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Canada 1942 5 Cent Nickel Coin aUNC


1942 P PCGS PROOF 66 TYPE 1 Jefferson Nickel B2915


Jefferson Nickels 1938 1942 1942 D 1969 D Lot of 150 Coins


1942 P Jefferson 5C PCGS PR 66 Type 2 Silver CAC


1942 P Jefferson 5C PCGS MS 67 Silver Type 2


1942 Type 1 Jefferson Nickel 5C PCGS MS66 FS Rare Type One 950 Value


1942 S 5C Jefferson Nickel


Palestine 10 Mils Mil 1942 UNC KM4 Israel British Mandate Copper Nickel Coin


Set of 1942 1945 World War II Nickels All 11 Jefferson Silver Nickels 112616


World War 2 Silver nickel set 1942 1945


NGC MS 64 BU 1942 China Republic Nickel 50 Cent Uncirculated UNC


1942 1945 War Nickels 35 Silver US Silver Coin Lot 12 Circulated Coins


1942 P Jefferson Nickel Type 2 Silver MS66 PCGS


1942 jefferson nickel




1942 P Jefferson Nickel Gem BU Full Steps Uncirculated


1942 d jefferson nickel




1942 P 5C Type 2 Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66




Roll of 40 Circulated Unsearched 35 Silver Nickels 1942 1945 Free Shipping




1942s 5C Jefferson Nickel


United States Nickel Type Set of 5 Coins 1853 1942


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1942 1945 War Nickels 35 Silver US Silver Coin Lot 12 Circulated Coins,  1942 1945 War Nickels 35 Silver US Silver Coin Lot 12 Circulated Coins,  Wartime Coinage Pennies Nickels 1942 1945 Framed,  1942 Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 FS,  Deutsches Reich 1942 G 10 Reichs Pfennig Coin Nazi Germany,  Deutsches Reich 1942 G 10 Reichs Pfennig Coin Nazi Germany,  1941 1941 D 1942 Jefferson Nickel 3 coin lot,  1942 5C Type 1 GEM PROOF Woodgrain Toned Jefferson Nickel NO CARBON SPOTS,  50 United States Jefferson Silver War Nickels 1942 to 1945 35 Silver,  Deutsches Reich 1942 G 10 Reichs Pfennig Coin Nazi Germany,  US COINS LOT MINT PROOF SETS +90 SILVER QUARTER NO JUNK DRAWER NO RESERVE B79,  1942 D Full Steps Jefferson Five Cents Nickel 295 shipping unlimited coins,  1942 D full steps Jefferson Five Cents Nickel 295 shipping unlimited coins,  5 OLDER SEMI KEY JEFFERSON NICKELS 1938 1939 s 1942 d 1949 s,  1942 S S RPM 002 Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 Nice Variety Error Gem PQ+ C15,  1942 D Jefferson Nickel Nice Coin K 2221 Low Shipping,  US 200 FACE SILVER WAR NICKELS ALL DATED BETWEEN 1942 1945 40 TOTAL,  1942 D Full Steps Jefferson Five Cents Nickel 295 shipping unlimited coins,  1942 P JEFFERSON WAR NICKELS 2 COINS US SILVERNICE COINS,  1942 D United States Jefferson Nickel better date some luster,  3 KEY DATE DENVER MINT JEFFERSON NICKELS 1938 D 1942 D 1950 D THE KEY,  JEFFERSON WAR NICKEL ROLL 1942 1945 PDS MIXED ROLL CIRC SILVER 225 oz,  Jefferson War Nickels COMPLETE SET OF 11 P D S 35 Silver Coins 1942 1945,  1943 Set LINCOLN WHEAT STEEL PENNY GEM QUALITY FROM ORIGINAL SEALED BANK ROLLS,  Set of 1942 1945 World War II Thomas Jefferson Silver Nickels Set of 11 Coins,  1942S MS 67 5FS JEFFERSON NICKEL,  1942 Type 1 War Nickels 20 Coins No Silver,  JEFFERSON WAR NICKLES 1942P 43P 43P 45P 45D MINT STATE,  Buffalo Nickel Collection 1914 1920D 1942S silver nickel,  Lot of 55 Silver War Nickels 1942 1945,  1942 D US Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 FS FULL STEPS 603,  1942 NICKEL FIVE CENTS CANADA TOMBAC PCGS MS63,  1942 D US Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 602,  1942 D US Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 604,  1942 D US Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 605,  1942 D US Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 601,  JEFFERSON WARTIME SILVER NICKEL CHOICE BU 1942 P B,  1942 P 5C Type 2 DC Proof Jefferson Nickel NCG PR65 old fatty holder Toned,  Complete Jefferson War Nickel Set Plus 20 coins total ,  1942 PCGS PR65 Jefferson Nickel OGH Old RATTLER Holder PF65 Proof Ships FREE,  Set of Six Jefferson Nickels 1942S 1946 1947 1954 1955 and 1964,  1942 D D JEFFERSON NICKEL D OVER HORIZONTAL D FS 501 IN ALMOST UNCIRCULATED,  Lot of 11 War Nickels 35 Silver 1942 1945 in Case,  Lot of 40 One Roll 35 Silver War Nickels 1942 1945 Bullion US Coins 02,  Set of 2 1942 Nickels Tombac Nickel Nice Collectable pair L294,  Hobo Nickel Coin Art 1942 Wheat Penny Cent Classic Holy Skull Zombie Death 080,  1938 PDS 1939 DS 1942 D 1946 S 47 S 1948 S 1949 S 1950 P 1951 PDS 1955 P NICE,  1942 Canada Tombac War Nickel 5 Cents BROKEN PLANCHET ERROR,  1942 P 5C Type 2 Jefferson Nickel ANACS MS65,  1942 P 5C Type 2 Jefferson Nickel ANACS MS66,  1942 P 5C Type 2 Jefferson Nickel ANACS MS60 Details,  1942 P 5C Type 2 Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS65,  1942 S 5C Jefferson Nickel ANACS MS64,  1942 P 5C Type 2 Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66,  1942 S Jefferson Nickel ANACS MS65,  1942 S 35 Silver Jefferson Nickel War Nickel,  1942 D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS64 Make An Offer,  1942 D Jefferson Nickel MS 66 PCGS Make An Offer Light Toning,  1942 P Nickle Proof Type 2 PCGS PR65 OGH Nice luster,  1942 P JEFFERSON 5 CENTS TYPE 2 PCGS MS67 NICE RAINBOW REV,  Lot of 5 Mercury Head Dimes 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 very nice 9352,  1942 S Jefferson Silver Nickel MS64 NGC,  1942 5C Silver Jefferson Nickel NGC MS 65 5FS,  1942 P Silver Wartime Jefferson Nickel 5339,  VERY NICE BETTER DATE 1942 D JEFFERSON NICKEL COIN JUN533,  

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