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1864 Two Cent Coin 2C ANACS AU58 Details Rare Certified Civil War Coin


France 1864 issue 2 cents nh mint stamp V04


1864 2C Two Cents Repunched Date Scarce




1864 2 Cents Copper US Coin D9661




Circulated Copper 1864 Two Cent Coin Business Strike Ungraded Uncertified


1864 2C Large Motto F


1864 2 cent


1864 Small Motto Variety Two Cent Coin 2C NGC Uncirculated Details UNC MS


1864 2 cent coin sm motto


Antique 1864 Copper Bronze 2 US Coin Civil War Era




State North Carolina Raleigh set of 2 1864 25 cents Low 187 Cr150 Plates J K


State of North Carolina Raleigh set of 2 1864 25 cents 187 Cr150 Plates O


State of North Carolina Raleigh set of 2 1864 25 cents low 187 Cr150 Plates G H




X250 1864 LM 2 cent Piece Choice BU Brown


X252 1864 LM 2 cent Piece AU


1864 2C Large Motto XF


Scott R15c x 4 used 1864 2 USIR All Hand Stamped Cancels Set 19


1864 2C Two Cent Piece


1864 US Two Cent Copper Piece


2 ct 1864 VG+ details Lg ct 1851 XF details


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1864 2 cent - collectible coin pieces found over the past several days.

Canada Nova Scotia 1864 1 2 Cent gVF,  1864 Civil War Era 2 Cent Piece Philadelphia Mint,  1864 Two Cent Piece 2 Cent AU XF TC997,  1864 2 Cent Piece Die Cracks Obverse XF AU 113946,  1864 US Two Cent G,  1864 US Two Cent G,  1864 US Two Cent G,  1864 US Two Cent VG,  1864 Copper Philadelphia Mint Two Cent Coin Free Shipping,  US TWO CENT coin lot 1864 1865 and 2 with unreadable date 8 coins total,  1864 Copper Philadelphia Mint Two Cent Coin Free Shipping,  1864 SHIELD TWO CENT SCARCE BETTER DATE T1005,  Hawaii Kingdom 2 Cents Scott 35 Used Hinged King David Kalakaua 1864 NBNCo 706,  US 1864 Two Cent Coin 2 Cents,  1864 Two Cent Piece Civil War Era Coin,  1864 2 Cent Piece 9359,  1864 2C Two Cent Piece Large Motto Holed 4,  1864 2C Two Cent Piece Large Motto Holed 3,  1864 and 1868 US Two Cents Nice details but issues,  1864 and 1865 US Two Cents,  1864 1869 US Two Cents with issues,  1864 Two Cent Piece Copper 2C Coin Auction Starts At 99 Cents,  1864 TWO Cent Piece 1st Year Issue 1st Appearance of In God We Trust 798,  1864 Copper Philadelphia Mint Two Cent Coin Free Shipping,  1864 2C Small Motto BN Two Cent Piece Rare Key Date Sharp Detail Nicks,  1864 Civil War Era Two Cent Piece VG Circulated US Coin 1070,  1864 Small Motto Two Cent Coin 2C PCGS XF Details EF Rare Small Variety,  PCGS 1864 AU50 LARGE MOTTO TWO CENT B8929,  Estate Find 1864 Two Cent Piece G9613,  Lot of 10 Two Cents Coins 1864 1870 Great Mix 072756,  AU 1864 2 Cent Piece R9UNT,  AU 1864 2 Cent Piece R9SHN,  XF+ 1864 2 Cent Piece R9KNL,  AU 1864 2 Cent Piece R9WHT,  AU 1864 2 Cent Piece R9SEM,  AU 1864 2 Cent Piece R9REP,  XF+ 1864 2 Cent Piece R9ANL,  AU 1864 2 Cent Piece R9JNX,  1864 ICG EF 40 DETAILS LARGE MOTTOCORRODED TWO Cent A1667,  1864 2 Cent Coin GREAT FILLER,  1864 2 Cent Coin EXCELLENT FILLER,  1864 Two Cent Piece 1691,  1864 TWO CENT PIECE FULL WE VISIBLE CIVIL WAR ERA TYPE COIN FREE SHIPPING,  1864 Two Cent Piece Civil War Date Z17,  1864 2C Large Motto BN,  1864 Two Cents Choice Uncirculated PCGS MS 64BN Original Uncirculated Coin,  1864 Two Cents Small Motto PCGS MS 63 VERY SCARCE With Cool Color,  1864 Two Cent Piece 1703,  1864 Two Cent Piece 1742,  1864 Two Cent Piece Small Motto XB24,  1864 Two Cent Piece 2259,  1864 TWO CENT PIECE AU 3 NEAT DIE BREAKS,  1864 Two 2 Cent Piece Great Deals From The TECC Bargain Bin,  1864 Two Cent Piece Tough Civil War Date Free Shipping,  1864 2 Cent Piece,  1864 Two Cent Piece Large Motto VG 7880,  1864 1864 2 Cent Piece DOUBLED MAKE US AN OFFER O3148,  1864 Two Cents Piece punch mark on reverse side,  1864 two cent piece UNC Details,  1864 2 cent piece PCGS MS65 BN CAC,  AU+ 1864 2 Cent Piece R7SNB,  AU 1864 2 Cent Piece R7JCM,  1864 two cent coin,  1864 US 2 cent piece,  1864 2C Large Motto Two Cent Piece Auto Comb Ship28976,  

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