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1897 Liberty Nickel Nice Circulated Condition


Passable 1897 P Barber or Liberty Head Silver Half Dollar About Good BARH617


1897 O VG Notched Barber Liberty Dime PHX


1897 5C Liberty Nickel FINE TONED M 1232


1897 Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle 250 PCGS Uncirculated Rare MS UNC Coin


14K Yellow Gold 1897 5 Dollar Liberty Gold Coin Clear CZ Pendant


1897 Liberty Head V Nickel 5c Cent


1897 20 Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coin ANACS MS 60 Details Scratched Better


1897 US Half Eagle 5 Liberty Head Gold Coin ANACS AU 55


1897 O Barber Liberty Head Quarter Dollar J22




1897 PCGS MS65 CAC Liberty Nickel nice lustrous original piece approved by CAC




Vintage Liberty Nickel 9 Coin Collection The Way Wet 1897 1910


1897 NGC MS64 10 Liberty Gold Eagle ItemT5971




1911 Liberty Nickel


1907 Liberty Nickel


1907 Liberty Nickel


1905 Liberty Nickel


1897 10 Liberty NGC MS63 MS 63 OLD THICK HOLDER PQ +




1897 Liberty V Nickel Very Choice BU


1897 G Liberty V Nickel older date coin priced less than book value


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Results of investing in rare coins

1. Collectible coins can act to preserve wealth, for example, as strong inflation fighters, particularly in countries where paper currency is in a downward trade cycle. Any time paper money is threatened, collectible coins can preserve wealth much like how an allocation of cash in silver bullion functions.

2. Further to the 'stored value' Benefit mentioned above, there is the potential for wealth growth with time. In a similar manner to other hard assets, for example: Zippo Lighters; native art works; autographs; comic books; sports cards; postage stamps; glass and pottery, and other collectibles, the stored value of rare US coins appreciates with time.

3. Investment grade coins are an easy to covert asset. There is a vibrant market for coin trading. This amounts to two benefits. Investment quality coins are easy to buy and conversely easy to liquidate. This can be done through convential coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using online platforms, for example eBay.

4. Collectible coins are perfect for the small investor or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor can buy coins in small increments when cash are available.

5. Other benefits include the enjoyment the collector can experience with ownership of rare or collectible, like other types of art work. Collectible coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment assets.

6. Rare US coins can be stored easily and are virtually indestructible. They are also insurable. Rare coins represent truly portable wealth which can be moved from place to place in an efficient manner.

1897 liberty - collectible coin pieces bought over the past several days.

