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1908 penny - Current available coin listings.

ENGLAND1 PENNY 1908 Very nice Collectible or Souvenir in good condition


1908 Indian Head Cent 2453


1908 Indian Head Cent 2468


1908 S Indian Head Cent SEMI KEY DATE PCGS AU58


1908 S 1C RB Indian Cent Very Fine 142666


ESTATE FIND 1908 S Copper Indian Head Cent F7433


ESTATE FIND 1908 S Indian Head Cent G3375


1908 Indian Cent Penny Gem BU Nice Tone STUNNING Z513


1908 and 1909 New Foundland 50 Cent Silver


1908 S NGC VF 25 BN Indian Head Cent B1476


Estate Find 1908 Indian Head Cent F8173






1908 Indian Head One Cent Z09


US Scott 331 1c Franklin ONE CENT MINT F VF NH OG P12 Wmk 191 Gum Skip 1908 1910




1908 D Silver Barber Quarter Twenty Five Cent US Type Coin Good G Condition R12




Indian Head Pennies One Roll 1881 1908


1908 O Silver Barber Quarter Twenty Five Cent US Type Coin Good G New Orleans


1908 Color Penny Postcard Robert Treat Paine Statue TAUNTON Massachusetts Unused


1908 Indian Head Cent ABOUT UNCIRCULATED


1908 S Indian Head cent Fine Condition copper 1c


Vintage Flowered Postcard One Cent Stamp Postmarked 4 23 1908 Woodhull NY


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Results of Rare Coins as an Investment

1. Investment standard coin pieces have historically protected wealth, for example, as a firewall against the effects of inflation, particularly in countries where the value of fiat currency has been severely weakened. When the value of paper money is losing value, rare coins can preserve net wealth much like how an investment in silver bullion acts.

2. In addition to the 'stored value' Advantage mentioned here, there is scope for wealth growth over time. In a similar manner to other hard assets, for example: bullion; property; antique print advertisements; rare brandname products, for instance, Coco-Cola, Disneyana, and other collectibles, the stored value of rare coins increases with time.

3. Collectible US coins are an easy to liquidate asset. There is a vibrant market for trading coins. This amounts to two benefits. Collectible coins are simple to acquire and equally easy to trade. This can be achieved through traditional coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using the internet, for instance eBay.

4. Coins are perfect for smaller investors or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor may buy coin pieces in smaller quantities when cash are available.

5. Other benefits include the satisfaction the investor experiences with owning rare or collectible, like other works of art. Collectible coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investments.

6. Rare US coins are easy to store and with appropriate storage, do not erode. They are also insurable. Collectible coins are also a type of portable wealth which can be moved from place to place in an efficient manner.

1908 penny - rare coin pieces found recently.

