1797 US Large Cent Draped Bust Gripped Edge Circulated Awesome


1795 US Large Cent Flowing Hair Plain Edge Circulated How Cool Is This


1847 Philadelphia Mint Copper Braided Hair Large Cent


1839 1c Booby Head Coronet or Matron Head N 5 Large Cent UNSLABBED


1810 large cent classic head


1800 Draped Bust US Large Cent


1795 or 1796 Lib Cap Large Cent in Low Grade Very Worn Almost Blank Rev


160 Years OLD 1856 US Type Coin Braided Hair Large Cent Nice Shape 979


1833 Coronet Head Large Cent XF


1798 Draped Bust Large Cent Style 1 Hair Penny Old US Coin NR Free Ship P1R D100


1795 Liberty Cap Large Cent Fair


1855 Large Cent Slanted 5s


1823 Coronet Head Large Cent w HOLE BETTER DATE 1823 LG 1c HOLED NR + FS


1829 Coronet Head Large Cent Large Letters VF detail


1796 Draped Bust Large Cent 222 years old Starts at 1 Cent NO Reserve


1794 liberty cap large cent ANACS S 62 GOOD DETAILS NET FR 2 CORRODED DAMA


1857 Large Cent Higher Grade Details Braided Hair Penny Scarce Semi Key Date 1C


1812 Classic Head Large Cent Penny Old US Coin NR Free Ship P1R D094


1796 1C Draped Bust Large Cent


1794 1c Liberty Cap Large Cent UNSLABBED


1855 1C Braided Hair Large Cent Knob On Ear PCGS XF40 ZX17837BT


1822 1c Coronet Head Large Cent PCGS VF25 rare old type coin choice copper penny


1796 Draped Bust Large Cent S 97


1794 Apple Cheeks Liberty Capped Bust Large Cent S 24


1849 1c Braided Hair Large Cent PCGS XF40 rare old type coin choice copper penny




1828 Coronet Head Large Cent Small Wide Date F+ detail


1807 6 I Think Draped Bust Large Cent X Obv Scratch


1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent Head of 93 G detail re engraved date


1851 Large Cent


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Large cent coins, sales during the past seven days:

1849 UNITED STATES BRAIDED HAIR LARGE CENT Antique Numismatic,  1847 Braided Hair Large Cent AG Type Coin Free Shipping,  ESTATE 1796 Drapped Bust LARGE CENT D8303,  1803 Draped Bust Large Cent 1C S 262 NGC VF Details Rare Early Date Penny,  1848 UNITED STATES BRAIDED HAIR LARGE CENT Antique Numismatic,  1854 Large Cent MS63BN PCGS,  1810 09 Classic Liberty Large Cent Coin 1C S 281 Certified NGC VF Details,  1851 Liberty Head Braided Hair Cent Penny,  1838 Beaded Hair Matron or Coronet Head Large Cent Coin 1c,  1923 Silver Liberty One Dollar Coin see pics Great Condition 90 Silver,  1822 PCGS XF EF Large Cent Rare Antique Copper Coronet Head Penny Ships FREE,  1848 BRAIDED HAIR LARGE COPPER CENT FINE STRONG DATE,  1848 BRAIDED HAIR HEAD LARGE CENT VF COPPER CENT,  1814 US Large Cent Plain 4 About Good,  1819 8 Matron or Coronet Head Large Cent Coin 1c,  1820 Large Date US Large Cent PCGS MS65BN 360 Degree Die Crack Obverse,  1835 Coronet Large Cent,  1846 large cent,  1805 Draped Bust Large Cent Coin 1c,  1802 LARGE CENT S 239,  1812 Classic Liberty Head Large Cent 1C PCGS XF Detail EF Rare this Sharp,  1810 Classic Head Large Cent Z26,  1810 Classic Head Large Cent Z06,  1814 Classic Head Large Cent Z92,  1807 Draped Bust Large Cent Grafitti on Obverse Z27,  1845 Braided Hair Large Cent Z20,  1847 Braided Hair Large Cent Z70,  1851 Braided Hair Large Cent Z63,  1822 Matron Head Large Cent 756,  1831 Matron Head Large Cent Z01,  1810 Classic Head Large Cent 699,  1831 Matron Head Large Cent Z57,  1827 Matron Head Large Cent 582,  1854 Large Cent Brown Extra Fine,  1798 Small 8 2nd Hair Style Holed Draped Bust Large Cent Coin 1c,  1848 Large One Cent Braided Hair Liberty Head,  

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