2006 S Silver Proof Colorado State Quarter Ultra Cameo Uncirculated




2006 W PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO Platinum Statue of Liberty 4 coin set NGC


1999 2007 Washington State Quarter 90 Coin Lot Cello PD from US Mint Set 25c


2006 P 20th Anniversary Reverse Proof Silver Eagle NGC Proof 70 Black Label


2007 United States Commemorative Gallery State Quarter Mint Set Denver


2007 United States Commemorative Gallery State Quarter Mint Set Philadelphia


2006 United States Commemorative Gallery State Quarter Mint Set P


2007 Silver Mint Proof Set Quarters 5 with box and COA 5 90 Silver Quarters


Ireland 2007 1 cent 2 EURO coins PROOF SET case boxCOA




2007 W 1 oz Proof Silver American Eagle in Original Mint Packaging with COA


2006 W 1 oz Proof Silver American Eagle in Original Mint Packaging with COA


Mongolia 2007 Empire YING YANG 100 Tugrik Silver Plated Proof Coin


2006 United States Mint Proof Set


1999 Susan B Anthony Proof Coin and 2007 Little Rock Silver Dollar both no COA




2007 PD Kennedy Half Dollar Set GEM BU From MINT ROLL Clad No Silver 50 Cent


2006 P D US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set


2007 US Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set UNOPENED


Silver proof coin set Australia Netherlands 5 Dollars 5 Euro 2006 Voyage


USA 2007 W Martha Washington 10 Gold Proof Coin First Spouse Series NGC PF70


2007 US Mint Proof Set COMPLETE Original Government Packaging w COA


2006 American Eagle 20th Anniversary Silver Coin Set COMPLETE FAST DELIVERY


2006 United States Mint Silver Proof Set 10 Piece Set With Box And COA




2006 American Eagle 20th Anniversary Silver Coin Set Box With COA NO COINS




2007 S 25C Idaho Silver Proof State Quarter NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo


Use this search tool, find Rare and Certified U.S. Coins:

Tips for safe buying of rare U.S. coins on eBay

Collectible coin purchasing at eBay has grown into one of the more useful clearing house for Collectible coin buffs. Collectible coin lovers are dealing collectible coins thru this huge website in growing numbers daily.

A quick visit to eBay will show upwards of 400,000 U.S. coins available for purchase on any given day on the eBay marketplace. In a market of this scope, there is a lot more than just common dated coins. On the eBay site, you will see plenty of unique, rare collectible coins, with a far better all round assortment than just about anywhere else, either online or in traditional bricks n mortar stores.

Using eBay is easy, convenient, and a effective tool for those keen collectors looking for a rare find. It is not unreasonable to claim that the Internet, in particular eBay, has in some measure triggered the increasingly popularity of coin collecting that is evident over the last ten years.

Since many of the eBay coin sellers are collectors just like you a lot of them are willing to sell coins at “below book” value because the coins are being offered without the assistance of numismatic professionals (i.e., the “middle man” is cut out). This bodes well for the coin buyer “looking for a good deal”.

Much like other varieties of collectibles, there are numerous pitfalls to avoid. One good thing is, most eBay sellers and buyers are actually trustworthy. If this were not true, eBay may have faded long ago, rather then growing into an icon of modern day American culture.

Observe these basic tips, and you can steer clear of possible pitfalls:

Be certain to fully understand the bidding requirements. It is advised you go to the eBay University Learning Center. On the Learning Center website, you can see various helpful training lessons meant to show how to fully utilize the eBay site. Initially give your attention to the buying videos. The tuition is clear to follow. The main factor to understand relates to the difference between bidding and Buy it Now, maximum bids and the right way to place limits on what you intend to pay in an auction offer. Do not forget, bidding actions you make while on eBay are legally binding, so ensure that you get acquainted with the procedures before clicking the CONFIRM BID or BUY button.

