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Oswego NY Kingsford Starch Factory engraving downtown print 1876


1876 Candor New York McCarty Thompson Wool Butter Seeds dealer cover letterhead


Erie County New York 1876 NY History Genealogy Biography Book on CD


Progress of New York in a Century 1776 1876 An Address Delivered before the Ne


The Vicar of Wakefield Oliver Goldsmith 1876 Appleton NY




1876 Cigar Label Sutro Newmark Donald TRUMP Lithographed New York RARE


Nassau Stephentown Hoag Corners Brainard NY 1876 Maps Homeowners Names Shown


1876 magazine engraving NEW YORK FOUR IN HAND CLUB Central Park


Schodack Castleton on Hudson Berlin NY 1876 Maps with Homeowners Names Shown


Sandy Hook Prisoner Tweed NY Harbor STEAMSHIP FRANKLIN TUG CATALPA 1876 Art Mat


Postcard Art Painting 1876 FLAG Gate Stars Stripes USA United States 175x120


1876 NY CDS BOLD 8 BALL Fancy Cancel on UX3 PC Cross Border to NB CANADA


Emilio Castelar LIFE OF LORD BYRON and Other Sketches 1876 Harper


Old CAVANAGHS Elegant Dining Since 1876 Advertising Medallion GOP or Dem U Pay


New York State Authentic 1876 Map Counties Cities Topo RRs W


Original 1876 Map of Lagrange Dutchess County NY No 28


Original 1876 Map of Unionvale Dutchess County NY No 36


Original 1876 Map of Beekman Poughquag Dutchess County NY No 52


Original 1876 Map of Beekman Dutchess County NY No 45




New York City Map One Hundred Years Ago 1776 Centennial 1876 Antique Print


New York Weekly Times Feb 2 1876 XF


New York Weekly Times Jan 12 1876


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Poster Many Sizes Map New York Central Hudson River Railroad 1876,  Gov Samuel TILDEN of NY Presidential Candidate 1876 Antique Engraving Matted,  Portrait GOVERNOR SAMUEL J TILDEN NY Presidential Candidate 1876 Print Matted,  FIREWORKS MADISON SQUARE NEW YORK 1876 Antique Art Print Matted,  Poster Many Sizes Map New York Central Hudson River Railroad 1876,  Poster Many Sizes New York State Coat Of Arms Illustrated 1876,  Poster Many Sizes Map Of The City Of Utica New York 1876,  Antique Match Holder Safe Box Tin 1776 1876 Hill Cooke New York Centennial,  ORIGINAL 1876 DOUBLE PAGE MAP VILLAGE OF LUZERNE NY WARREN CO,  Religion Ancient Faiths and Modern Asia Before Christian Era Mythology NY 1876,  George H Mathews 19th century oil portrait of P Hamilton Myers Auburn NY 1876,  OSWEGO FIRE DEPARTMENT 100 YEARS NEW YORK 1876 1976 FIREFIGHTING PATCH NY,  Rare Antique Original VTG 1876 Visit To New York Aquarium Engraving Art Print,  Unique 1876 1st Edit Book Criminals Of America by Philip Farley NY Detective,  1876 Bank Check Stissing National Bank Pine Plains Dutchess Liberty New York,  History Ontario County New York illustrations descriptive of scenery 1788 1876,  Original Vintage BILLHEAD SAMUEL HALLS SON CO New York 1876,  JOHN STOBART NEW YORK THE FOOT OF SOUTH STREET IN 1876 601 750,  1876 EAGAR BEER BATAVIA NY LETTERHEAD,  1876 Nunda New York Bank Check Statue of Freedom,  5 New York Bank Checks 1876 1900,  Duryeas Glen Cove Starch Girl Urn Long Island NY 1876 Victorian Trade Card,  PARK