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Canada Large One Cent 1917 King George V LK Stk J6


Canada Large One Cent 1917 King George V LK Stk M1


Canada Large One Cent 1917 King George V LK Stk J7


Canada Large One Cent 1917 King George V LK Stk P3


Vintage Coin Bracelet with 1917 Silver Dime 1940s 50s Nickels and 3 Pennys


1917 Lincoln Cent 6848




1917 D Lincoln Wheat Penny One Cent 1c Cheap Combined Shipping 4a Read 2 Qualify


1917 S Lincoln Wheat Cent






Partial Roll of 8ea Circulated 1917 P Lincoln Wheat Back Copper Pennys Cent


1916 1917 US 2 Cent StampGeorge Washington SC 482Mint




1917 D 1c Lincoln Cent Penny RB Red Brown Choice BU


1917 Great Britain Penny KM810 Bronze Coin George V XF P


1917 Lincoln Cent UNC C9238


1917 Lincoln Cent UNC C9240


1917 D 1c Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny XF Extra Fine Nice Coin 78881


1917 p d s wheat pennies


1917 1918 Coins of WWI WW1 Great Britain Large Penny Swiss Army Knife


Lot of 20 1917 S 1c Lincoln Wheat Cent Pennies F Fine F+ Weak Reverse 78299


Lot of 16 1917 S 1c Lincoln Wheat Cent Pennies VF Better Weak Obverse 78293


1917 S 1c Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny AU Unc Better Off Quality 78093


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1. Rare coins can act to preserve wealth, for example, as a firewall against the effects of inflation, especially in countries where paper currency is deminished. Any time paper money is losing value, rare US coins can preserve wealth similar to how an investment in silver bullion acts.

2. Further to the 'stored value' Result noted above, there is potential for capital growth over time. Like most other hard assets, for instance: bullion; property; antique print advertisements; rare brandname products, for instance, Coco-Cola, Disneyana, and other collectibles, the convertable worth of rare coins increases with time.

3. Collectible US coins are an easy to covert asset. There is a vibrant market for trading coins. This amounts to two benefits. Collectible US coins are easy to acquire and equally easy to sell. This can be done via convential coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using online platforms, for instance eBay.

4. Rare coins are ideal for smaller investors or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor can buy coins in small quantities when funds are available.

5. Other advantages include the enjoyment a investor can experience with owning rare or collectible, like other types of art work. Rare coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment classes.

6. Rare US coins can be stored easily and with appropriate storage, do not erode. These kind of assets are insurable. Rare coins are also a type of portable wealth transportable very quickly and easily.

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SCOTT 516 UNUSED OG NEVER HINGED 30 CENT FRANKLIN 1917 PSE CERT GRADED 85,  UK Great Britain British One 1 Penny 1884 1917m 7 coins lot,  Great Britain 1917 Half Penny VF,  1917 Lincoln Wheat Cent Original Red Traces FREE US SHIPPING ,  1917 S Lincoln Wheat Cent H4,  1917 D Buffalo Nickel 5 Cent Piece VG Fine Details,  1917 Canada George V Large Cent b,  1917 Canadian King George V Large Cent Vintage Coin G1,  1917 D LINCOLN WHEAT CENT,  1917 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT,  1917 S LINCOLN WHEAT CENT,  1917 D 1C BN Lincoln Cent 922H,  1917 George V Canadian Copper Large Cent Coin Lot B1,  1917 George V Canadian Copper Large Cent Coin Lot B3,  1917 Doubled Die Obverse DDO Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny 1C FS 101 ANACS VG10,  Wheat Penny Roll capped with 1917 mercury Dime very nice mercury on ends,  1917 UK Great Britain Penny Large Cent English England,  1916 1917 1918 1919 Nice Grades LINCOLN CENTS 4 PENNY SET,  1917 Great Britain Large Penny Large Cent UK KM 810 PENNY UK BRITISH,  1917 D US 5 CENT BUFFALO NICKEL Low Mintage RESTORED DATE,  1917 Chrome or Silver Plated Large Cent Canada Canadian Penny Necklace Charm,  1917 Netherlands 1 Cent Coin KM 152 SB1334,  30th Birthday Gift Present Jarrah Plaque w 1987 replica penny other years availa,  NETHERLANDS 1 CENT 1917 A60 Z7215,  1917 P Lincoln ERROR Cent in High Grade waaay Off Center E 5,  1917 D Wheat Penny XF W800,  UK GB PENNY 1917 HIGH GRADE A60 K8659,  1917 P D and S Lincoln Cent,  US 1917 Lincoln Wheat Cent coin aUNC,  1917 USA LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY GREAT PRICE ,  CANADA 1 CENT 1917 A49 K6439,  Canada One Cent 1917 George V,  2 1917 D+S Wheat Penny Lot XF VF 2 Coins WL90,  1917 1C Canadian Cent,  1917 D Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Roll circulated,  SHOTGUN ROLL UNSEARCHED WHEAT PENNIES WITH 1 WHEAT 1917 D 1908 INDIAN 2,  1917 D Lincoln Cent Uncirculated Nice low mintage coin 17DT4,  1917 NEWFOUNDLAND 25 CENT SILVER COIN ICCS VF 30,  Lot of 30 Copper Wheat Pennies 1917 1957,  lot of 3 Canadian pennies 1917 1882 1859,  1917 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny AG OR BETTER FREE SHIPPING,  1917 Lincoln Wheat Penny,  CANADA LARGE CENT 1917 UNCIRCULATED stock 0192,  1917 P Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny SDS FREE SHIPPING,  1917 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny AG OR BETTER FREE SHIPPING,  1917 Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny,  FIVE GREAT BRITAIN LARGE ONE PENNY COINS 1913 1914 1917 1919 1931 Lot 976,  US Scott 516 1917 BFranklin 30 Cent Perf 11x11 Unused,  1917 D Lincoln Cent Key Date High Grade Old US Penny,  1917 P SOLID DATE PENNIESROLL 50 LINCOLN WHEAT CENTS GOOD OR BETTER CONTITION,  1917 P SOLID DATE PENNIESONE ROLL OF 50 LINCOLN WHEAT CENTS LOW GRADE CONTITION,  1917 Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Nice Solid red brown coloring,  1917 S Wheat Cent XF LAMINATION ERROR,  1817 CORONET LARGE CENT 200TH ANNIVERSARY + FREE 1917 SILVER HALF,  1917 D Lincoln Cent High Grade,  1917 S Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny MAKE US AN OFFER O4535,  1917 and 1918 CANADA SILVER FIFTY CENT COINS VERY GOOD,  1917 s wheat penny,  1917 S TYPE 1 STANDING LIBERTY QUARTER 25 CENT COIN,  1917 British UK Large Penny Cent Extra Fine Nice Color Full Details,  2 Rolls Lincoln Wheat Pennies 18 19 each roll having different dates or mint m,  2 Rolls Lincoln Wheat Pennies 16 17 each roll having different dates or mint m,  1917 CANADA LARGE CENT KING GEORGE V,  1917 LINCOLN CENT BRILLIANT UNC,  2 Rolls Lincoln Wheat Pennies 14 15 each roll having different dates or mint m,  

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