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Find here a selection of Jefferson Nickels, dated 2006 onwards.

Uncirculated 1939 D Denver Mint Jefferson Nickel Not Silver Free Shipping

C $1.93

United States 5 Cents 1964 P Jefferson Nickel USA UNC KM A192

C $3.15

Lot of 800 Jefferson War Nickels Silver Nickels

C $764.08

Docs Complete USA Silver War Nickel Set 11 Coins in a Patriotic Holder F Ship

C $1.24

United States 5 Cents 1960 P Jefferson Nickel BU USA UNC KM A192

C $3.25


C $3.43

1940 USA Jefferson Nickel Coin KM192 SB3549

C $1.00

Uncirculated Philadelpia Mint Proof Jefferson Nickel Set Free Shipping

C $44.93

1965 USA Jefferson Nickel Coin SB3546

C $1.95

1943 S 5C Jefferson Nickel Graded NGC MS66 Slab Coin Lot 365

C $1.24

1985 D Jefferson Nickel 5C MS65 5FS Five Full Steps NGC Coin DEEP STRIKE 5G12

C $4.06

1977S USA Jefferson Nickel Coin SB3544

C $1.95

1942 P PCGS Jefferson Nickel PROOF Type 2 PCGS PR 66 Wartime Nickel

C $37.44

1938P D S 1959P D Complete 65 pc Jefferson Nickel Collection w fldr JN011

C $13.10

1948 S US American Nickel coin A564

C $3.34


C $4.06

1968 S US American Nickel coin A607

C $3.37

Silver jefferson war nickel 40pc rolls 35 silver PDS MINTS WRL00909

C $14.35

1960 D US American Nickel coin A613

C $3.33

1942 1945 WW2 Silver Nickel Set Circulated Vintage Finnell Sons Holder 121

C $1.24

2005 S 5C Bison Jefferson Nickel PCGS PR70DCAM

C $1.56

1952 US American Nickel coin A590

C $3.30

1996 P Jefferson Nickel 5C MS66 6FS Six Full Steps NGC Coin TONED BEAUTY 4G17

C $0.01

1940 US American Nickel coin A578

C $3.38

Uncirculated 1942 Philadelphia Mint Silver Jefferson Nickel Free Shipping

C $2.01


C $0.01

1943 US American Nickel coin A519

C $3.33

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Jefferson nickels 2006 to now. U.S. Coins found through this site during the past seven days.

1942 S S RPM 002 Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 Nice Variety Error Gem PQ+ Y5,  1938 D Jefferson Nickel GEM BU Sharp Strike Nice Golden Tone Semy Key Date,  1948 S Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 World Class Smooth Rainbow Color Tone i15,  1987 D Jefferson Nickel BU 05,  1944 D Jefferson War Nickel NGC MS66FS Super Monster Rainbow Color Toned Y12,  1956 D Jefferson Nickel Bright Luster Amazing Strike Great Steps 8503,  2017 S 5C Jefferson Proof Nickel,  1956 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS65 Stunning Original Gem Free Shipping O5,  1961 Jefferson Nickel uncirculated,  1962 Jefferson Nickel uncirculated,  Collectible 1971 S Jefferson 5c Nickel PCGS PR64CAM Certified,  Lot of 4 Nice 1956d 1959d Jefferson Nickels Fill your album ,  1943 S Jefferson War Nickel NGC MS65 Super Monster Rainbow Color Toned Y6,  1954 P BU US Nickel GEM BU w 3 Visible StepsULTRA LOW FIXED PRICEZ11,  ICG PR70 DCAM 2004 S 2005 S COMPLETE LOUISIANA PURCHASE NICKEL COLLECTION 766,  2006 S PCGS PR69DCAM MONTICELLO JEFFERSON NICKEL NEW SLAB,  Jefferson 2006 P UNC,  1944 D 10 COIN LOT FROM ROLL SILVER WAR VF XF JEFFERSON NICKELS FAST SHIP,  1955 D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS65 Monster Purple Blue Rainbow Color Tone U5,  1997 PJEFFERSON NICKEL PCGS MS 69 FS SMSRARE IN THIS GRADEGREAT EYE APPEAL,  1939 Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS 66,  1940 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 5FS Fresh Slab Full Steps Gem PQ+ i5,  1941 Proof Jefferson Nickel 5C Brilliant Proof,  1945 D 5C Jefferson Nickel NGC MS 67 165634,  1945 D 5C Jefferson Nickel NGC MS 67 163808,  1945 D 5C Jefferson Nickel NGC MS 67 167045,  2004 D Jefferson Peace Medal Nickel 2 OBW Roll BU Brilliant UNC 77319,  1944 ANACS MS65 Lamination Silver War Nickel,  2005 S JEFFERSON PROOF OCEAN VIEW NICKEL FREE SHIPPING,  2004 S JEFFERSON PROOF LOUISIANA PURCHASE NICKEL FREE SHIPPING,  COLLECTIBLE TWO JEFFERSON WAR NICKELS 35 SILVER,  HIGH GRADE BU 1963 P JEFFERSON NICKEL Please see pics,  HIGH GRADE BU 1968 S JEFFERSON NICKEL Please see pics,  HIGH GRADE BU 2006 P JEFFERSON NICKEL Please see pics,  HIGH GRADE BU 1965 P JEFFERSON NICKEL Please see pics,  HIGH GRADE BU 2006 D JEFFERSON NICKEL Please see pics,  

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