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Find below a selection of quality 1940 jefferson nickel US coins.



1940 S 5C Jefferson Nickel NGC MS65


1940 D Jefferson NickelPCGS MS 66 FS


104 all different date Set of Jefferson nickels collection mixed 1940 2017 PDS


1940 D Jefferson Nickel MS64 Doubled Die Error Near GEM Rare Coin Ships FREE DDR




1940 S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66 Superb Watery Fields 400935504xe


1940 D Jefferson Nickel Album Hole Filler Coin


1940 5C PCGS MS66 Jefferson Nickel Series20 Coin7


1940 S Jefferson Nickel F Fine B04


1940 Jefferson Nickel AU About Uncirculated B01


1940 D Jefferson Nickel 5c PCGS MS66 FS


1939 Jefferson Nickel 5c NGC MS67 Rev 1940


WARTIME Jefferson Nickel Set in Capital Holder


1940 Jefferson Nickel Proof NGC PF 67 extremely hard to find coin


1939 Jefferson Nickel 5C Reverse of 1940 PCGS MS67 FS Rare Grade


3 Jefferson Nickels 1940 1954 1961 D


3 Jefferson Nickels 1940 D 1955 D 1960 D


1940 D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66FS




3 Jefferson Nickels 1940 1964 D 1975 D


3 Jefferson Nickels 1940 1940 S 1973




1940 D see steps detail Jefferson BU Nickel nice coin aa


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1940 jefferson nickel - collectible coins bought during the past seven days.

1940 S Jefferson Nickel MS66FS Rev Tyes Coin Stache 0929150,  1940 S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66 FS Rev Tyes Coin Stache 3036140,  1940 JEFFERSON NICKEL COIN GEM BU C374,  1940 p ds Circulated Jefferson Nickels Actual Coins Pictured,  1940 P Full Step FS Gem BU Jefferson Nickel SP,  Jefferson Nickel 1940 D UNC FS Full Steps,  1940 Jefferson Nickel,  1940 JEFFERSON NICKEL HG,  1940 D Jefferson Nickel 34,  3 Jefferson Nickels 1940 1962 D 1972 D,  1940 P Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel Strong Strike,  LOT OF 6 JEFFERSON NICKELS 3 1940 AND 3 1941 NICE CONDITION,  1940 P Jefferson Nickel NGC MS67+ PLUS 99 FS Monster Album Toned Pop 1 G15,  Jefferson Nickels Lot of 17 Circ Solid Date Rolls 1940S 41S 42D 49S Etc,  1940 1940 D 1948 Jefferson Nickels,  1940 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 5FS Fresh Slab Full Steps Gem PQ+ i5,  18 Rolls Jefferson Nickels 1940 60 Circulated Condition 2 Face Value Per Roll,  1940 D 5C Jefferson Nickel,  1940 BU uncirculated jefferson nickel full steps,  1940 D 1940 S Jefferson Nickel 5c Five Cents US Coin Lot 16687,  1939 P Reverse of 1940 Rev Jefferson Nickel 5c Five Cents US Coin Item 16686,  1940D BU FS Jefferson nickel Full Steps Great price,  1940 S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 65 Certified San Francisco Mint AP492,  1940 S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 64 Certified San Francisco Mint AP491,  1940 S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 64 Certified San Francisco Mint AP490,  1940 D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 FS Certified Denver Mint AP489,  Lot Of 68 JEFFERSON 35 Silver Nickels 63 of 1940s 4 of 1950s and 1 of 1964,  1940 D Jefferson Nickel AU About Uncirculated B06,  1940 Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 Full Steps GA203,  1940 S Jefferson Nickel Coin Five Cent Old Coin,  1940 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS 65 5FS 5c Z509,  1940 S United States Jefferson Nickel GEM UNCIRCULATED,  1940 P JEFFERSON NICKEL ROLL 40 COINS CIRCULATED NICE COINS CHECK OUT STORE J1,  1939 1940D 1941 1943P 1943S 1946 JEFFERSON NICKELS LOT Low ,  NICE CIRCULATED 1938 P 1939 P 1939 S 1940 P 1940 D 1940 S JEFFERSON NICKELS,  1940 S Jefferson Nickel 5C PCGS MS67 FS Rare MS67 Grade 2000 Value,  1940 D Jefferson Nickel Choice Gem BU Coin 1 pc,  1940 P Jefferson Nickel Choice Gem BU Coin 1 pc,  1940 S Jefferson Nickel Choice Gem BU Coin 1 pc,  US 1940 P Jefferson Nickel American Five Cent Coin Philadelphia Mint,  1940 P Jefferson Nickel 24,  Certified Jefferson Nickel 1939 S MS65FS Reverse of 1940 PCGS,  LOT OF 2 BUFFALO JEFFERSON NICKELSUS COINS 1940 1960 Mix OLDER NICKELS,  1940 Ch Gem BU Jefferson Nickel JN1054 49 cent shipping,  1940 Ch Gem BU Jefferson Nickel JN1055 49 cent shipping,  1940 BU Jefferson Nickel JN1051 49 cent shipping,  1940 BU Jefferson Nickel JN1052 49 cent shipping,  Full roll 40 1940 S Jefferson Nickels From Estate auction,  1940 BU Jefferson Nickel JN1053 49 cent shipping,  1940 D JEFFERSON Nickel,  1940 D Jefferson Nickel Nice Brilliant Uncirculated with Steps,  1940 Jefferson Nickel Estimate Very Good to Fine 75 Copper 25 Nickel,  1940 Unc Jefferson Nickel JN0990 49 cent shipping,  1940 JEFFERSON NICKEL BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED LUSTROUS X1633,  1940 Unc Jefferson Nickel JN0991 49 cent shipping,  1940 Unc Jefferson Nickel JN0992 49 cent shipping,  1940 Unc Jefferson Nickel JN0993 49 cent shipping,  1940 AU+ Jefferson Nickel JN0980 49 cent shipping,  1940 AU+ Jefferson Nickel JN0981 49 cent shipping,  1940 AU+ Jefferson Nickel JN0982 49 cent shipping,  1940 AU+ Jefferson Nickel JN0983 49 cent shipping,  1940 D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66 Full Steps Gem Coin,  Roll Jefferson Nickel 1940 1960 mixed dates,  1940 S Jefferson Nickel Gem BU Uncirculated,  1939 1938 1941 1949 S 1940 D MIXED DATES JEFFERSON NICKELS,  

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