In the current economic cycle it is increasingly important to get the best value for our purchasing spend. So, there is little reason to over-spend for for Proof Sets 1990-98, especially with the competition online merchants provide, in terms of price, quality and service.

1994 95 US Mint Proof Set coins untouched


1990 1 Proof Silver American Eagle with Original US Mint Packaging




1991 1 Proof Silver American Eagle with Original US Mint Packaging


1992 1 Proof Silver American Eagle with Original US Mint Packaging


1994 1 Proof Silver American Eagle with Original US Mint Packaging


1998 1 Proof Silver American Eagle with Original US Mint Packaging






Israel 1991 Kiddush Cup Silver Proof Coin Commemorative Coins Collectible


1995 S Civil War Battlefield Commemorative Coin set of 2 COA


1994 US MINT PROOF COIN SET Free Shipping Deal S655




Israel 1993 45th Anniversary Tourism Silver Proof Coin Commemorative


1996 S US Mint Premier Silver Proof Set with Box and COA


Belgium 5 ecu silver proof 1995 qp United Nations 50th Anniversary


1992 S US Lincoln Penny Proof Coin Ultra Heavy Cameo From Proof Set


SLOVAKIA FULL COIN SET 10+20+50+50 Halierov 1+2+5+10 Korun 1993 2007 UNC LOTof 8


1992 S US Olympic 2 Coin Commemorative Proof Set COA


1996 Mongolia Endangered Wildlife Pelican 500 Tugrik Silver Proof Coin


1990 Israel Archeology Independence Day Commemorative Silver Proof Coin


1993 Canada Proof set set with CAO and BOX


1996 S US Mint Silver Proof Set COA








Uncirculated 1993 Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollar


1998 Canada RCMP Sterling Silver Double Dollar Eight Coin Proof Set E5204


Slovakia 1993 Silver PROOF Coin Jan Kollar 200 Korun Slovak Rep PP SK Czech


1996 Atlanta USA Olympics Proof Silver 2 Coin 1 Set Tennis Wheelchair Athlete


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Coin Buying Advice for the eBay Marketplace

Collectible U.S. coin acquiring on the eBay website is actually one of the valuable transaction venues for Collectible U.S. coin lovers. Collectible U.S. coin professional collectors are trading collectible U.S. coins with this massive ?nternet site in rising volumes each and every day.

It is common to see more than 400,000 U.S. coins available for sale on any particular day on eBay. In a market of this scale, there is a great deal more than just common date coins. within eBay, you will see a lot of interesting, tough-to-find antique coins, with a greater general variety than just about any place else, either online or offline.

The eBay platform is fast, hassle-free, and also a highly effective tool for the coin buying bargain hunter. It is not a stretch to say that the Internet, and specifically eBay, has partially fueled the wider appeal of rare coin collecting that we've seen during the past decade.

Because so many of the U.S. coins listed on eBay are priced at 'below book' value mainly because the coins are offered without professional numismatic involvement. In other words, there is no 'middle man' involved in the sale listing process and pricing. This common situation is a ripe opportunity for collectors looking fare market deals.

Like with other categories of collectibles, there are several risks involved. Thankfully, the vast majority of people on eBay really are honest. If this weren't so, eBay might have disappeared sometime ago, ?nstead of evolving into a leader in online commerce.

Adhere to these simple guidelines, and you will evade potential pitfalls:

Make sure you know the bidding protocol. It is recommended you look at the eBay University Learning Center. At that website, you can find various valuable guides intended to show you how to efficiently buy and sell as an eBay member. It is advised to first focus on the tutorials and videos for effectively buying. The instructions are easy to follow. The important aspect to learn is about the distinction between putting in a bid and Buy it Now, maximum bids and methods to set limits on the amount you would like to spend in an auction offer. Do not forget, actions you take during an auction, making a best offer or utilizing the Buy it Now feature are legally binding, so ensure that you acquaint yourself with the protocols before hitting that CONFIRM BID or BUY button.

Also learn about the shipping and return policy of the seller. When reviewing an offer, skip to the bottom of the sale item description, to the section on shipping, payment methods and returns policy. A clear understanding of the seller's shipping terms will help to avoid any potential disputes or disappointments. In case you are involved in purchasing high ticket, rare or otherwise precious items, it is well advised to pay for some kind of insurance. This is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it will deliver.

Are you uneasy about making payments online? So is eBay. And they have a host of measures in place to ensure the online shopping experience is risk free for both buyers and sellers.

The combination of eBay's Seller Feedback system and Paypal's Buyer Protection Program make the online shopping environment safe and secure.

Go through the Feedback Rating of the seller. The seller Feedback Rating system is an powerful feature of the eBay marketplace. If the seller has more than a few negatives in their feedback, steer away from that seller. In contrast, a seller with 10, 000 points and +97% positive feedback has many satisfied customers. The eBay learning center guides discuss in more detail the right way to evaluate Sellers and utilize the Feedback system.

