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The 1909 VDB penny made its debut onAugust 2, 1909.

On that first day of the Lincoln penny, few would have noticed the tiny monogram that appeared at the lower edge of the coin’s reverse side. The initials VDB stand for: Victor David Brenner, the coin's designer who was commissioned at the request the than President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.

The 1909 S VDB penny was minted at the San Francisco Mint. Because many fewer of the S VDB were struck, the coin is considered a rarity. Collectors have consistently paid more for the 1909 S VDB than for any other Lincoln penny, except for the 1943 copper cent.

There are six: Four Lincolns – the 1909 VDB penny (no mintmark, struck at the Philadelphia mint), the 1909 S VSB (San Francisco), plus coins without the designer initials from each mint. There are also two Indian Head cents of 1909, one each from Philadelphia and San Francisco.

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