Given the current economic uncertainty, both in the U.S. and other developed countries, it is increasingly wise to get the best value we can for our product purchases. With the vast array of competition, both online and offline, there is little reason to pay full price for quality Proof Sets 1982-89.







1982 Coinage of Great Britain Northern Ireland 6 Coin Proof Set UK


1988 United Kingdom 7 Coin Set w Paperwork Box






mw5460 Vatican 7 coins Mint Set 10 1000 Lire 1982 John Paul II


1985 AustralianCoat of Arms 50cent Proof CoinLow Mintage


1986 Mexico Libertad Plata Pura 1 OZ Ley 999 Silver Proof Coin X46


1983 Canada 7 Coin Proof Set Contains commemorative silver dollar


USSR Russia 1983 Mint Set Leningrad Mint Original Seal JF1M3


1986 New Zealand Mint Set 7 BU Coins Inc the Kokapo Bird Dollar


1983 US Mint Proof Set


1989 P D US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set w COA Superb


1988 Sterling Silver 4 Coin Proof Set ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT RAM Case Box COA


1989 1 proof coin Only 72618 made Brilliant coin in 2 x 2 holder ROOS


1985 Australia Five Cent Mint Set CoinReleased in Mint Proof Sets OnlyUnc




1983 50 cent proof coinOnly 80000 made Brilliant coin in 2 x 2 NICE COIN


1983 New Zealand 1 KM 53a Sterling Silver Proof Coin 325 775M3


Lot of 14 US Mint Proof Sets 1 Each Year from 1983 1998 Except yrs 1986


1987 Australia One 1 Cent Coin Ex Mint Set Specimen Coin In 2 x 2 Holder


1985 Australia 10 Ten Cent PROOF Coin ex Proof Set


1985 2 Two Cent PROOF Coin ex Set Australia


Australia 1982 Uncirculated Set Commonwealth Games in RAM wallet


Australia 1985 Uncirculated set Rare 5c clear plastic


Australia 1987 Uncirculated set inc rare 20c in RAM packaging


Australia 1988 Uncirculated set in RAM packaging Bicentenary


1987 S Constitution 1 Proof Silver Commemorative Coin PF69 Ultra Cameo NGC


Use this search tool, find Rare and Certified U.S. Coins:

Tips for safe buying of rare U.S. coins on eBay

Rare U.S. coin buying at eBay has become one of the more important clearing house for Rare U.S. coin fans. Rare U.S. coin enthusiasts are exchanging rare U.S. coins through this immense website in increasing numbers daily.

A quick visit to eBay will show upwards of 400,000 U.S. coins available for purchase on any given day on the eBay marketplace. In a market of this size, there is a lot more than just common dated coins. On the eBay site, you can see a great deal of unique, rare collectible coins, with a better total selection than just about anywhere else, either online or in traditional bricks n mortar stores.

Using eBay is easy, convenient, and a powerful tool for those keen collectors looking for a rare find. It is not unreasonable to claim that the Internet, in particular eBay, has in some measure triggered the spreading popularity of coin collecting that is apparent over the last ten years.

Since many of the eBay coin sellers are collectors just like you a lot of them are willing to sell coins at “below book” value because the coins are being offered without the assistance of numismatic professionals (i.e., the “middle man” is cut out). This bodes well for the coin buyer “looking for a good deal”.

As with other kinds of collectibles, there are a few pitfalls to avoid. One good thing is, most eBay sellers and buyers are trustworthy. If this were not true, eBay could have faded long ago, rather than growing into an icon of modern day American culture.

Stick to these basic tips, and you can avoid possible pitfalls:

Be sure you fully understand the bidding requirements. It is advised you visit the eBay University Learning Center. Within the Learning Center, you can see plenty of informative tutorials meant to illustrate how the eBay system operates. Initially give your attention to the buying videos. The coaching is clear to follow. The key point to understand relates to the difference between bidding and Buy it Now, maximum bids and how to place limits on what you wish to pay in an auction offer. Just remember, bidding actions you make while on eBay are legally binding, so you should get aquainted with the rules before clicking the CONFIRM BID or BUY button.

Understand the shipping and return policy of the seller. When reviewing an offer, scroll to the end of the sale item description, to the section explaining about the seller's shipping terms, payment details and goods return policy. Of the disputes that arise on eBay, many of them arise because of misunderstandings on these issues. Should you be engaged in shopping for expensive, antique or otherwise valuable products, it is suggested to buy for some level of insurance. This will be a small cost for the satisfaction it will provide.

Is internet shopping a hazard, in your mind? These issues are one of eBay's highest priorities. Ebay prides itself on providing and enhancing the user interface of its online marketplace platform to meet and exceed its users expectations in terms of safe and secure buying and selling.

Increasingly, online shoppers demand a secure and safe online shopping experience. The mix of eBay's Seller Feedback system and Paypal's Buyer Protection Program deliver on these user demands.

Study the Feedback Rating of the item seller. Without the Feedback Rating, the eBay market concept could not function as well as it does. When a seller appears to have more than just a little negative feedback, shy away from that seller. On the flip side, a seller with 10, 000 points and 98%97% positive feedback has a lot of happy customers. The eBay learning center tutorials explain more fully methods to assess Sellers and make use of the Feedback system.

Do not bother bidding on any rare U.S. coin that do not provide a very clear photographic image. A good seller offering genuine U.S. coins of any value will always properly represent them through clear photos and descriptions.