1897 Liberty Nickel PCGS MS 63,  1897 Barber or Liberty Head Quarter,  Set of Two United States Liberty Head V Nickel 5C Coins 1903,  1897 Liberty Head V Nickel Good VG Details Full Date,  1897 1912D LIBERTY V NIckels Collection of 17 Different All Carded Coins,  1897 Liberty V Nickel Affordable Antique Collector Coin w FREE SHIPPING 8363,  1897 Indian Head cent no liberty,  1897 10 Gold Liberty PCGS MS63 08806141,  1897 Liberty V Nickel Nice Better Date Coin FREE SHIPPING 8131,  1901 Liberty V Nickel 6890,  Complete Roll of 40 1897 Liberty Nickels Lower Mintage Date,  1897 Liberty Head V Nickel Fine VF Details Full Rims,  1897 Liberty Head Gold 5 Vintage Estate Ring,  1897 50C Barber Half Dollar Sharp Detail Full Bold Liberty Corroded Heat Damaged,  1897 Liberty V Nickel Nice Better Date All Original Coin FREE SHIPPING 8132,  Mexico Silver 8 Reales 8R Zs 1897 FZ Liberty Cap and Rays Foreign Coin AU,  Mexico Silver 8 Reales 8R Cn 1897 AM Liberty Cap and Rays Foreign Coin AU,  1897 Indian Head Cent VF Full Liberty,  1897 Barber Liberty Head Quarter Dollar Z50,  1890 TO 1897 LIBERTY NICKEL LOT 95 COINS FROM 1890 TO 1897,  1897 Liberty Nickel PCGS MS 64 GOLD CAC Great Eye Appeal,  1897 S Barber Liberty Head Dime Z15,  1897 O Barber Liberty Head Quarter Dollar 434,  1897 Liberty Head V Nickel US 5 Cents,  1897 Liberty V Nickel Item 4145,  1897 LIBERTY HEAD NICKEL GOOD Nice Coin Combined Shipping,  1897 S Liberty Head Gold HALF EAGLE 500BETTE GRADE NICE LUSTER STRONG DETAILS,  Liberty Head Nickle 1883 1912 and Morgan Silver Dollar 1891 1897 Whitman Albums,  1897 S 10 LIBERTY EAGLE NGC MS61 MS 61 SCARCE DATE ,  1897 S 20 GOLD LIBERTY Double Eagle PCGS MS64 MS 64 NEAR GEM SCARCE ,  INDIAN HEAD PENNY 1897 CAT1459 LIBERTY,  1897 LIBERTY NICKEL SHARP,  1897 Liberty Head V Nickel VG Details Full Date,  1897 Liberty Head V Nickel VG Details Full Date,  1897 Liberty Head V Nickel VG Fine Details Full Date,  1897 Eagle 10 Gold Liberty Free Shipping,  1C 1897 Brown Indian Head Penny FULL LIBERTY Nice Collector Coin 1 in Neck,  1897 LIBERTY V NICKEL IN A RARE XF GRADE RETAIL 75 DETAILED NEVER CLEANED,  LIBERTY HEAD 1897 5 FINE GOLD COIN PENDANT AUTHENTIC US AMERICAN BULLION ESTATE,  1897 Liberty Head Gold 5 NGC MS 61,  1897 S 20 US Liberty Head Gold Coin PCGS MS 62,  1897 10 Liberty Gold Eagle PCGS AU55,  1897 LIBERTY HEAD HALF EAGLE 5 GOLD COIN,  Unsearched 1897 Indian Head 1903 FulI Liberty Indian Head,  1883 With CENTS 1897 Liberty V Nickel Lot LK D135,  1897 1C Indian Head Cent Full LIBERTY Fine Details,  1897 indian head penny VF DETAILS FULL LIBERTY,  1897 INDIAN HEAD CENT FULL LIBERTY + PARTIAL DIAMONDS NICE COMBINED SHIP,  1897 O Barber Liberty Head Quarter Dollar Q99,  1897 INDIAN HEAD PENNY CENT US COIN FULL LIBERTYSA 194,  Lot of 20 Liberty V Nickels 1883 No Cents 1897 1900 3x 19052x 19062x 1907,  1897 20 Gold Liberty PCGS MS64 Very Scarce,  1897 UNITED STATES LIBERTY V NICKEL,  1897 Liberty V nickel Counter Stamped Higher Grade ERROR Coin,  1897 S PCGS MS62 5 Liberty half eagle RARE pop of 21 solid + for the grade,  RARE 1897 LIBERTY HEAD V 5c FULL LIBERTY SPLIT AFTER STRIKE MINT ERROR COIN,  1897 Liberty V Nickel,  NINE Liberty Head V nickel lot 1897 1902 1903 1904 1905 1907 1908 1910 1911,  1897 Liberty V Nickel XB03,  1897 Liberty V Nickel Affordable Antique Collector Coin w FREE SHIPPING 8362,  1897 O Barber Liberty Head Half Dollar G63,  1897 Indian Head Penny AU Full Liberty Gorgeous Color,  1897 INDIAN HEAD CENT With LIBERTY Near 4 DIAMONDS AU UNC,  1897 PCGS PR64 Liberty Nickel PROOF,  1897 O 25C Barber Quarter VF XF Extremely RARE Bold LIBERTY No Reserve,  

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