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Find below a selection of quality 1939 wheat US coins.

3 Lincoln Wheat Cents 1949D 1939S 1918S


Estate Find 1939 Proof LINCOLN Wheat Cent H4829


1939 S Lincoln Wheat Omaha Bank Hoard MS66RD




1939 1940 1941 P Jefferson Nickels 1938 P Wheat Penny Bi Centennial Quarter


1939 d Lincoln wheat cent penny certified MS64 Red brown by ANACS


1939 s Lincoln wheat cent penny certified MS64 Red by ANACS


1936 1937 1938 1939 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT PENNY AU Condition


1936 P 1937 P 1938 P 1939 P LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY 4 COIN SET W6665


1939 S Lincoln Cent BU RED wheat penny 39ST7


50 wheat pennies from the 1930 to 1939 with Mint Marks of D


50 lincoln wheat pennys from the 1930s to 1939 with Mint Marks pd


500 Lincoln wheat cents with mint marks 1909 1939


50 lincoln wheat penny roll from the 1930s to 1939s


1939 Proof Lincoln Wheat Cent ICG PF64 RD










1937 P 1938 P 1939 P LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY 3 COIN SET W5790


Lincoln Cent Collection Lot of 100 Early Wheat Cents 1909 1939 PDS Free Ship


1939 S Lincoln Wheat Penny BN


1939 Shredded Ralston Wheat Cereal Stay At Home Smiths Strip Bubble Print Ad




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2. In addition to the 'stored value' point mentioned here, there is potential for capital growth with time. In a similar manner to other hard assets, for example: sterling silver antiques; sporting memorabilia; vintage guitars and amplifiers; classic and vintage cars; military and railroad historic artifacts; travel souvenirs; action figures; model trains, and other collectibles, the stored value of rare coins increases with time.

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4. Collectible coins are perfect for the small investor or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor can buy coins in small increments when funds are available.

5. Other advantages include the satisfaction the investor can experience with ownership of rare or collectible, like other works of art. Rare coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment assets.

6. Rare coins can be stored easily and with appropriate storage, do not erode. They are also insurable. Rare coins represent truly portable wealth transportable very quickly and easily.

1939 wheat - rare coins bought during the past seven days.

1939 P DDR 005 TONED LINCOLN WHEAT CENT BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED 111,  1939 ANACS AU Details DDO Doubled Die Obverse FS 101 FS 017 Lincoln Wheat Cent,  3 US COINS 1920 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT 1929 BUFFALO NICKEL 1939 MERCURY DIME,  1939 S GEM Red BU Lincoln Wheat cent penny Uncirculated,  Wheat Cent Roll 1954 Proof 1C and 1939 D Lincoln Ends Lot X18,  Roll Of 1939 S Lincoln Wheats Circulated,  Roll Of 1939 D Lincoln Wheats Circulated,  6 Lincoln Wheats 1910 1918 D 1923 1929 D 1937 1939 S,  1930 1939 Wheat Coins 1000 Count Lot All P MINT Bag 2,  1939 D 1C RD Lincoln Wheat Cent BU,  1939S Lincoln Wheat Penny Cent Nice Coin,  1939 Lincoln Wheat Cent Nice Collector Coin For Your Set or Collection 31,  1939 S Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS65 RED 1C Penny Coin Auction Starts At 99 Cents,  6 Lincoln Wheats 1917 1920 D 1927 1929 D 1930 D 1939 S,  1939 Lincoln Wheat Cent ICG MS67 RD Nice Coin,  1939 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT PENNY LOW SHIPPING LQQK,  1939 S US Lincoln Wheat Cent 1C PCGS MS67 RD+ CAC,  1939 P Lincoln Wheat Penny Circulated Copper Coin Fill Your Book 0038,  1939 S Lincoln Wheat Penny Circulated Copper Coin Fill Your Book 0037,  10 Lincoln Wheats 1916 1920 D 1935 1936 1938 D 1939 D 1944 1944 D 1946 1951 D,  1939 S Lincoln Wheat Ears Cent G15,  1000 Mixed Lincoln Wheat Cents From the 1930s Philadelphia Mint Dated 1930 1939,  1 Roll of unsearched 1909 1939 PDS mint Wheat Pennies 50 Penny Cent,  1939 P Lincoln Wheat 1c BEAUTIFUL RED BROWN BU LOW FIXED PRICEB57,  Lot of 14 1934 1939 P D S 1c Lincoln Wheat Cent Pennies AU Almost Unc 122461,  1939 S LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY W26989,  1939 S 1c Lincoln Wheat Cent NGC MS 66 RD Beautiful Uncirculated Coin,  MS66RD 1939 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Graded PCGS 5693,  1939 D Outstanding UNC Lincoln Wheat Nice Penny 1 coin ONE CENT T6 ,  1939 D Lincoln Wheat Penny Pennies Cent 50 Coin Roll,  1939 D Lincoln Wheat Cent MS+++ BN Low Shipping,  1939 D Lincoln Wheat Cent AU BU Low Shipping,  MS65 RD 1939 S Cent Lincoln Wheat Graded NGC 4353,  1939 S Lincoln Wheat Penny Pennies Cent 50 Coin Roll,  1939 S Wheat Cent Roll 50 coins,  1939 P D S Lincoln Wheat Ear Cents 1C,  VG+ 1939 P WHEAT Cent REV LAMINATION ERROR WITH NICE PEEL OR939P,  WHEAT PENNY ROLL 1939 P MERCURY DIME S MERCURY DIME ON ENDS T 23,  10 Lincoln Wheats 1936 D 1938 1939 D 1941 1943 S 1946 1949 D 1952 1953 S 1954,  1939 P Lincoln Wheat Cent Solid Album Coin,  1939 P Lincoln Wheat Cent Solid BU Coin,  1939 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Solid Album Coin,  WHEAT PENNY ROLL 1939 MERCURY DIME D MERCURY DIME ON ENDS T 18,  1939 S LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY 3 COIN SET W5783,  1939 1c Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS Sample Slab,  Lot of 10 Wheat Penny Cent AU Brown 1934 1935 1937 D 1938 1939 1940 +,  1939 Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny PROOF Superb Gem PF RED Beauty,  1938 P 1939 P LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY 2 COIN SET W6099,  LUCKY PENNY 1939 LINCOLN WHEAT HORSESHOE THE PEOPLES STATE BANK W7711,  1939 S Lincoln Wheat Ears Cent G10,  1939 S Lincoln Wheat Ears Cent G28,  6 Lincoln Wheats 1914 1919 S 1934 D 1936 D 1939 1940 S,  5 1939 P LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY 2509,  3 1939 S LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY 2508,  Lincoln wheat roll Teens Twenties Thirties 1909 1939 SEE DETAILS,  1939 D P S LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY 2507,  1939 D P S LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY 2506,  1939 S 1C RD Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS65,  1938 P 1939 P LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY 2 COIN SET W6100,  1938 P 1939 P LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY 2 COIN SET W6103,  Three Uncirculated Lincoln Wheat Cents 1939 PDS BU,  Roll 1939 S Lincoln Wheat Cents Penny in Good or Better Condition 50 Coins,  Wheat Penny Roll 1910 1939 No 40s or 50s,  UNSEARCHED ROLL WHEAT PENNIES HALF TEENS 1909 1939BEAUTIFUL END COINS,  1939 D Wheat Penny,  

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