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1882 H Queen Victoria Regina Large BRONZE ONE CENT CANADA COIN Circulated


1867 Three Cent Nickel1854 Half Dime 1882 seated dime 1853 Seated Quarter


1882 Three Cent Nickel 3CN NGC Certified PF 65 Cameo Proof Struck US Mint Coin


Canada Cent KM 7 1882 H


1882 Canada One Cent Queen Victoria 1665


1882 Indian Head Cent Full Liberty


Rare 1882 Indian Head Penny Struck Through Grease Broad Struck Oblong shaped


CAPE of GOOD HOPE COGH 1882 half penny SG 40 VF MHR


1882 Proof Indian Head Cent PCGS PR 65BN CAC Rainbow Color 127792


1882 H Canadian Circulated Victoria One Large Cent coin




1882 Indian Head One Cent J62


1882 Indian Head Cent


1882 Indian Cent Broken 8s Nice Full Liberty


Great Britain Penny 1882 H Queen Victoria




1882 Indian Head Cent Nice Coin C48


1882 Indian Head Cent Nice Coin C89


Indian Head Cent 1880 1881 1882 1883 One random IHC coin


1882 United States 90 silver seated liberty dime 10 cent


1882 Indian Head Penny Red Brown Gem BU++ RB Tough Date Free Shipping




1882 pcgs Indian head penny pr64 red




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Benefits of collecting rare US coins

1. Rare coins can act to preserve wealth, for instance, as a hedge against the impact of inflation, especially in countries where paper currency is weak. Any time paper money is in a downward cycle, collectible coins can protect wealth similar to how an investment in silver bullion acts.

2. Further to the 'stored value' point noted here, there is potential for wealth growth over time. In a similar manner to other hard assets, for instance: sterling silver antiques; sporting memorabilia; vintage guitars and amplifiers; classic and vintage cars; military and railroad historic artifacts; travel souvenirs; action figures; model trains, and other collectibles, the value of rare US coins appreciates with time.

3. Collectible coins are an easy to liquidate asset. There is an active market for trading coins. This amounts to two benefits. Investment class coins are easy to acquire and conversely simple to trade. This is done through traditional coin dealers or in a more self directed manner using online platforms, for example eBay.

4. Collectible coins are perfect for smaller investors or hobby collectors. Why? A collector or investor may acquire coins in smaller quantities when cash are available.

5. Other advantages include the enjoyment a collector experiences with ownership of rare or collectible, like other types of art work. Rare coins are also a very private form of investment, and not subject to government scrutiny more common with other types of investment assets.

6. Collectible coins are stored easily and are virtually indestructible. They are also insurable. Rare coins represent truly portable wealth which can be moved from place to place very quickly and easily.

1882 penny - rare coin pieces bought during the past week.

