Collectible U.S. coin buying with the eBay marketplace has grown to be just about the most important marketplaces for Collectible U.S. coin lovers. Collectible U.S. coin professional collectors are trading collectible U.S. coins through this immense website in rising numbers each day.



1866 Rays Shield Nickel 5C NGC Uncirculated Details UNC MS Rare Rays Variety


1868 Shield Nickel AG G


1869 1896 Shield Liberty Nickel AG G G +++


1866 Rays Shield Nickel 5C NGC AU Details Rare Rays Variety Coin


1876 VF35 PCGS 5C Shield Nickel Tougher Date Problem Free 100 yr


1883 Shield Nickel Sharp Details Obverse Die Doubling


1882 Shield Nickel Choice UNC


1882 Shield Nickel Rare Coin lot 224


1972 Numistamp by Mort Reed 1867 Shield Nickel Art Bar 002474 E3872


1882 5c Shield Nickel






1882 Shield nickel w DIE BREAK right of date




1882 Shield Nickel Nice Early High Grade Type Coin


1868 Shield Nickel Variety 3 High Grade FS 05 1868 903




1883 2 Shield Nickel 5C Coin FS 302 Variety NGC AU58 1875 Va




1868 Shield Nickel Xtra Nice with Great Detail Check Photos FREE SHIPPING


1866 Shield Nickel With Rays Semi Key Date Looks XF AU


1868 Shield Nickel Looks G VG


1868 Shield Nickel 5 Cent Piece Fine VF Details Die Crack


1872 Shield Nickel 5 Cent Piece VG Fine Details


1882 Shield Nickel 5 Cent Piece Fine VF Details


1868 Shield Nickel 5 Cent Piece VF XF Details DDO Double Die Obverse


1873 Shield Nickel 5 Cent Piece Open 3 VF XF Details


1883 Shield Nickel 5 Cent Piece Scarce Date


1867 Shield Nickel 5 Cent Piece No Rays Die Crack


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U.S. Coins - Tips for buying online

It's not unusual to see in excess of 400,000 U.S. coins on the market on any given day on the eBay marketplace. In a market of this size, there is a lot more than just common dated coins. On the eBay site, you can find a lot of intriguing, difficult to fine vintage coins, with a better general selection than just about anywhere else, either online or in traditional bricks n mortar stores.

EBay is easy, convenient, and a powerful tool for those buyers looking for bargains. It is fare to claim that the Internet, in particular eBay, has in part triggered the wider appeal of U.S. coin collecting that is apparent over the past 10 years.

Since many of the eBay coin sellers are collectors just like you a lot of them are willing to sell coins at “below book” value because the coins are being offered without the assistance of numismatic professionals (i.e., the “middle man” is cut out). This bodes well for the coin buyer “looking for a good deal”.

As with other kinds of collectibles, there are several risks to avoid. Fortunately, the majority of eBay members are reliable. If this wasn't true, eBay might have faded away long ago, rather than developing into an icon of modern day American culture.

Adhere to these straightforward steps, and you can avoid future pitfalls:

You need to have an understanding of the bidding procedure. It is suggested you visit the eBay University Learning Center. Within the Learning Center, you will see quite a few valuable tutorials that will illustrate how the eBay system operates. Initially give your attention to the buying videos. The instructions are clear to follow. The key point to master concerns the difference between bidding and Buy it Now, maximum bids and the best way to specify limits on what you would like to pay in an auction offer. Don't forget, bids you make while on eBay are legally binding, so be sure you get familiar with the rules before clicking the CONFIRM BID or BUY button.

Also learn about the shipping and return policy of the seller. When reviewing an offer, scroll to the end of the sale item description, to the formation about shipping, payment details and goods return policy. Of the disputes that arise on eBay, many of them arise because of misunderstandings on these issues. In case you are engaged in purchasing expensive, vintage or otherwise valuable goods, it is recommended to buy for some level of insurance. This will be a small cost for the secure feeling it will provide.

Are you worried about the safety of internet shopping? EBay also holds the same concerns. Ensuring a safe online shopping platform is of prime importance for eBay.

Paypal is fully integrated into eBay's platform. The combined efforts of eBay and Paypal teams bring two important features for the online shopper, namely: eBay's Seller Feedback system and Paypal's Buyer Protection Program. The combination of these two systems, ensure a safe and secure shopping environment.

Study the Feedback Rating of the item seller. Without the Feedback Rating, the eBay market concept could not function as well as it does. If the seller has got more than just a little negative feedback, shy away from that seller. Conversely, a seller with 10, 000 points and above 97% positive feedback has a lot of happy customers. The eBay learning center tutorials explain more fully the best way to review Sellers and use the Feedback system.