1908 S US 1c INDIAN HEAD ONE CENT TYPE COIN CHOICE VERY FINE+ ANACS VF 35 NQ PQ,  1908 Indian Head Cent Penny BU MS Unc 4 Diamonds,  1908 INDIAN HEAD CENT AU BU UNC With A TOUCH MINT LUSTER,  1908 S Indian Head Cent Bronze Full LIBERTY Semi Key Date LK,  Canada 20 Cent 1908 Quebec Tercentenary Used Very Fine Sc 103 SG 195,  1908 ICCS MS65 1 cent Red Canada one penny large,  United States Scott No 346 1908 1909 Issue 4 Cent Pair MNH,  United States Scott Nos 343 and 346 1908 1909 Issue 1 and 4 Cent MINT,  Canada 1908 10 CENT Coin Book filler S 56,  1908 S INDIAN HEAD CENT KEY DATE ALMOST UNCIRCULATED H3308,  1908 S Indian Head Cent Semi key date Great condition P295,  S H KNOX 5 10 Cent Store Downtown MARION IN IND Indiana circa 1908,  Lot Of 2 Indian Head Penny Pennies Make Tie Tacks 1908 1890,  Lot of 6 US Coins Indian Head Pennies 1 cent 1873 86 88 94 95 1908 NR,  Lot of 5 1908 Indian Head Cent Penny Fine to Very Fine Condition 45FR,  1908 Switzerland Swiss Helvetia Bronze 1 Rappen 1 Cent Coin AU,  1908 London to Omaha Penny Postage Envelope,  A VINTAGE VERY FINE CONDITION 1908 INDIAN HEAD CENT COIN APR648,  A VINTAGE VERY GOOD FINE CONDITION 1908 INDIAN HEAD CENT COIN APR647,  1908 S Indian Head Cent San Francisco Mint Copper Penny 1 Cent Coin,  1908 INDIAN HEAD CENTFULL LIBERTYDIAMONDSVERY NICE COINN,  Lot of 3 1906 1907 1908 Indian Head Penny Cent Antique US Old Money USA Currency,  1908 S Indian Cent Looks AU+ 27,  1908 S Indian Cent PCGS XF45 Beauty Freshly Slabbed by CHN,  1891190019011902190319041905190619071908 10 Different Indian Pennys,  GREAT BRITAIN 1 Penny 1908,  1908 S FINE + KEY DATE INDIAN HEAD CENT,  1898 1908 1906 Indian Head Pennys 3 1943 War Pennys 26,  Indian Head Pennies Very Nice 1907 And 1908,  1908 S Indian Head Penny Fine,  1908 INDIAN HEAD PENNY CENT BETTER BRONZE COIN MUST SEE FULL LIBERTY,  1908 S Indian Head Cent,  1908 S VF20BN Indian Penny,  British Large Penny 1908 King Edward VII 1 Unlimited Shipping,  1908 S NGC F12 BN Indian Head Cent ItemA5266,  LINCOLN HEAD CENT COLLECTION+2 INDIAN HEAD 1904+1908,  1908 CANADA QUARTER 25 CENT EARLY SILVER COIN KING EDWARD VII ,  1908 S INDIAN HEAD CENT,  1908 S INDIAN HEAD CENT PCGS XF40,  1908 S INDIAN HEAD CENT,  1908 S INDIAN HEAD CENT,  1908 S INDIAN HEAD CENT,  1908 indian head cent,  1908 S Indian Cent Fine Very Fine,  PREMIUM NEAR COMPLETE INDIAN HEAD CENT SET WITH 1864L AND 1908 S,  1908 Indian Head Penny in VG or better condition Full Liberty cent,  PENNY ROLL 1919S END WITH 1908 INDIAN HEAD PENNY OPPOSITE SIDE,  1908 S 1C INDIAN CENT ANAVS VERY FINE 25 DETAILS LIGHT CORROSION WELL STRUCK,  925 Silver 1908 Edward VII 25 Cent Piece AG 3,  1908 S Indian Head Cent F,  1908 Indian Head Cent You Grade It J189,  Five Newfoundland silver 50 cent coins 1882H 1900 1904 1908 1909,  1908 Indian Head Penny,  1908 Indian Head Cent You Grade It J214,  1908 S Indian Cent Extremely Fine Details Make Offer F065,  1908 AU UC INDIAN CENT NICE COIN,  1908 P Indian Head Penny Coin,  1908 S Indian Head Cent MAKE US AN OFFER G4021,  1908 S Indian Cent Almost Uncirculated Original Problem Free 0121 09,  1908 S Indian Cent Very Fine Original Problem Free 1123 08,  1908 S Indian Cent Choice Very Fine VF EF Original Coin with Luster 0826 02,  VINTAGE CANADA 1908 50 CENT SILVER EDWARD TYPE CAT EST 6000 C1412,  1908 Indian Head Cent 4 Diamonds Full Liberty Beads Ribbon Lot 10D,  1908 S Indian Head Cent MAKE US AN OFFER G4025,  1908 S Indian Head Cent MAKE US AN OFFER G4026,  

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