4384424,  MS 65 1946 D JEFFERSON NICKEL WRPM 002 REPUNCHED MINTMARK ERROR 4384425,  BU 1946 D JEFFERSON NICKEL 3 19 04,  BU 1946 D JEFFERSON NICKEL 3 19 01,  1946 D JEFFERSON NICKEL GEM BU COIN WITH GORGEOUS LUSTER FROM ORIGINAL ROLL13,  1962 LOT OF 8 NICKELS,  1946 D Jefferson Nickel Finish Your Book With This Circulated Coin 5230,  1946 S Jefferson Nickel Finish Your Book With This Coin CIRCULATED 5214,  1946 Jefferson Nickel See Photos U GRADE LOT D35 L Q Q K ,  PCGS MS65FS 1946 D Jefferson Nickel Nicely Toned,  1946 Canada 5 Cents Nickel ICCS MS 64 near Gem Uncirculated,  1946 Canada Nickel 5 Cents ICCS MS 65 RARE IN GEM UNCIRCULATED Trends 1250,  1946 D Jefferson Nickel 03,  1946 C TWO 2 ANNA COPPER NICKEL COIN KING GEORGE VI INDIA BRITISH RAJ C18,  1946 ECUADOR 510 20 Centavos 3 Coin Set Copper Nickel 547,  Lot of 10 1946 D 5c Jefferson Nickels BU Brilliant Uncirculated 76448 R,  Raw 1946 P 1946 S Uncirculated Nickels in BCW Slabs OriginalLuster See Photos,  1946 D Gem lustrous Nickel with Full Steps in BCW Snap Problem Free w Clear FS,  1946 Jefferson Nickel,  1946 Jefferson Nickel L2,  14TOTAL 1940 s 1942 D 1955D JEFFERSON NICKELS COMBINE 2 ship ends 4 1,  1946 S Jefferson Nickel Doubled Die Obverse 2 BU,  1946 Canada Nickel Circulated Canadian five cent coin,  1946 D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66+ PLUS Superb Rainbow Color Toned U1,  1946 D 5 CENT JEFFERSON NICKEL BU+ UNCIRCULATED,  1946 S 5 CENT JEFFERSON NICKEL BU+ UNCIRCULATED,  1946 S BU Jefferson Nickel 6J34IRCS,  1946 S S S Jefferson NIckel Gem S 163,  1946 S Jefferson Nickel S S Gem VK164 2,  1946 S Jefferson Nickel S S Gem VK164 3,  1946 S Jefferson Nickel S S Gem VK164,  1946 D D MS65 Jefferson Nickel Very Rare Denver GEM Error Coin Ships FREE,  1946 D PCGS MS66+ FS Jefferson Nickel Rare PLUS GRADE FULL STEPS 5c Ships FREE,  USSR RUSSIA 1946 Lot of 2 Coins Kopeks Copper Nickel Stalins Era Coins,  1946 JEFFERSON NICKEL GEM BU TONED COIN FROM ORIGINAL ROLL 10,  1946 JEFFERSON NICKEL GREAT GEM BU COIN 82,  LOT OF 7 COINS COLUMBIA FIVE CENTAVOS 1935 1938 1946 1950,  15 ASSORTED JEFFERSON NICKLES 1941 1942 1946 1948 1949 1952 MIXED MINTS,  1946 NICKLE,  1946 NICKEL,  1946 S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS65FS Nice Series 20 Coin 28,  1946 Jefferson Nickel UNC Five Cent Choice Coin from Roll Made in USA,  1946 D Uncirculated UNC Jefferson Nickel Roll in Tube One Roll of 40 Coins,  US Jefferson nickel 5 cents 1946 set of two,  US USA JEFFERSON NICKEL 5 CENT 1946 P VF VERY FINE NICE OLD VINTAGE COIN,  1938 1939 1946 JEFFERSON NICKELS NO MINT MARKS CIRCULATED STORED MANY YEARS,  1 2 HALF RUPEE 1 4 RUPEE 19461947 COPPER NICKEL CIRCULATED COIN SET 4 PCS,  

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