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21601 GERMAN STATES Thaler 1789 Breslau KM 3482 F12 15 Silver


1789 Austrian Netherlands 1 Liard Oord Coin Joseph II 17 NO RESERVE


28152 FRANCE End of Monarchy Medal 1789 AU55 58 Iron 3863


Ireland Wicklow halfpenny 1789 DH23 St Patrick Mine arms shield conder


Ireland Wicklow halfpenny 1789 DH22 St Patrick Mine Co arms conder


Ireland Wicklow halfpenny 1789 DH 19 St Patrick Mining arms conder


Ireland Wicklow halfpenny 1789 DH15 St Patrick Mining arms windlass conder


Ireland Wicklow halfpenny 1789 DH9 St Patrick Mine Coshield arms conder


Ireland Wicklow halfpenny 1789 DH8 St Patrick Arms shield mining conder


Ireland Wicklow halfpenny 1789 DH7 St patrick mining arms crest conder


Ireland 1789 1 2D Wicklow Cronebane DH43g St Patrick Miners arms


Ireland 1789 1 2D Wicklow Cronebane DH43b Bishops head Miners arms


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1789 Mott Token Thin Engrail Edge PCGS AU 50 10532531,  1789 Mott Token PCGS AU 58 Thick Planchet Plain Edge,  1789 Dept of Treasury United States Proof Set,  1919D BUFFALO NICKEL FREE SHIPPING RN1789,  UNCIRCULATED ROLL 13 PRESIDENT GEORGE WASHINGTON 1789 1797 LIBERTY DOLLARS,  1922 D 1C LINCOLN WHEAT CENT PENNY F COLLECTOR COIN CHECK OUT STORE LW1789,  1789 WASHINGTON CENT PCGS AU50 POP 1 WITH 9 HIGHER,  George Washington 1st President of the US 1789 1797 Bronze Medal 4 coins,  1804 Half Cent Good Condition slightly bent Cross 4 Stems C 10 C1789,  Merrick Mint US Statehood Presidential Quarter Set COA 1789 2009,  2 US Mint Denver Colorado 1789 Commemorative Souvenir Copper Token Coin,  1789 The Department Of The Treasury Medalion From US Proof Set,  BRASS 39 PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES COMMEMORATIVE COIN 1789 1989,  1789 A 2 SOUS LOUIS XVI OF FRANCE COLONIE CAYENNE SCARCE GUYANNE,  1789 to 1797 USA President George Washington Coin or Medallion 10,  The Dept of the Treasury 1789 United States Mint Denver Mint Coin In Case,  999 Fine Silver Coin Bicentennial of the Presidency 1789 1989 President Bush,  2001 BROADSTRUCK LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT MINT ERROR 1789,  Nd 1798 tobago TOB counterstamp host 1789 A Cayenne 2 sous Vlack 442 R2,  1956 Jefferson Proof Nickel beautifully struck L124 N1789,  

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