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1940 D penny - Current available coin listings.

Mixed Lot Wheat Pennies 1940 1941 1941D 1942 1942D






1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent BU Red Brown


1940 D United States Lincoln WHEAT Used Circulated Pennies ONE Roll of 50


1940 1D ONE PENNY Great Britain Bronze Circulated PCGS AU 53 C12414 2




1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS 64 RB 24769813


Set of 7 1940 1979 1981d 1999d 2000d 2001 2004d Lincoln Penny 1c Coins


1940 D Wheat Penny Gem BU RAINBOW TONED W840


1 Roll of 1940 1958 P DS mint Wheat Pennies 50 Penny Cent Unsearched Coins


1940 PDS 3 Lincoln Wheat Penny set


1940 PDS 3 Lincoln Wheat Penny set


1940 PDS 3 Lincoln Wheat Penny set


Lincoln Cent Collection 1909 1940 PDS Only Lacks S VDB Includes 1922 Weak D NGC




New Zealand 1940 One Penny 1d George VI Very Fine


New Zealand 1940 One Penny 1d George VI Very Fine


1940 KG Australia 1d One Penny ERROR DELAMINATING 2434


1940 D Wheat Small Cent


1940 D D RPM 002 Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny


1909 1940 Whitman Lincoln Cent Collection 63 wheat pennies 1931 1932 1933 1911D




1940 D 1C Brilliant Uncirculated Lincoln Cent Toned


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Results of collecting rare US coins

1. Collectible coins historically protect wealth, for instance, as a firewall against the effects of inflation, particularly in countries whose paper currency is in a downward trade cycle. Any time fiat currency is threatened, collectible coins can preserve net wealth much like how an investment in silver bullion acts.

2. In addition to the 'stored value' point mentioned above, there is scope for capital growth with time. Like most other hard assets, for instance: Zippo Lighters; native art works; autographs; comic books; sports cards; postage stamps; glass and pottery, and other collectibles, the convertable worth of rare coins increases over time.

3. Investment quality coins are an easy to liquidate asset. There is a vibrant market for coin trading. This means two things. Investment quality coins are simple to buy and conversely easy to trade. This can be done via convential coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using the internet, for instance eBay.

4. Rare coins are ideal for the small investor or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor can buy coins in small quantities when cash resources are available.

5. Other benefits include the enjoyment a collector can experience with owning rare or collectible, like other works of art. Collectible coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment assets.

6. Collectible coins are stored easily and with appropriate storage, do not erode. These kind of assets are insurable. Rare coins are also a type of portable wealth which can be moved from place to place in an efficient manner.