Pricey coins that are Certified create less risk for the buyer. To illustrate, the most respectable grading firms are PCGS and NGC, followed by ANACS and ICG.

At the start, eBay may be a bit daunting, yet when you get familiar with the buying system, you'll realize how beneficial eBay is for the coin hobbyist or serious coin collector.

The above points all bode well for developing a strategy to accumulate rare U.S. coins by utilizing the eBay market.

This list gives you an idea of the range of Proof Sets 1982-89 listings found and bought during the past seven days.

Macau Year of Dragon 1988 1000 100 Patacas Gold Silver coin set,  Rare China 1989 40th Anniversary of PRC Gold Silver coin set NGC w box cert,  China 1988 Panda Gold Proof 5 piece coin set all NGC graded,  China 1984 Cheng Jiageng Anniversary Birth 10 Yuan silver proof coin,  1984 Olympic Prestige Proof Set,  1989 Prestige US Mint Silver Proof set OGP ADDL ships free,  1985US Mint Proof SetKennedy Half DollarProofGiftBirth YearFree Shipping40,  1984 Olympic Prestige US Mint Proof Commemorative Coin Set with Silver Coin,  1988US Coin Proof SetKennedy Half DollarRareBirth YearFree Shipping9979039,  1989 United States Congressional Silver 2 Coin Set BEAUTIFUL COINS US MINT UNC,  1986 S Mint US Liberty 2 Coin Proof Set Liberty Half Proof Silver Dollar,  1986 S American Silver Eagle Proof Dollar Coin 1 ounce 999 Fine Silver w OGP,  2113 GB 1982 Mint Set,  1982 George Washington 250th Anniversary Silver Half Dollar Proof Coin,  1985US Coin Mint SetFlatpack10 Coins2 Kennedy Half DollarsFree Shipping301,  1987US Mint SetFlat pack10 CoinsKennedy Half DollarCOAGiftFree Ship10021,  1987 Bermuda Five Dollars 1609 Sea Venture Ship Wreck 5 oz 999 Proof Silver ,  1988 Canada PROOFLIKE Coin Set Vintage Canadian Coins Inc 1 One Dollar etc,  1987 Canada PROOFLIKE Coin Set Vintage Canadian Coins Inc 1 One Dollar etc,  1983US Coin Proof Set5 Coin SetKennedy HalfBirth YearGiftRareFreeShip589,  1986 Canada PROOFLIKE Coin Set Vintage Canadian Coins Inc 1 One Dollar etc,  1985 Canada PROOFLIKE Coin Set Vintage Canadian Coins Inc 1 One Dollar etc,  1984 Canada PROOFLIKE Coin Set Vintage Canadian Coins Inc 1 One Dollar etc,  1988W US MINT OLYMPIC 2 COIN SET GOLD AND SILVER UNCIRCULATED MINT BOX CERT,  1983 Canada PROOFLIKE Coin Set Vintage Canadian Coins Inc 1 One Dollar etc,  1984US Coin Mint SetFlatpack10 Coins2 Kennedy Half DollarsFree Shipping301,  1989s CAMEO PROOF SET Half Quarter Dime Nickel Cent 5 Gem Prf Coins NO RESERVE,  1982 Canada PROOFLIKE Coin Set Vintage Canadian Coins Inc 1 One Dollar etc,  1982US Coin Proof SetKennedy Half DollarBirth YearGiftFree Shipping511115,  Set Of Three 1980 1981 1982 US Mint Proof Sets,  1986US Mint Proof SetKennedy Half DollarProofBirth YearFree Shipping711190,  1986 S PROOF SILVER EAGLE 1OZ,  1988US Mint SetFlatpack10 Coins2 Kennedy Half DollarsCOAGiftFree Ship521,  1989 S US Congressional 1 90 Proof Silver Dollar w Original Case,  UNITED KINGDOM PROOF COIN COLLECTION 1987 ORIGINAL NAVY BLUE BOX PACKAGE,  1984 Olympic Prestige Proof Set in original box with COA Proof Silver Dollar,  1988 US Mint 5 Coin Proof Set,  1986 90 1991 1992 US Proof Set BOXES COA Cases ONLY NO COINS,  Malta proof 7 coin set 1986,  19813 1982 1983 1984 1985 and 2002 US Mint Proof Coin Sets FREE SHIPPING,  1983 US United States Proof Set of 5 coins w display case San Fransisco mint,  1988US Coin Proof SetKennedy Half DollarRareBirth YearFree Shipping9979038,  20 DIFFERENT UNCIRCULATED COINS WITH 1988 P + D MINT SET OLD STAMPS,  1988 US Mint Set OGP 10 coins ADDL Ships Free,  UNITED KINGDOM PROOF COIN COLLECTION 1989 ORIGINAL DELUXE RED LEATHER BOX COA,  1987 SAMOA AMERICASS CUP 25 DOLLARS SILVER 5 OUNCES PROOF COIN,  1985 Mexico Revolution Anniversary 500 Peso 1 Oz Silver Coin Proof 162611,  UNITED KINGDOM PROOF COIN COLLECTION 1983 ORIGINAL PRESENTATATION BOX and COA,  1987 S USMINT PROOF SET 5 COINS ALL ARE CAMEO WITH ORIGINAL BOX AND COA,  1986 United States Mint Proof Set 5 Coins Actual Coin Photos Free S H Tracking,  

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