SLOPE BROOKLYN PUBLIC SCHOOL 39 BLT 1876 NOW HENRY BRISTOW SCHOOL NYC,  Walter Farndon New York 1876 1964 oil on board,  1876 VICTORIAN TRADE CARD EARLES HOTEL NEW YORK CITY 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY,  Venezuela 1876 Stampless sent Puerto Cabello Ccs New York due 10Cts VE509,  THE NEW YORK LEDGER newspaper January 8 1876,  HUDSON RIVER from PALISADES NY 1876 Art Print Matted,  New York NY City 1876 Scotts Life Preservers WONDERFUL Advertising Postal Card,  1876 1951 SHRINERS DAMASCUS TEMPLE ROCHESTER NY ROSTER,  1876 New York historical architecture WILCOX Lard Refinery engraving print,  New York Tribune 1876 Ulysses S Grant State of the Union Address The Election,  1776 1876 CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION 44mm 7TH REG NY NATIONAL GUARD MEDAL NGSNY,  1876 New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Map 24x32,  UNIVERSITY of the STATE of NY NEW YORK Albany 1876 RARE COVER Dorset VT C Pratt,  2 1875 1876 Newburgh New York Newspapers Newburgh Daily Journal,  24 ANTIQUE 1876 ROCHESTER NY DAILY NEWSPAPERS GEORGE D LORD TRIAL,  FIREFIGHTERS OF CROGHAN NEW YORK 1876 2001 firemen firefighting HB DJ history,  KEYSTONE STOCK CARS1 MAN RPOLIFE RPONYPITTS RPO 1876 1971 PENNSYLVANIA RR,  1876 New York Arsenal Map Fort Columbus Ordnance Report WAR DEPARTMENT ORIGINAL,  RB 17a EF Co NY July 1876 Superb160020,  NY DOVER RIMLESS CIRCLE POSTMARK on 1876 Postal Card,  Marks AF Chair Co New York Pat 1876 Campaign Chair Lounge Chair,  VERY OLD 1776 1876 11 x 14 SOUVENIR DRAWING OF NEW YORK CITY OF NEW YORK,  1876 U219 CarnervilleNew York ww97,  HO Scale Roundhouse 1543 New York Central 40 3 Bay Hopper Kit 919127 L1876,  Frank Leslies Original Copies Illustrated Newspaper NY1876 ANDREW JACKSON,  Bank Check Stissing National Bank Pine Plains NY 1876 1245 b72,  Postcard Art Painting 1876 FLAG Gate Stars Stripes USA United States 175x120,  B2061 view1525 Bryant Vase Tiffany Co NY 1876 Centennial Expo D,  HEMPSTEAD NEW YORK 1876 3CT BANKNOTE COVER FANCY CL NASSAU CO 1802 OP,  Cavanaghs Restaurant Since 1876 Glass Swizzle Stick New York City 1950s,  Religion Ancient Faiths and Modern Asia Before Christian Era Mythology NY 1876,  New York Tribune newspaper November 8 1876 Tilden Elected,  New York Tribune 1876 Brooklyn Theater Fire 300 Burned Alive Hayes Wins Florida,  Jedediah Barber 1787 1876 A Footnote to the History of the Military Tract NY,  Vintage Souvenir Cooperstown New York 5 Ceramic 1876 Baseball Player Japan,  Maurice de Vlaminck 1876 1958 New York French Artist Gouache Paper,  US 1 Cent Liberty Postal Card UX5 Rochester NY To South Hamilton NY 1876,  CHRISTMAS DINNER TO THE NEWSBOYS GIRLS OF NEW YORK HARPERS WEEKLY 1876,  NEW YORK NOMINATION MACHINE SHOP CROPPIES LIEDOWN EDITORIAL HARPERS WEEKLY 1876,  PRISON BLACKWELLS ISLAND NEW YORK HARPERS WEEKLY 1876,  BATTLE OF HARLEM HEIGHTS SEPT 16 1776 NEW YORK HARPERS WEEKLY 1876,  A CHASE AFTER SMUGGLERS OFF NEW YORK HARPERS WEEKLY 1876,  MARTHA WASHINGTON RECEPTION ACADEMY OF MUSIC NEW YORK HARPERS WEEKLY 1876,  

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