1940 D penny - rare coin pieces searched over the past several days.

Lincoln cent roll set 1940 to 1969D,  LINCOLN WHEAT CENT SOLID DATE PENNY ROLL Lot 1940 44 45 51D 52 52D 53D 55 56 56D,  New Zealand 1940 Half Penny 1 2D PCGS MS64RD First Year of Issue KM12,  1940 1958 P D and S Lincoln Cent in VERY GOOD + condition 54 COINSstkabc,  1940 d lincoln cent nice grade FREE SHIPPING,  1940 D Lincoln penny,  19401941194219441945194819501951D19521953D19551956 and 19Lincoln Cent,  1940 1943 P DS 6 Lincoln Wheat Pennys From old rolls,  Lot of 5 Lincoln Wheat Memorial Pennies Circulated 1940 45 59D 60 64D,  1950 1950D 1951D BRILLIANT UNC LINCOLN CENTS +FREE 1940s HI GRADE CENT 5525,  1940 D D Lincoln wheat penny cent RPM 002,  Great Britain One Penny 1940 KING GEORGE VI BRONZE D67,  UK 1940 Bronze Penny 955 Copper Pence Great Britain 1d EXACT COIN SHOWN,  1940 1940 D 1940 S Lincoln Wheat Cent 3 coin lot,  collection wheat pennys1909 vdb 1940 rare set of nice lincoln cents p d s,  1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Solid Album Filler Coin 2,  LOT OF WHEAT PENNIES from 1940 1944 1945 1953 D,  Wheat Pennies 1940 1949 no 43 D,  1940 D WHEAT PENNY 1 Cent KEY DATE US CIRCULATED ONE LINCOLN RARE CENT COIN1118,  1940 PDS WHEAT PENNIES LINCOLN CENTS CIRCULATED 2X2 FLIPS 3 COIN PDS SET3488,  1940 d lincoln cent,  1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent penny Nice US Coin,  MS66 1940D Lincoln Red Penny,  wheat penny LOT 1940 1958D VG VF ALL 54 COMPLETE SET LINCOLN CENTS PD,  wheat penny LOT 1940 1958D VF AU CH BU ALL 54 COMPLETE SET LINCOLN CENTS PDS,  wheat penny LOT 1934 1940S F XF ALL 20 COMPLETE SET LINCOLN CENTS 1934 40 p d s,  wheat penny 1940D NICE RAINBOW TONED CH BU 1940 D LINCOLN CENT LOT B UNC LUSTER,  wheat penny 1940D LINCOLN CENT NICE RED BU 1940 D NICE UNC RED LUSTER LOT B,  lincoln penny roll Set 1940 1958 d Wheat Cents,  Lot of 5 Lincoln Wheat Pennies 1940 D 1944 D 1945 P 1946 D 1957 D 1C Penny Cent,  V 1 MS 66RD 1940 D Wheat Cent,  Lot 18 US 1 Lincoln Wheat Pennies1940 1966 incl 1941D 41 42D 44 44S 45S +,  1940D thru 1949D all 10 D mint LINCOLN CENT SET +FREE 1930s XF WHEATIE,  1909 1940 P D S Lincoln penny partial set Missing 3,  1909 1940 P D S Lincoln penny partial set Missing 09SVDB14D and 1931S,  1937 D 1940 S 1940 3 XCLNT EARLY LIBERTY WALKING HALF DOLLAR SILVER LOT 50 CENT,  1940 UK British George VI Coin One Penny 1d AU++ red brown toned lustre,  1940 D Lincoln Head Wheat Cent Penny MS GEM CHOICE BU UNC RED RD COPPER COIN,  1940 D US Lincoln Wheat Cent Very High Grade Copper Penny US 1024,  1940 NETHERLANDS 5 CENT COIN B3D349,  1940 D 1C RB Lincoln Cent,  1940 D Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Very Nice Gem BU,  1940 D NGC MS66 RED Lincoln Wheat Cent A0675,  Lot of five Lincoln wheat pennies 1919 1940 1947 S 1950 S 1956 D cents,  Lot of five Lincoln wheat pennies 1926 1940 1945 S 1950 S 1953 D cents,  1940 D Lincoln Wheat Small Cent GEM BU FREE SHIPPING E241 AC,  25 Cent Quarter 1940 P D S Silver Washington 3 Coin Lot Nice Group Better Date,  1909 1940 Lincoln Cent Partial Set 1910 S 1911 S 1915 S 1922 D 1924 D Penny 1C,  1c One Cent Penny 1935 1940 Lincoln Wheat 18 Coin Lot P D S MInts,  1940 D LINCOLN WHEAT HEAD CENT PENNIES Roll of 50 Average Circulated,  1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny VF Very Fine B04,  COMPLETE ALL 1940 THRU 1949 P D S MINTS LINCOLN WHEAT CENT LOT OF 30,  Uncirculated 1940 D Denver Mint Red Copper Lincoln Wheat Cent Free Shipping,  1940 D Denver 5 cent Type 1 Jefferson Nickel money U S coin collectible,  Lot Wheat Pennies F VF 1940 1941 1942 1943 Steel 1946 1950d 1956d X21957d,  8 LINCOLN CENT ROLL LOT 1935 1936 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1940s D SF,  8 LINCOLN CENT ROLL LOT 1934 1936 1937 1937 DS 1938 1938PS 1939 1940,  US 1940 D Jefferson Nickel American Five Cent Coin Denver Mint,  wheat penny 19401940 D1940 S RED BU SET 1940D1940S UNC LINCOLN CENT lot 1,  wheat penny lot 19401940 D1940 S LOT3 RED BU SET 1940D1940S UNC LINCOLN CENT,  1940 1958 P D and S Lincoln Cent in VERY GOOD + condition 54 COINSstk499,  Lot of Five 1928 1C BN Lincoln Cent plus 1928s1929s1939d1940s,  US 1940 D Lincoln Wheat Penny American One Cent Coin Denver Mint,  1947 ONE PENNY GEORGIVS VI DGBROMNREX FDINDIMP,  1940 D WHEAT PENNY ROLL ALL NICE COINS FINE TO VERY FINE,  

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