Don’t take the trouble considering a coin without a good scanned image. A seller with professional standards with coins that deserve a place in your collection will make the effort involved to adequately photograph and describe the items to convince the buyer to engage in a BID or BUY NOW transaction.

High priced coins that carry Certification present significantly less risk to the bidder. By way of example, by far the most highly regarded grading companies are PCGS and NGC, followed by ANACS and ICG.

At the outset, eBay could be a little intimidating, but once you get accustomed with the interface, you will definitely understand just how helpful the eBay marketplace can be to the coin hobbyist or serious coin enthusiast.

The above briefing supports a strategy to incorporate collectible U.S. coins into your investment strategy by way of eBay.

Below is a list of popular Proof Sets 1990-98 recently sold via this website.

1992 United States Mint Silver Proof Set I 11055,  1995 American Eagle One Ounce Proof Silver Bullion Box Only,  1993 US MINT PROOF COIN SET Free Shipping Deal ,  1992 American Eagle One Ounce Proof Silver Bullion Box Only,  1991 American Eagle One Ounce Proof Silver Bullion Box Only,  1990 United Kingdom Proof Set FREE SHIPPING nr,  1993 RAM 1 Silver Proof coin 00070 extremely low number Water Quality,  1992 Proof Set,  1990 Mint set in holder from mint both P D mints,  1996 UNC US MINT SET Real Beauties Key Date Year Original Packaging,  FOUR SETS 1993 US Prestige silver proof sets complete with boxes,  Australia 1998 Silver Proof Kangaroo NGC PF 70 Australian Coin PF70,  1992 United State Mint Proof Set,  1991 GEM+ UNCIRCULATED LINCOLN CENT HAND PICKED FROM MINT SET HI GRADE 2807,  United Kingdom 1997 Proof Set Collection10 Coins Folder COA,  China 1992 Monkey 10 Yuan 1 Oz Silver proof coin original seal box COA 4,  China 1990 UNC Year of Horse 10 Yuan 15g Silver proof coin double seal + COA,  Hong Kong China 1997 Commemorative 41g Silver Proof Medallion by Singapore Mint,  1997 ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT PROOF DECIMAL COIN SET KINGSFORD SMITH,  Gibraltar Crown 1993 WWII Warships HMS Hood Proof Silver,  1991 1995 WWII 50th BU Half Dollar US Mint Young Collector Coin Set Gas and Oil,  1991KOREAN WAR MEMORIAL COMMEMORATIVE US PROOF SILVER DOLLAR COIN COA,  1993 F Germany Federal Republic 10 Mark Silver Proof Coin KM180 SB4906,  USA 1995 1 Atlanta Olympic Silver Proof Track Field Encapsulated with CoA,  Spain 1992 Barcelona Olympic Archer 2000 Ptas Silver Proof Encapsulated w CoA,  1991 Korean War Memorial Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar w Box COA,  Washington Mint 1997 100 Silver Proof Four Ounce Bar with Display Box and COA,  Australia 1991 5 Gold Platinum Silver Proof set Scarce,  United States Mint Proof Set 1998,  1996 USA 4 Coin Olympic Commemorative Proof Set 5 Gold Rowing Soccer Highjump,  1996 USA 4 Coin Olympic Commemorative Proof Set 5 Gold Tennis Wheelchair Flag,  Australia 1990 5 Gold Platinum Silver Proof set Scarce,  1991 Royal Australian Mint Coin Mint Set Rams Head 50c Coin,  France 1994 100 Francs 925 Silver Proof Atlanta Summer Olympics Javelin,  1994 S US PROOF KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR FROM US PROOF SET,  1990 98 S PROOF QUARTERS9 COINS FROM US PROOF SET LOTS,  1995 S US PROOF ROOSEVELT DIMEFROM US PROOF SET,  31US PROOF JEFFERSON NICKELS1968 1998 COINS FROM US PROOF SET LOTS,  Cook Islands 1997 1 1oz Coloured Silver Proof Diana Princess of Wales inc Cert,  Cook Islands 1994 10 Sterling Silver Proof Captain James Cook 4373oz ASW,  Austria 1995 UNC 6 Coin Set Scarce,  1992 Canada Specimen Note And Coin Proof Set + Stanley Cup 1st Day Cover,  Brilliant Canada 1995 Sterling Silver Proof Hudsons Bay 325th Anniversary,  1996 D Roosevelt Dime MS Full Torch From Mint Set,  1996 D Roosevelt Dime MS Full Torch From Mint Set,  1990 D Roosevelt Dime MS From Mint Set,  1994 S PCGS GRADED US Proof Set PR69DCAM All 5 coins FREE SHIPPING,  

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