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Find here a selection of Westward Expansion - Jefferson Nickels.

Jefferson Nickels Set 1962 2018 in Whitman Harris Coin Folders PDS Mints


1968 2017 S Jefferson Nickel Gem Proof Run 52 Coin Set US Mint


1945 D Jefferson Silver War Nickel 5c PCGS MS66 BLAST WHITE LUSTER


2018 PD Jefferson nickels In Hand




Complete 11 coin Jefferson SILVER WAR NICKEL SET in fresh holder 1942 1945


One Pound US War Nickels 35 Silver Jefferson 1942 45 Quantity 94


2018 P D Nickel BU Full Step from Bank rolls


2009 P AU BU Jefferson Nickel Rolls


Roll of Jefferson Wartime Silver Nickels 40 Coin East Coast Coin


1994 P Jefferson Nickel NGC SP69 SPECIMEN FULLY WHITE 44


1953 PDS thru 1964 PD Jefferson Nickel Choice Gem BU Uncirculated Date Set




2018 P Nickel roll Gem BU Unopened Loomis wrapper


1963 Jefferson Nickel Gem Proof Roll 40 pcs Coin


1 05 1942 1945 Silver Jefferson War Nickel Coin Classic Full Date 35 Silver


US 2018 D Jefferson Nickel American Five Cent Coin Uncirculated Denver


1938 D Jefferson Nickel Key Date Above Avg Circulated Low Mintage 53 Mil




1938 P Jefferson Nickel Circulated Key Date Mintage only 195 Mil Ship Free


5 Face Value Circulated US Mint 35 Silver War Nickels 1942 to 1945 100 Coins


1942 P PCGS PR65 Jefferson Nickel Type 2 Proof OGH Old Green Holder


1959 Jefferson Proof Roll 40 Coins Fresh cut From Sets 727


Roll of 2018 D BU Jefferson Nickels Heads Tails NF String Son


40 1953 Jefferson Nickel OBW Roll BU Uncirculated Coin Lot SKU 1368


Wartime 1942 1945 Silver Alloy Jefferson Nickels 40 Coins All circulated


Lot of 13 Silver War Nickels Mixed Years No Reserve


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Westward Expansion Jefferson nickels. Coin pieces found thru this site during the past week.

1973 D JEFFERSON NICKEL GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED NO RESERVE Y1634,  1951 S JEFFERSON NICKEL GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED Y6033,  1938 D JEFFERSON NICKEL PCGS MS 66,  1942 S JEFFERSON NICKEL CHOICE GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED LUSTER Y9117,  1943 D 5c Jefferson WARTIME SILVER Nickel NGC MS65,  1961 5c Jefferson Nickel BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED,  1996 S 5c Jefferson PROOF Nickel NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO,  1943 D 5c FULL STEPS Jefferson WARTIME SILVER Nickel PCGS MS65FS,  1959 D 5c Jefferson Nickel BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED,  1970 S 1972 D 1974 Lot of 3 5c Jefferson Nickels,  1952 1954 D Lot of 2 5c Jefferson Nickels,  1940 5c Jefferson Nickel UNCIRCULATED,  1963 D 1964 D 1965 Lot of 3 5c Jefferson Nickels,  1957 5C Jefferson PROOF Nickel BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED,  1952 S 5c Jefferson Nickel coin UNCIRCULATED,  1991 S 5c Jefferson PROOF Nickel NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO,  2003 P D Jefferson Nickel pair Gem Bu Set from mint sets No Reserve,  1938 P Jefferson Nickel EF,  25 Silver War Nickels 1942 45 5 Cent Start,  1942 S JEFFERSON SILVER WAR NICKLE NGC MS 67,  1985 S Jefferson Nickel Certified NGC Proof 69 Ultra Cameo Frosty,  1940 Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 65,  1945 5C Jefferson Nickel Toned War Nickel Silver 10170,  1943 S 5C Jefferson Nickel Toned War Nickel Silver 10134,  1942 5C Jefferson Nickel Toned Type 2 War Nickel Silver 10110,  1944 P Jefferson Nickel 35 Silver WWII Great detail SEE PICS L2,  2005 S Bison Nickel Deep Cameo Gem Proof No Reserve,  MS 66 NGC 1968 D ULTRA GEM JEFFERSON NICKEL NGC LIST5000 ONLY 33 FINER NGC,  1954 S JEFFERSON NICKEL BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED NO RESERVE Y7260,  Lot of 4 1945 S Jefferson Silver War Nickels,  KEY DATE MS 65 1950 D Jefferson Nickel Tough Denver Minted NGC Graded 569,  1938 S JEFFERSON NICKEL CHOICE GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED+++++ Z5017,  1944 P Jefferson Nickel 35 Silver WWII SEE PICS,  1960 61 62 63 64 STUNNING GEM PROOF Jefferson Nickels 5 Coin LOT w NO RESERVE,  2013 S EARLY RELEASES JEFFERSON NICKEL 5C NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO,  1945 S JEFFERSON NICKEL CHOICE GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED Z5018,  1943 S San Francisco Mint Silver World War 2 Emergency Nickel Amazing Money,  MS 66 NGC 1962 P ULTRA GEM JEFFERSON NICKEL NGC LIST7000 ONLY 20 FINER NGC,  1959 GEM PROOF Jefferson Nickel FLASHY Coin W AWESOME MIRRORS NO RESERVE,  1964 JEFFERSON NICKEL GEM PROOF BETTER DATE NO RESERVE X9318,  1950 D JEFFERSON NICKEL KEY DATE CHOICE BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED Z5019,  1945 S JEFFERSON NICKEL CHOICE GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED LUSTER Z4600,  2013 S Through 2018 S Jefferson Nickel Set Gem Proof IN STOCK 6 Proof Nickels,  

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