The half dime, was a silver coin, valued at five cents, minted in the United States. Minted coins include:
Flowing Hair 1794-1795
Draped Bust (Small Eagle Reverse) 1796-1797
Draped Bust (Heraldic Eagle Reverse) 1800-1805
Capped Bust 1829-1837
Seated Liberty (various subtypes) 1837-1873
1870-S half dime

Find here a selection of available Half Dimes:

1861 Silver Liberty Seated Half Dime Very Good Details


1857 O Seated Liberty Dime Great Date Free Shipping




1853 O Seated Liberty Half Dime Higher Grade Collector Album Coin 136525


1834 Capped Bust Half Dime Tough Free Shipping


1857 Seated Liberty Half Dime VERY GOOD


1857 Seated Liberty Half Dime Tougher Date Free Shipping


1832 Capped Bust Half Dime VF Details


1856 Seated Liberty Half Dime XF Details


1858 Seated Liberty Half Dime Very Nice Better Date Free Shipping




1853 With Arrows Seated Liberty Half Dime XF Details




1840 Seated Liberty Half Dime Scarce Early Date Free Shipping


1836 Bust half dime rare type coin 5 cent silver NO RESERVE auction


1862 Seated Liberty Half Dime EXTEREMELY FINE


1857 Seated Liberty Half Dime AU+ Details


1829 Capped Bust Half Dime Choice AU Details Free Shipping






1860 O Seated Half Dime Nice Original Fine


1829 Capped Bust Silver Half Dime Fine


1861 Seated Liberty Half Dime XF to AU Details


1853 Seated Half Dime Arrows die clash LOOK


1840 O H10C PCGS VF 35 Drapery Seated Liberty Half Dime Early Silver Type Coin5C


1871 Seated Liberty Half Dime Free Shipping


1850 Seated Liberty Half Dime Better Date Free Shipping


1857 Seated Full Liberty Silver Half Dime US Beautiful Coin Excellent Detail


1830 Philadelphia Mint Silver Capped Bust Half Dime Free Shipping


1832 Capped Bust silver Dime Fine Condition coin


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Half Dime coin sales during the past week:

1871 US Silver H10C Seated Liberty Half Dime PCGS MS66 CAC,  1861 5C Liberty Seated Half Dime Civil War Era,  x2 1853 P with Arrows Seated Liberty Half 1 2 Dime Silver 5c US Coin Item 13628,  1872 SEATED LIBERTY SILVER HALF DIME NICE CIRCULATED TYPE COIN FREE SHIPPING,  1837 Large 5C US Bust Half Dime PCGS MS 62 Colorful,  TONED 1855 H10C Seated Liberty Half Dime ANACS AU 58 957154,  1865 S Seated Liberty silver half dime XF with some solder on obverse,  1871 SEATED LIBERTY HALF DIME RARE OLD US TYPE COIN PROBLEM FREE,  1854 Arrows Seated Half Dime NGC XF45,  1842 O Seated Liberty Silver Half Dime PCGS VG08,  1840 Liberty Seated Half Dime Drapery NGC MS62 CAC Green 5 Cent Silver Coin,  1857 O Seated Liberty Half Dime Bright White AU Unc,  1832 Capped Bust Half Dime VF20 PCGS,  1871 Seated Liberty Half Dime NGC AU 58 KEY DATE,  1831 Capped Bust Half Dime Old White ANACS AU 50,  1858 Seated Liberty Half Dime 5c TYPE COIN H390,  1868 S Liberty Seated Half Dime MS 65 NGC,  1830 5c Capped Bust Half Dime Circuated Pleasing original 0717197,  1871 Seated Liberty Half Dime AU Detail Holed 106615,  1854 Liberty Seated Half Dime Best Value CherrypickerCoins 570,  1870 Liberty Seated Half Dime CERTIFIED PCGS MS 62 Silver 5c,  1830 Capped Bust Half Dime PCGS VF35,  1853 Seated Liberty Half Dime Arrows at Date PCGS AU 55,  1853 O Seated Liberty 90 Silver Half Dime With Arrows Better Date Pod 15,  1845 H10C Liberty Seated Half Dime PCGS XF45,  1857 Seated Half Dime XF Sharp Nice FREE SHIPPING,  1844 o Liberty Seated Half Dime VG 95980,  1853 Silver Seated Liberty Half Dime H10C Very Fine VF Condition,  1829 Capped Bust Half Dime H10C 5 Cents Nice Old Coin Free Shipping 6318,  1830 Capped Bust Half Dime AU 58 with nice toning,  1863 Seated Liberty Half Dime H10C PR63 PCGS,  1854 Liberty Seated Half Dime PCGS MS63 Silver 5 Cent Coin With Arrows,  1862 SEATED LIBERTY HALF DIME,  1858 H10C Seated Liberty Half Dime Certified ANACS EF40 XF40,  1834 CAPPED BUST HALF DIME PCGS GENUINE DAMAGE XF DETAILS,  1872 Seated half dime PCGS MS63,  1837 H10C Liberty Seated Half Dime HC24815,  1853 Liberty Seated Half Dime MS62 PCGS Arrows Mint State 62,  1851 O Half Dime Love Token Beautiful Coin Seated Liberty,  1844 H10C FS 301 Seated Liberty Half Dime ANACS F12,  1834 Silver Capped Bust Half Dime NGC AU58 Great Looking H10C ,  Super Nice 1864 s Seated Dime,  

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