The half dime, was a silver coin, valued at five cents, minted in the United States. Minted coins include:
Flowing Hair 1794-1795
Draped Bust (Small Eagle Reverse) 1796-1797
Draped Bust (Heraldic Eagle Reverse) 1800-1805
Capped Bust 1829-1837
Seated Liberty (various subtypes) 1837-1873
1870-S half dime

Find here a selection of available Half Dimes:

1867 S San Francisco Mint Silver Seated Liberty Half Dollar Free S H


1872 S Seated Liberty Half Dime S Below Bow FINE +


1851 O Seated Liberty Half Dime VF+ Details


1859 O New Orleans Mint With Hole Silver Seated Liberty Half Dollar


PRE CIVIL WAR DATE 1833 Silver Capped Bust Type Half Dime BARGAIN BOX BUY


1829 Seated Liberty Half Dime H10C PCGS XF45 CAC Cert 30733036


1856 5C Seated Liberty Half Dime 90 Silver Vintage US Coin KR7 Nice Appeal


1832 LM 84 Capped Bust half dime PCGS XF45 pleasing orig DavidKahnRareCoins


1854 O New Orleans Mint Silver Seated Liberty With Arrows Half Dollar Free S H


1837 Seated Liberty Half Dime Hole BOLD DETAILS 1837 1 2 Dime Holed NR + FS




1849 Seated Liberty Half Dime VF Details


1830 US Silver Capped Bust Half Dime Coin VF Detail


1843 Seated half dime shattered obverse die


1829 Capped Bust Half Dime Silver Damaged Reverse Bust 5c


1853 Arrows Liberty Seated Half dime PCGS MS63 OGH sweeet DavidKahnRareCoins




1829 Capped Bust Silver Dime and 1829 Capped Bust Half Dime


1870 Seated Liberty Half Dime XF Details


1851 Seated Liberty Half Dime TONED VERY FINE +


1853 O 5C Seated Liberty Half Dime 90 Silver Vintage US Coin ZB4 Sharp Look


1829 Capped Bust Silver Half Dime Almost Uncirculated+ High Grade Early Type


1844 O New Orleans Mint Silver Seated Liberty Half Dollar


1858 Philadelphia Mint Silver Seated Liberty Half Dollar


1862 H10C Liberty Seated Half Dime ANACS AU 53 DETAILS


1845 Seated half dime double date


1840 No Drapery Seated Liberty Half Dime FINE


1861 Civil War Era Seated Liberty Silver Half Dime Almost Uncirculated US Coin


1833 US Capped Bust Half Dime Silver 5 Cents Coin


1830 Capped bust dime1965 Kennedy HalfLiberty V Nickel and 1929 incuse Indian


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Half Dime coin sales during the past week:

1839 Seated Liberty Half Dime Scarce Early Date,  1873 Seated Liberty Half Dime CHOICE AU FREE SHIPPING E232 KHT,  1862 H10c Seated Liberty Silver Half Dime toning rainbow toned rare old coin,  1852 Silver Three Cent Piece NICE Free Shipping BBIN,  1835 5C Capped Bust Half Dime NGC Details Cleaned Still nice,  1838 1 2 Half Dime Seated Liberty,  1853 w Arrows FINE Condition Seated Liberty H10c Half Dime Nice Color I 11885 F,  1835 Capped Bust Half Dime,  1849 O US Seated Liberty Half Dime Silver Coin,  1875 Seated Liberty dime 900 silver,   1853 1 2 Dime Seated LibertyGood Entry GradeEx Jewelry,  1853 with Arrows US Seated Liberty Half Dime Silver Coin,  1838 Liberty Seated Half Dime No Drapery PCGS XF45,  1857 Half Dime Great Original Condition Fine Details,  1829 Capped Bust Half Dime Reverse Scratches,  1854 P US Seated Liberty Silver Half Dime,  1857 SEATED HALF DIME NICE BOLD XF PRICED RIGHT INV15,  1834 Cap Bust Half Dime H10C NGC XF40 Beautiful Rare Coin HDS212,  1853 Arrows H10c Seated Half Dime Old PCI Holder EF AU Take A Look,  1837 H10c No Stars Seated Liberty Half Dime ANACS EF 45,  1861 United States Seated Half Dime,  1834 Capped Bust Half Dime VF Details Fine condition,  1853 with arrows Liberty Seated Half Dollar,  NGC MS62 1853 WITH ARROWS SEATED HALF DIME,  1862 Seated Liberty Half Dime AU 2204,  1840 NO DRAPERY UNITED STATES SEATED HALF DIME,  1853 H10C Arrows Liberty Seated Half Dime,  1838 Seated Liberty Half Dime H10C No Drapery Nice Coin Free Shipping 5215,  1836 BUST STYLE HALF DIME SOLID DATE FREE SHIPPING,  1833 CAPPED BUST HALF DIME NGC XF 40 FREE SHIPPING,  Old Early US Silver CULL Coins Seated Liberty Dimes 90 Silver 1 COIN,  1857 1 2 Dime Seated LibertyBetter Entry Grade Obsolete Silver,  1872 SEATED LIBERTY HALF DIME,  1860 LIBERTY SEATED HALF DIME QLID,  1831 Capped Bust Half Dime XF details with minor scratches,  1862 Seated Half Dime extra fine,  1843 Liberty Seated Half Dime NGC XF 45,  1871 Seated Half Dime almost uncirculated,  1872 Half Dime XF Details 11339,  1860 O Seated Liberty Half Dime Nice,  1831 BUST STYLE HALF DIME FREE SHIPPING,  1837 Seated Liberty Half Dime No Stars Circulated VG,  

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