1882 INDIAN HEAD CENT LIGHTLY CLEANED TONE UNC SEE PICS N6134,  1882 Indian Cent Great Deals From The TECC Bargain Bin,  1882 Shield Nickel Five Cent Piece Z32,  1882 Shield Nickel Five Cent Piece Z88,  1882 Indian Head Penny No Reserve IHL3M,  1882 Indian Head Penny No Reserve IHL2M,  1882 H Canada Large Cent KM 7 Queen Victoria Circulated Heaton Mint Coin 276,  1882 Indian Cent High Quality Scans C762,  1882 Indian Cent High Quality Scans C761,  NETHERLANDS 1 CENT 1882 HIGH GRADE A56 9188,  NETHERLANDS 1 CENT 1882 NICE DETAILS A56 9136,  4 1 silver dollar 1882 1901 1922 1923 Morgan one 50 cent coin 1934 Liberty,  1882 Three Cent Nickel Extra Fine AU Key Date Low Mintage 732,  1882H CANADA LARGE CENT OBV1 IN GOOD CONDITION ,  USA SMALL CENT 1882 INDIAN HEAD A60 K7628,  1882 1C Indian Cent LOT N127 ESTATE AUCTION COINS NO RESERVE NO RETURNS,  1882 shield nickel five cent coin old us five cent coin,  4 1882+1883+1889+1904 Indian Head Penny Lot VF F IL84,  1882 Indian head SMALL CENT,  1882 INDIAN CENT,  Hawaii Kingdom Scott 37 Unused Princess Likelike 1882 ABNC 1 Cent Blue 484,  1882 shield nickel five cent coin old us five cent coin,  1882H CANADIAN LARGE CENT,  1882 Indian Head Cent 4705,  1882 INDIAN HEAD CENT A VERY NICE CIRCULATED INDIAN HEAD CENT,  INDIAN HEAD PENNY LOT COINS ONE CENT 1889 1882 1898 1891 COINS US NO RESERVE,  whistle High Wheel Penny Farthing safety Bicycle Bike Cycle cycling orig 1882,  1882H NEWFOUNDLAND FIFTY CENT QUEEN VICTORIA SILVER COINS,  1882 Shield Nickel Five Cent Piece Z86,  Scarce Nice 1882 H Straits Settlement 5 Five Cent Coin 4704,  1882H Nice Detail Silver Newfoundland Queen Victoria 50 Cent Half dollar,  1882H Queen Victoria Canada Silver 5 Cent Coin,  1882 Indian Head Cent,  X F 1882 INDIAN HEAD CENT FULL RAILS LIBERTY SHIELD NO RESERVE,  1882H Victoria Large Cent L28,  1882H Victoria Large Cent L22,  1882 20 Gold Certificate PMG F 12 Penny Start with NO RESERVE,  1882 United States Shield Nickel 5 Cent GOOD DETAIL,  Ernesto Levorati Italian 19th Cent Venetian Beauty Signed And Dated Venezia 1882,  CANADA LARGE CENT 1882 H NICE DETAILS A49 K6377,  1882 H Canada 5 Cent Coin,  1882H Canadian Large Cent Penny in VG F shape Nice coin But you decide,  1882H Canadian Large Cent Penny in VG F shape Nice coin But you decide,  MEXICO REPUBLIC 1 2 3 CENT ROMAN NUMERALS SET B 1882 1883,  ANTIGUA UNITED KINGDOM 1882 86 HALF PENNY STAMP PERF VLH,  1882 INDIAN HEAD CENT With LIBERTY Near XF EF,  1882 Shield Nickel 5 Cent Piece VG Reverse Details Full Reverse Rims,  USA Statesville NC Wallace Bros One 1 Cent Scrip Note 1882 AU UNC,  1882 gem MS BU UNC uncirculated red red brown Indian Head Cent PCI,  Sarawak Cent 1882 Old World Coin,  1882 Indian Head Cent 1c MS65 RD PCGS,  205 1882 5 cent yellow brown James Garfield stamp cancelled,  US SCOTT 205 18825 CENT GARFIELD YELLOW BROWN UNUSED HINGED OG CATVAL 30000,  HAWAII 2 CENT BROWN 1882 1890 USED,  1882 Shield Nickel Five Cent Piece Z30,  1882 H 1 Cent Bronze Victoria Canada,  1882 Shield Nickel 5 Cent Piece,  1882 Indian Head Cent Penny Fine VF Details Partial LIBERTY,  1882 Indian Head Cent Penny Very Fine,  1882 Indian Head Cent Penny VG Fine Details Full Reverse Rims,  1882 Indian Head Cent Penny Good Details Full Reverse Rims,  Hong Kong 36 1882 2 cent Victoria Used CV 3250,  1882 1C BN Indian Cent VG F Details,  1882 H CANADA LARGE PENNY HEATON MINT VF Coin WELL PRESERVED KM 7,  Belgium 1 cent 1882 copper coin lion and crown Leopold ll sharp detail,  

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