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1914 France Gold Rooster 20 France NGC MS66 MS 66 1787


1787 Vermont Copper Britannia NGC Certified VF Details Plugged


1787 Fugio Copper W Pointed Rays J64


GERMAN STATES Regensburg Bistum Sede Vacante 1 taler 1787 Prooflike


1787 New Jersey Colonial Coin PCGS VF Details Large Planchet Plain Shield


Nice George III Shilling 1787


1787 Fugio Cent Cinquefoil After Date Nice Circulated First US Issue




Copper Paisa Zohra Coin Tipu Sultan Mysore Kingdom


25 Cent 1913 SILVER 1787


1787 Great Britain 6 Silver Pence NGC AU 58 AU58 ESC 1629 Hearts UK Coin 0788


1787 Connecticut Colonial Copper Miller 53 FF Rarity R5 Rare


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1 Full Roll Silver War time Nickles random mixture of P D S Mint Marks


1938 D S Buffalo Nickel 5C PCGS MS 65


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GOLD COIN 1787 BRASHER DOUBLOON RESTRIKE RARE MINTED AT 2014 CHICAGO ANA NGC,  1787 2014 Gold Private Issue Commemorating Brashers 1787 Doubloon NGC 137390,  VF20 Details 1787 New Jersey Maris Copper Token Graded ANACS SC56,  1787 New Jersey Copper Maris 64 t VG heavy planchet,  1787 New Jersey Copper Maris 53 j R4 VF detail,  1787 New Jersey Copper Maris 48 g G VG,  1787 CONNETICUT COPPER M331 Z19 RARITY 5,  1787 Massachusetts Half Cent Ryder 5 A F,  1787 Connecticut Copper Draped Bust Left scarce Miller 36 l1 F VF,  1787 Connecticut Copper Draped Bust Left Miller 3317 r1 nice VF,  1787 Connecticut Copper Draped Bust Left Miller 17 g3 VF XF detail,  1787 Connecticut Copper Miller 8 O Tallest Head nice F VF rotated dies,  1787 New Jersey Colonial NGC VG Details Cleaned Small Planchet Plain Shield,  1787 us colonial machins mills sharp details vlack 17 87A,  1787 Vermont Copper Brittania Copper Coin NGC XF40 EF40 1100 Value,  1787 New Jersey Cent Smooth Brown Planchet Good Better,  1787 Fugio Copper Cent Colonial 8681,  1787 PCGS VF30 Horned Mail Bust Left Connecticut Colonial Copper Coin,  1787 CONNETICUT COPPER OFF CENTER,  PCGS VF20 1787 Fugio Copper Club Rays Rounded Ends Newman 3 D Variety,  1787 Massachusetts Cent Copper Colonial 8666,  

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