Do not bother bidding on any rare U.S. coin that are not accompanied with a quality scanned image. A good seller offering coins worthy of a place in your existing collection will always properly represent them through clear photos and descriptions.

Pricey coins that are Certified present less risk for the buyer. As an example, the most highly regarded grading businesses are PCGS and NGC, followed by ANACS and ICG.

To start with, eBay may be a bit overwhelming, and yet once you get familiar with the buying procedures, you'll realize how helpful eBay can be for the coin hobbyist or serious coin collector.

The above points all bode well for developing a strategy to accumulate rare U.S. coins by utilizing the eBay market.

U.S. Shield Nickels 1866-83 sold within the past seven with the use of this website.

1867 Shield Nickel w Rays VF SKU89557,  1869 Shield Nickel VF SKU32047,  1869 5c PCGS CAC PR 66 Low Mintage Proof Shield Nickel Low Mintage Proof,  1867 US Shield Nickel No Rays,  1869 Shield Nickel Type Coin I177,  1868 Shield Nickel Very Nice Solid Gem BU++,  1866 Rays NGC MS65 Shield Nickel nice lustrous original coin SCARCE 2 YR TYPE,  1872 SHIELD NICKEL NICE CIRCULATED COIN FREE SHIPPING,  1867 No Rays Shield Nickel PCGS PR 64 CAC,  1867 WITH RAYS SHIELD NICKEL SEMI KEY BETTER DATE Z2036,  1881 Shield Nickel PCGS PR 66 CAM,  1881 Shield Nickel PCGS VF 30,  1868 68 Shield Nickel Repunched Date RPD VF Details Minor Corrosion,  1883 SHIELD NICKEL VERY NICE CIRCULATED EARLY US NICKEL FREE SHIPPING,  1872 Philadelphia Mint Shield NickelVF,  Choice XF 1867 18 NR Shield Nickel Repunched Date RPD Similar to FS 1306,  Better Date 1874 18 Shield Nickel Repunched Date RPD FS 0107 VF XF Dets,  9 CIVIL WAR ERA SHIELD NICKELS 4 1868 2 1869 1 1873 1 NO DATE SHIELD NICKEL,  A RARE 2 FER 1870 70 Shield Nickel With RPD MAJOR DDO F 03 FS 00571,  A 2 FER 1868 Rev of 68 Shield Nickel With a DDO and also FS 901 1 Brkn Ltr,  Better Date 1872 Shield Nickel Major Doubled Die Obverse DDO G+,  Rare 1866 1866 Shield Nickel Repunched Date Fletcher 10 Very Sought After,  1869 Five Cent Shield Nickel,  1868 18 REV OF 67 SHIELD NICKEL Repunched Date VG Details SCARCE,  First US Nickel 1867 Shield Nickel US Type Coin Over 100 Years Old 121,  1868 18 REV OF 67 SHIELD NICKEL Repunched Date S1 3040 G+ SCARCE,  1881 SHIELD NICKEL NGC VERY FINE SCARCE KEY DATE SL5735,  1871 5C Shield Nickel PCGS PR 63 Proof Low Mintage Tough Date Cert1979,  1867 Philadelphia Mint Shield Nickel,  1867 Shield Nickel with rays,  1867 7 NR Shield Nickel Repunched Date RPD NICE XF AU Details Cleaned,  1866 Shield nickel VG details See store for discounts GR04,  1870 Shield nickel VG F details See store for discounts BL41,  1866 Shield Nickel AG Porous,  1867 Shield Nickel VG No Rays 7VDJ,  1882 Shield Nickel VF 7VBW,  1867 Shield Nickel VG No Rays,  1867 Shield Nickel NICE VERY FINE OLD TYPE COIN,  1867 Shield Nickel AU,  1867 Shield Nickel Five Cent Piece No Rays 626,  1867 Shield Nickel VF,  1883 RARE DOUBLE STRUCK DATE UNC+++ SHIELD NICKEL,  1866 Shield Nickel with Rays VF,  1870 United States Shield Nickel lower mintage better date inv9849,  1868 Shield Nickel,  1869 SHIELD NICKEL MULTIPLE DIE BREAKS,  1867 Shield Five Cent Nickel 5C No Reserve,  1869 Shield Nickel Very Nice Gem BU++,  1869 United States Shield Nickel 5 Cent Coin,  1868 shield nickel,  

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