Fully understand the shipping and return policy of the seller. When reviewing an offer, move to the end of the sale item description, to the section explaining about the seller's shipping terms, payment details and goods return policy. Of the disputes that arise on eBay, many of them arise because of misunderstandings on these issues. For anyone who is engaged in ordering expensive, antique or otherwise valuable products, it is suggested to buy for some level of insurance. This will be a small cost for the satisfaction it will provide.

Is internet shopping a hazard, in your mind? These issues are one of eBay's highest priorities. Ebay prides itself on providing and enhancing the user interface of its online marketplace platform to meet and exceed its users expectations in terms of safe and secure buying and selling.

Increasingly, online shoppers demand a secure and safe online shopping experience. The mix of eBay's Seller Feedback system and Paypal's Buyer Protection Program deliver on these user demands.

Review the Feedback Rating of the item seller. Without the Feedback Rating, the eBay market concept could not function as well as it does. Should a seller appears to have more than just a little negative feedback, avoid that seller's items. On the flip side, a seller with 10, 000 points and 98%97% positive feedback demonstrates a high level of satisfied customer completed sales. The eBay learning center training describe more fully the right way to assess Sellers and make use of the Feedback system.

Do not take the time bidding on any US coin that do not provide a very clear photographic image. An effective seller offering genuine U.S. coins of any value will always properly represent them through clear photos and descriptions.

Expensive coins that are Certified cause a reduced amount of risk for the buyer. To illustrate, one of the most well known grading firms are PCGS and NGC, followed by ANACS and ICG.

At the outset, eBay might be a tad daunting, yet as soon as you get comfortable with the buying system, you are going to recognize how valuable eBay is for the coin hobbyist or serious coin collector.

The above points all bode well for developing a strategy to accumulate rare U.S. coins by utilizing the eBay market.

This list gives you an idea of the range of Proof Sets 2006-07 listings found and bought during the past seven days.

2007 US Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set Sealed,  COMPLETE 117 coin 2007 2016 PDS PRESIDENTIAL DOLLAR SET + 5 S Reverse Proof,  2007 Jamestown Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar 400th Anniversary 1 Coin,  2006 S US Mint 5 Coin State Quarter Proof Set Clad Original Box,  2007 S 4pc Presidential Dollar Set 1 PR 69 DCAM PCGS 4 Coins,  2006 W US Mint American Silver Eagle Proof Coin in holder,  Kazakhstan 2006 Chariot silver proof,  Kazakhstan 2007 Leontopodium Edelweiss silver proof,  2004 Azerbaijan World Cup Soccer 2006 Silver Proof payment by Skrill,  Kazakhstan 2006 Tulipa Regelii silver proof,  Kazakhstan 2006 Besikke salu i silver proof RARE,  2006 US Mint Silver Proof Set Free Shipping,  2006 State Quarters Silver Proof Set FREE SHIPPING,  2006 us proof set,  2007 P D Uncirculated US Mint Set 28 Coins ECCC Inc,  Kazakhstan 2006 Baiturrahman silver proof RARE,  2006 0999 Silver Proof Metal Football World Championship Germany,  2006 Reverse Proof Silver Eagle NGC PF69,  2007 S US MINT SILVER PROOF SET 14 COINS STATE QUARTERS PRESIDENTIAL WITH COA,  2007S US Proof Set Lot 132,  2006S US Silver Proof Set Lot 76,  2006 D P US MINT SET PLUS STATE QUARTERS IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING,  2006 US MINT PROOF SET WITH STATE QUARTERS AND COA 10 COINS MIRROR SHINE,  2007 US MINT PROOF SET W STATE QUARTERS PRESIDENTIAL DOLLARS COA 14 COINS,  Australia 2007 5 1167oz Silver Proof The Ashes 1882 2007,  Australia 2007 1 Sydney Harbour Bridge Cat 27 complete Mint Mark 4 coin set,  Australia 2007 1 Silver Proof 75th Anniv Sydney Harbour Bridge Cat 45,  Australia 2006 1 Silver Proof 50 Years of Television ANDA Show Issue Cat 60,  Australia 2006 1 Silver Proof 50 Years of Television Cat 40,  Australia 2007 1 194oz Gold Plated Proof Silver Johanna Highly Sought After,  

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